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G&P M14 DMR Airsoft AEG Sniper Rifle - Dark Earth (Package: Gun Only)

10 Customer Reviews

by Lana H. on 04/30/2013
"I just received this gun today and all I can say is that G&P really out-done themselves on this one. This gun has a great RPM and hits HARD. I mean, seriously hard. The metal charging handle makes a loud THWACK when pulled back which indeed sounds amazing, and the gun looks awesome and intimidating. The only small problem I have with this gun is that the polymer stock creeks a little bit, but it's very sturdy trust me. The question now is, why haven't you bought this gun yet? Lol
by Samuel K. on 04/09/2013
"I've had this gun for about a month and it's amazing the scope included is very nice and just looks amazing on the gun. It's beyond accurate for an airsoft rifle and can easily hit a head sized target from more then 150ft. It has a good weight and as I said looks ridiculous in a good way of course. If you have the money and want a dmr or m14 just buy this no other option this is the best gun for the money and it will do everything you want and more.
_ accurate as hell
_ looks amazing and performs just as well
_rof is through the roof
_ good fps
_ scares people before you even use it
_ I can go on an on

_ absolutely nothing

by Robin W. on 04/09/2013
"gun's amazing , solid nice and heavy makes a great combat rifle or marksmans platform, highly recomended! get yours before its too late, get the cyma hicaps or g&p midcaps they feed the best, do not get king arms they will not feed in this gun
by Juan C. on 04/09/2013
"I built a rifle like that, using the G&P DMR kit and all.
I have expended 2000+ on the rifle to make it what it is right now. (its much better than this one, in many things i have to add)
This rifle WITH AN INCLUDED SCOPE!!!!....... is a bargain.... a real bargain.
A few hundred dollars in upgrades, and you will have a rifle everyone will fear and respect.
Everyone with a forehead two fingers tall, should buy this baby.
by Eric D. on 04/09/2013
"An amazing gun! I bought this gun from my friend. It is light weight with threaded barrels for silencers. I also bought a bipod, a laser and a light. I upgraded it to 400 fps and the cycle rate is amazing. my magazine is empty before the whistle. this is the most accurate gun you could ever buy.
by Brian C. on 04/09/2013
"I would definitely recommend buying this rifle. This rifle-$380, Prometheus Tight-Bore Inner Barrel-$62, and an Intellect 9.6V 4200-$75. And for $517 you have probably the best DMR on the field.
by Michael C. on 04/09/2013
"Very solid shooting aeg, accurate at 150+feet, mags fit very well, great hopup chamber. I would definitely recommend this gun to anyone who's looking for a good assault / DMR build. The only con that I have with this gun is that its a little on the heavy side, but don't let it discourage you the performance and quality of this AEG will not dissapoint
by Devan S. on 04/09/2013
"A fantastic gun. Got it today and fired it to find it shooting hard and fast. A great DMR.

by Ron L. on 08/25/2014
"This motors pinion will blow other than tht fantastic gun, just buy extra pinion heads
by Kevin S. on 07/12/2013
"Very impressed with the gun initially. Absolutely no magazine wobble, chrono'ed at 385fps right out of the box, good quality deans, nice accuracy, solid feel. Its rate of fire is absolutely ungodly for a DMR build.

After about 2 weeks I noticed a few inconsistencies. Semi-auto would sometimes turn into a 2-shot burst, or even just stay fully auto. Also, a flap on the nose cap of the plastic outer shell has already broken off. The top and bottom of the shell now only fit together when secured with tape.

These problems can be worked around, but the battery accessibility is a bit of a n annoyance for me. Unlike the TM version, where the battery is accessed by opening a hatch on the stock, you must unscrew two bolts from the rear of the gun. One of these bolts secures the sling mount to the base, so it's important to keep track of that. I understand why they did it (adjustable length), but it just gets to be a pain.

All in all, it looks like a nice gun that'll serve me well into the future. If there weren't FPS restrictions at my favorite local (400FPS automatic), I could see this gun becoming a monster.