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Systema UltraLight™ Hybrid Airsoft GBB AEG Airsoft Rifle

23 Customer Reviews

by austin b. on 04/01/2013
"i just got this gun today and let me tell you, this gun is amazing. my friends were scared of my with my new gun. the price for this gun is some what reasonable but nothing short of the best gun you will ever buy..... ever


easy to fix
really environmentally friendly
no battery needed or gass


replacement parts are hard to get
by Adam G. on 04/01/2013
"I just bought this gun and it arrived SAME DAY!!! This gun shoots amazing! I'm sniping people out from 300 feet away. This red dot sight is by far the greatest one I have ever used before.


Cons: Tape is a bit weak. I would recommend upgrading the tape to gorilla tape.
by Mazen A. on 04/01/2013
"This weapon has been amazingly reliable and accuracy is impecibale this weapon has hit my targets up to but not limited to 17 miles (69 kilometers) this weapon is so accurate I've hit targets across the field without looking the weapon is defiantly worth the $999.99. It has amazingly worked even through water, mud, snow, hail, lava, antimatter and it has not misfired once. I am really impressed how the weapon left Area 51. The weapons 990 fps and 22rps is effective for crowd control as well as functioning as a DMR. This weapon has really proved its self in its escape from the top secret labs in Area 51. But functions as a PDW, SMG, DMR, Aussalt rifle as well as a pistol. The build quality has really shined especially after falling from Earth's outer atmosphere. I would recommend this weapon to any airsofter from beginner to expert hit man.
by michael g. on 04/01/2013
"i would totally play game after game of terminator with this awesome piece of equipment. shirtless if i have to. done it before now with that ill do it again hahaha
by Alexander C. on 04/01/2013
"This is a great gun, I have to say it beats all other guns on the field! My first thoughts of it were iffy, as it is a new hybrid design from systema. My overall favorite gun, because it can actually accept all forms of gas blowback and aeg magazines! This is an amazing weapon, definitely worth the 999.99 dollars. Along with its super light weight features, it also comes with an awesome red dot sight, with a red reticle! It requires no batteries in the sight to function. The gun is run off the top secret hybrid gas blowback and aeg system, and cannot be opened to do tech work on. This gun comes with a lifetime warranty, and is an exceptional airsoft rifle. Pick one up today! If you want to see a review on this gun, I will be releasing a review of this in 50 years on and . Make sure you get yours today! They are going out of stock fast! This rifle can only be bought at! Happy April Fools! :D
by William L. on 02/23/2016
each is one o a kind
each is handcrafted
breaks easily
expensive but you get exactly what is advertised
no hopup
maintenance is hard

overall its more of a showpiece than anything
by Trent W. on 11/11/2013
"Really good gun, only a few downsides... I was moving around a really 'hilly' field with it and it flew up in the air and got caught in the wind. I found it later in a tree next to a kite and was able to retrieve it. Also because of the 990+ fps I might have committed a third degree felony on about 31 guys at an airsofting event. ....they didn't even have enough time to call hit...

Other than that its a decent gun.
by John D. on 04/05/2013
"Got this gun today and it was working well! Just like any other Systema gun this gun outperforms pretty much any AEG, GBB Rifle and it's very compact due to it's foldable rear stock. I also found the gun to be very light with Systema's new technology i could hold it with one hand for an hour and not get sore hands. Also it's fire rate is fantastic! Around 1200 RPM with a 9.6 Volt and a 2000 RPM with a 11.1v Lipo Battery the railing system is also top notch! Fantastic it can even fit my F.O.A.M Brand EOtech that is supposed to be for my M4. Anyway after all that being said this gun is fantastic! Top Notch. Very Light. Great Technology. Truly worth a $999.99 weapon.

Comes with a 1000 Round thin type magazine
Great Gearbox
Good ROF with a 9.6 Volt
GREAT rail system
Comes with a Tightbore Barrel.
Retractable and Foldable Stock (4 Position Stock)
Cons: The Lower Receiver and the Upper Receiver feels like it's made out of Foam but well it's a new tech gun so Dunno!
Easy to lose the screws on this gun especially for the Handguard and the Middle of the two receivers
The Eotech on this thing ran out of Battery fast.

Overall Great Buy and a somewhat "Cheap" Systema but for a good deal.