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Blue Force Gear 2 Point Padded Vickers Combat Applications Sling™ - Coyote Brown

1 Customer Review

by Michael F. on 02/27/2014
"These slings are great. I use them on my M416 DMR, this is a long rifle but slightly smaller then a m16, and not nearly as long as an m14 or other long rifles. I was concerned that it would be too long of a 2 point sling, but it's not. It is very adjustable. For my DMR it's on the shortest setting, but it's perfect. Before this I used a 1-point sling converted to a half 2 point. Meaning it connected at the buffer tube, and the end of the stock. This held my rifle, but it would flop around when walking, running, etc. Also it would dig into the left side of my neck like crazy (i'm right handed). With this sling, it a simple tighten, then throw around me (so it swings onto my back) and its a million times better. Not only is it very secure even when running, walking, crawling, etc, but it's comfortable. I don't even feel it. The weight of my rifle (and it's a "heavy" rifle) isn't all on the side of my neck, instead the weight is evenly distributed from the left side of my neck, all the way to my bottom right ribs. So instead of 10 pnds on just my neck, it's 10 pnds on most of my torso.

The material Is durable, the stitching is solid. The quick tighten/loosen adjustment is very easy to use. When converting from my rifle to my pistol it takes maybe 10 seconds tops. In the heat of battle yes that is a long time. Vs the 3 seconds it would take with my old sling. However my old sling would hang my gun so far down that I couldn't go over anything that isn't completely flat ground. The extra 7 seconds is WELL worth it. I've ran, leapt over objects, crawled through/under objects, I even rolled down a hill to dodge some fire, then did a snap shot and won that battle, thanks to this sling.

I appreciate the camo material and multiple camos to choose from. My old sling was tan, on my acu/digi desert load out... Tan isn't as bad as black or green on my load out, but still not great. The acu virtually disappears on my load out.

Really the ONLY downside to this sling, is when converting from primary to secondary, the quick adjust tab makes a fairly loud zip sound. I mean it's not loud, but when you are stalking someone and well within whisper distance, it is plenty loud enough to give you away. Not louder then Velcro, but close.