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G&P Full Metal Advanced M4 Carbine AEG w/ LE Stock (Model: Foliage green / LE stock)

15 Customer Reviews

by James T. on 03/15/2016
"Got mine about a month ago. I installed a full set of Magpul furniture and a reddot scope to accessorize it and everything fits great!
Great performing rifle that served me well in my last 5 games and I would definitely recommend this rifle.

-full metal receivers
-Absolutely insane ROF(using a 9.6v NiHM!)
-Super accurate at long ranges
-crisp trigger response

The pros DEFINITELY outweigh the cons with this rifle, certainly worth the buy!
by Lauren S. on 03/15/2016
"I purchased this gun two months ago and have now used it a couple of times. I am very happy with it. For the money, it is the best gun I have ever seen. I have worked on many guns ( G&G, KWA, Ares, combat machines, JG, CYMA, etc), but this guns internals beat them all.

As for externals, it is rock solid with no wobble or creaking. The finish is very nice, and the gun has a nice amount of weight.

-fantastic gearbox
-great barrel and bucking (average hopup unit)
-fantastic externals
-takes well to upgrades ( I have changed the barrel, cylinder, motor, flash hider, and handguard)
by Maria G. on 03/15/2016
"G&P makes really good guns, i purchased this gun and got it in three days
Anyways this gun has really good internal parts along with a full medal body (they were not lying about that) its has good amount of weight to it like an ar15. This gun has amazing accuracy and range to it with .23g bbs. I would reconmend this gun to u no matter if ur a con or a pro
by Daniel R. on 03/15/2016
"This is a great and very reliable gun!
-390-410 fps w/ 0.23 bbs so really good for field. Left huge welts on my friend after a game from 75 ft.
-25-32 rps w/ a 11.1 Lipo. By the way, it's actually Lipo ready! yay!
-very good range and accuracy out of the box HOWEVER, I got a 6.03 tightbore and it is better now.
-FULL METAL body is pretty strong and doesn't feel cheap like some brands.
- Sights are right on target but I got a red dot scope.

Overall, for the price you can't beat it. Despite the little cons, the fps and rps and everything else out of the box is amazing. Best gun under $300 you can get!
by James V. on 11/23/2015
"When i bought this gun and i opened it , i was impressed. The feel and the build quality are amazing 10/10 a littler heavier but its full metal . After testing it out it it felt and shot amazing 10/10, this gun is a beast , first day i took it out i able to get around 5 head shots at around 150 or ft , this gun is very accurate and i would highly recommend this gun!!!!!!!
by Terrance B. on 11/23/2015
"Just got this gun yesterday and used it for some fun and this thing is fricken awesome. It is very accurate and high rof right out of the box and it can totally take a beating! I would recomend it to my friends so you should deffinately get this if you are thinking of getting it.
by Sam D. on 11/23/2015
"For starters this gun is really dang good for a sub $300 gun. I got it a month or two ago and have since used it in several games. I have no experienced a single problem with it so far. It shoot at about 376 fps with .25's so it has decent range. The rof is pretty good as well. The full metal body makes it feel solid and it has a nice weight to it.


Good build
Nice ROF
Good FPS


Difficult to take apart lower and upper receiver
Hand guard is hard to remove for first time
by Jenny Z. on 11/23/2015
"I got this gun a couple weeks ago and waited till I tested this thing on the field before writing a review, and I must say it's amazing.

I'm pretty new to airsoft and I was worried about coming back and getting stomped, so I grabbed this gun. Let me say, this made up for my terrible tactics on the field with how great this thing fired. I was able to pick people off at around 100 ft with absolutely no problem at all. None of the fields I played on made me stretch it out any further, but with a target I set up outside, I was able to get a consistent grouping at 150 ft once I adjusted the hop-up.

I would recommend .28g bb's with this gun if you want the best accuracy. The hopup can DEFINITELY handle it so you have no reason to.

-Amazing build quality. Nothing rattles at all (the magazine does rock forward to back in the mag well if you choose to push it that way, which you would have no reason to so who cares)
-Solid ROF with 9.6v battery
-Great accuracy
-Good stock hopup
-Amazing value for the money. Nothing else will compete
-The hicap mag that it comes with is insanely awesome if you're okay with high-caps

Con: None

Overall an amazing gun. I wouldn't hesitate for a second to get another.
by Adam C. on 12/04/2013
"Lipo ready. I put over 20k rounds through this gun so far with an 11.1 lipo. I recently took the gear box apart to reshim and throw some lube on the gears. It was very dry. Anyone that orders this gun and plans on running an 11.1 for the life of the gun needs to reshim this box. Bone stock with a 11.1 the rof is 25.47 rps on my xortech chrono. The only guns on this site that are really ready to go 11.1 with no reshimming out of the box is any gun with the kwa 2gx box.

Once re shimmed this gun is absolutely awesome..No wear on anything inside and shoots at 421 fps. Also you need to run .30 gram bbs with this gun or you will think it is a shotgun... Externals are amazing. I play very rough and my gear shows it.

