Reviews: Angel Custom Neo 1-piece Hopup Unit for Type96 / APS2 Airsoft Sniper Rifles

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Model: AC-APS-08
Location: D4-131

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by Digeo V. on 2014-04-11 16:50:09
"I had high hopes for this hop up system I put it together only to find one of the screws that adjusts the hop up arm was stuck in place. The other hop up arm worked flawlessly but the whole point is to have two of them for the best accuracy. very disappointed in this purchase
by Joseph B. on 2013-08-17 01:44:04
"This is an upgrade worth its money. It has a perfect air seal which combined with a Prometheus 6.03 tight bore inner barrel and a madbull fishbone bucking I got an easy 20fps jump.
Perfect accuracy (I'm hitting man sized targets from easily 300+ feet away with .40g)
Right and left hop up adjustment!!!
Increased FPS (20+)

by Justin U. on 2013-08-13 22:33:08
"Let me start off with wow, Angel Custom out did themselves on this one. The air seal on it is near perfect so expect a FPS increase not normally seen with hop-up units. The unit allows for L-96 model rifles to use any AEG barrel to be used usefull when upgrading to a tight bore barrel. instead of using one prong for hop-up adjustment it has two screws in the BB cradle that allow for adjustment left or right giving more control of BB flight path. When paired with and Matrix Advanced Silica bucking it gives the gun a major edge over the competition. Barrel security is tight so you will experience no migration. Also O-rings O-rings O-rings, gives it a much of an edge as a con, Gives a a great seal for compression. However when it comes to putting in the unit the O-rings can be a pain the the butt to get into postion you need to get them in before you can put in the barrel, there is a lagrer one that fastens around the barrel( No idea why no clear advantage) and one that is just before the hop-up bucking. That one is a pain to put in but once it's in it stays and when the BB is pushed in it fits snugly around the air nozzle giving the unit one of it's advantages of compression. Paired with a tightbore and good bucking its a night and day difference to stock hop-ups( one of the Type-96's biggest downfalls) and as the reviewer below this said 20 bucks cheaper than the PDI Hop-Up saving some cash is a huge benifit.
by Ben A. on 2013-07-12 20:17:42
"I bought this and got to says its just as good if not better than the Pdi hop up. 20 bucks cheaper too! Definitely can't go wrong buying this. One bad thing I had my cylinder head scraping on one of the screws, just had to file it down alittle. Would recommend 100%!
left-up adjustment
right-up adjustment
One adjustment screw had to be filed Down

Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 reviews)