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Angel Custom Neo 1-piece Hopup Unit for Type96 / APS2 Airsoft Sniper Rifles

8 Customer Reviews

by Joseph A. on 12/15/2015
"Great chunk of a hopup!
Purchased for my SR-2 sniper rifle. Owned and operated for over a year at this point

Allows for left/right hopup adjustment as well as up/down like a normal hopup - as a result, you can correct the trajectory of the bb extremely well and vastly increase the range of your rifle.

+ allows for left/right adjustment
+ sturdy metal
+ small grub screws (hex/allen style) allow for VERY fine adjustments
+ Uses AEG type barrels
+ Uses AEG Buckings (make sure you buy a good one designed for high FPS)
+ Slides right in - no modifications necessary
+ Seems to improve the smoothness of the action and increase FPS slightly

- Included hex wrench is a small size - DO NOT LOSE IT, most hardware stores don't stock keys this small
- difficult to adjust - bolt must be back and mag removed to adjust
- included hopup nub doesn't seem right for the system - i recommend getting the Wii nub, or one of a similar design (
- DO NOT USE A V or W type BUCKING - these do not fit right with some barrels in this hopup - the standard buckings work just fine.

My setup: SR-2 with Angel custom hopup chamber (this one), Echo1 ASR upgrade spring set, Prometheus 6.01 tightbore 455mm and an SHS hopup bucking. Shoots 416fps with 0.36g bb's and is deadly accurate. The owner of my local field was incredibly impressed at the range and accuracy of my rifle, particularly because its spring and only has a 455mm barrel. Most of the accuracy and range can be attributed to this hopup chamber, so i highly recommend it.

Note: most rifles do not come stock with an AEG type barrel or bucking, so if you purchase this, make sure you get an AEG barrel that's the correct length and an appropriate bucking.

100% satisfied with this product - seems like a lot of money, but if you're a serious sniper then you need a serious hopup.
by Joseph B. on 08/17/2013
"This is an upgrade worth its money. It has a perfect air seal which combined with a Prometheus 6.03 tight bore inner barrel and a madbull fishbone bucking I got an easy 20fps jump.
Perfect accuracy (I'm hitting man sized targets from easily 300+ feet away with .40g)
Right and left hop up adjustment!!!
Increased FPS (20+)

by Justin U. on 08/13/2013
"Let me start off with wow, Angel Custom out did themselves on this one. The air seal on it is near perfect so expect a FPS increase not normally seen with hop-up units. The unit allows for L-96 model rifles to use any AEG barrel to be used usefull when upgrading to a tight bore barrel. instead of using one prong for hop-up adjustment it has two screws in the BB cradle that allow for adjustment left or right giving more control of BB flight path. When paired with and Matrix Advanced Silica bucking it gives the gun a major edge over the competition. Barrel security is tight so you will experience no migration. Also O-rings O-rings O-rings, gives it a much of an edge as a con, Gives a a great seal for compression. However when it comes to putting in the unit the O-rings can be a pain the the butt to get into postion you need to get them in before you can put in the barrel, there is a lagrer one that fastens around the barrel( No idea why no clear advantage) and one that is just before the hop-up bucking. That one is a pain to put in but once it's in it stays and when the BB is pushed in it fits snugly around the air nozzle giving the unit one of it's advantages of compression. Paired with a tightbore and good bucking its a night and day difference to stock hop-ups( one of the Type-96's biggest downfalls) and as the reviewer below this said 20 bucks cheaper than the PDI Hop-Up saving some cash is a huge benifit.
by Ben A. on 07/12/2013
"I bought this and got to says its just as good if not better than the Pdi hop up. 20 bucks cheaper too! Definitely can't go wrong buying this. One bad thing I had my cylinder head scraping on one of the screws, just had to file it down alittle. Would recommend 100%!
left-up adjustment
right-up adjustment
One adjustment screw had to be filed Down
by Joseph A. on 02/12/2016
"I'm now a couple of years into owning this hopup, so here are my observations thus far:

The adjustment screws are M2.5 x .45 x 4mm (I had to replace one so I measured the other one and these M2.5's are identical)
Hopup nubs can be hit and miss depending on the bucking you choose, in my case the Wii nub was perfect for my first bucking but provided too much hop on my SHS replacement - for the SHS the included nub worked just fine

As far as the adjustment wrench is concerned, I lost mine so I had to improvise. I don't know the exact size, but I found an Allen wrench that fit and bent it straight so that I could fit it into a micro hand drill (the Citadel drill sold by Games Workshop to be precise) and I use this as a hopup adjustment tool. It is long enough to reach into the hop without having to remove the tool to adjust for more than a 1/3 turn.

To sight in:
(Works best with no or minimal wind and/or other environmental factors)

1. When adjusting the hopup, remove your scope and get the gun shooting as close to straight as possible.
2. Then attach the scope/optic.
3. Observe the flight of the bb at long range using the optic - get the bb to fly as straight and true as possible WITHOUT touching the scope/optic adjustments
4. Once the rifle is shooting as straight as possible, attach and adjust your optic to follow the path of the bb.
by Austin T. on 05/30/2015
"i got this for my UTG L96 with a matrix 6.03mm barrel and matrix 80 degree red bucking, the hop up worked great gave me 50% increase of accuracy and like 25-50ft better range but the 2 adjustment screws weir to long and had to file them down so much i just gave up and used a peace of electrical tape instead, the only other thing is that it jams or double feeds the last 2 bbs some times not all the time but some times, also i know the bucking is half my problem so don't buy that bucking! at least for such a high fps gun like mine, it is the same as the PDI hop up and is just as hard to install but they say if you rely wan't something to be good you have to work for it.

-increased accuracy
-little beater range (my bucking may be the problem)
-is the same as the PDI one
-you get what you pay for

-screws are hard to get to the right size
-may double feed or jam
- is kind of hard to install
by Mae S. on 03/21/2016
"This hop up was a pain ...I purchased it for my utg l96 and the magazine catch screw would not screw into the screw hole on this hop up. Also their is this little o ring that goes right behind your hop up bucking, and I took a good 3 hrs trying to get it in and realized there was no groove for the o ring to even go in. REMEMBER YOU NEED AN AEG BARREL AND AEG BUCKING FOR THIS HOP UP TO ACTUALLY WORK. I ended up returning this item and got a action army l96 hop up chamber because it has a built-in tdc mod, and the thing works great. I paired the hop up chamber with an angel custom 500mm aeg inner barrel and a Prometheus hard aeg bucking. Go out and find an action army hop up chamber. It works great!
by Digeo V. on 04/11/2014
"I had high hopes for this hop up system I put it together only to find one of the screws that adjusts the hop up arm was stuck in place. The other hop up arm worked flawlessly but the whole point is to have two of them for the best accuracy. very disappointed in this purchase