All in all i got this gun for 180 bucks re shimmed the gear box an put 13:1 gears in. I then sold the gear box and motor for 100 bucks and through a polarstar in. The gun went through an absolute beating and performed flawlessly. Do not be afraid to re shim!! watch a video. Just takes time and 5 bucks of shims.

I have nothing but good things to say about g&p...I thought i was a G&G guy but hell no. Only stock electric guns i will shoot are KWA and g&p
by Reagan L. on 09/02/2013
"This gun.. let me tell you, is simply AMAZING! This is as close to a professional grade training rifle as you can get. I have had this gun for almost 5 months and have been in skirmishes and tournaments once every two weeks and this gun has yet to let me down. Not only does this gun out perform many guns [out of the box] but when upgraded, you have a death machine! GET THIS GUN THIS INSTANT!

Pros: Full metal receivers, FPS (around 430), RPS (around 18 a sec.)

Cons: I was slightly let down by the hopup but not much, non-functioning charging handle (personal con), and thats about it
by Brian S. on 09/01/2013
"I have had this gun for about a month now, for the first 3 1/2 weeks the gun has been flawless putting around 3/4 thousands rounds in it. Now as of yesterday i know there is something wrong with the internals. I might need to add more lube or need to change the piston or change the gears. Because whenever I fire the first couple of shots in semi. They are fine until either the sector gear or piston don't go back in to place and lock up. Then i need to switch it to full and fire it a couple of rounds. Then fire it semi again and the same thing, it locks up. So after further review of this gun it will work wonders for you if you know how to maintain it. For me this is the first major AEG I have ever owned, and i am looking to maintain it. But yes i would have to say if you are looking at getting this gun, make sure in the near future to be ready to get some upgraded internals. I should have been following the warning that the piston wears out fast! This is definitely not a downfall of this gun. Its a cheap gun to start playing thats for sure. but then you can create what you want from it for a relatively inexpensive means. But for now i will be out of a really nice gun and use my backup Lancer Tactical PDW which after maintaining my M4 that thing will be a breeze. So this is a good gun to get because it will let you learn about how to maintain your gun, and help it last forever until... the gears get stripped/piston or head fails/motor burns out. Over all a good gun :)
by David F. on 06/02/2013
"This gun arrived at my door the other day! I was instantly impressed by the weight and look of this gun, the metal body stands out as a winner. It is wired with deans, And I needed to buy an adapter for my battery. Also a large stick type 9.6 volt will not fit in the buffer tube, It's designed for the small LIPO, but I prefer NMIH so I switched out the LE stock for a crane style and connected a 9.6 v NMIH and was very impressed with R.O.F. also I found the accuracy to just fine at about 80-100 feet.With all this in mind and considering the price, THIS GUN IS A WINNER with a few mods. Great gun out of box, if you're going to use LIPO's no modification is required.
by Jeff K. on 06/01/2013
"I just got this gun yesterday and all i can say is wow. It is very nice externally, the paint and metal body are very nice. I got an 11.1v lipo with it and man this thing is amazing, it empties the mid cap in about two seconds. I dont like the fact that its rear wired, there is not a lot of battery space so you will need to use some ingenuity. The performance for mine seems to be right around 400ish fps with about 22 bbs per second. The trigger response is great. I would say this is a very nice gun for upper-mid level players with some experience of maintaining guns. If you stay on top of maintenance it will not give you any trouble. All in all 5 out of 5 stars. It is a cqb monster, highly recommended.
by Niko N. on 05/29/2013
"So i just came across this gun and thought id write a review for it.
I'v had this gun for about a year. Its a good gun out of the box. But this gun in particular seems to gain more ware and tear faster then any gun i have ever own. Nice thing is that it does have a good rate of fire and FPS. but with a stock barrel i didn't get more then about 50-100 ft out of the thing (thats not very much for field play). The hop up aint that great either. after about 20 ft this gun becomes a garden hose with you thumb on nozzle going in any random direction. NOT MUCH CONTROL. now if you going to be using this gun in CQB were the engagements range under 50 Ft. you shouldn't have to much of a problem with this gun. its good in a CQB environment were you can put 20 rounds down on a target within a second and probably hit the guy at one point.

So if your planning on getting the gun because its "cheap". be aware that the gun is "cheap". get ready to also buy some new internals like a tight bore barrel, new hop up, and maybe even a new hand guard with rails.

If your a normal player this gun is good for you. if your going for milsim id advise getting something better that comes strong in all areas out of the box.
by Jordan H. on 07/06/2014
"I have purchased two of these guns, one for myself and one for my brother. However, as well put together as these guns are we both have experienced problems with this gun. We have used a 9.6v G&P battery for the gun, Deans connection, and hosted them in a M4 mag pouch on the back stock, but shortly after firing the guns they freeze up. Mine works when it stays cool, but my brothers will not longer fire. Any suggestions??? I would have ordered 7.4v G&P batteries, which are recommended, but Evike is always sold out (at the time).