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Pre-Order ETA July 2017 Echo1 Fully Licensed Robinson Armament Polymer XCR-C Airsoft AEG Rifle - Tan

11 Customer Reviews

by Michael S. on 11/26/2015
"Overall, this is a great gun. I'd highly recommend this as a starting weapon for those who are on a semi-strict budget, or a gift for an experienced tech. I'll be starting my review off with the cons so we can go ahead and get them out of the way.

No iron sights
Wobbly stock (Easy fix)
The fore grip isn't that great
The flash hider isn't easy to remove

Great gearbox
Fairly accurate for stock internals
Good stock hop up
LiPo ready
The polymer feels great-It's totally solid, I've never felt like it was going to break on me
Good spring for CQB
Lots and lots of rails for all of the attachments you could dream of

Recommended upgrades (All of the following are sold on Evike):

G&P M120 High Performance High Speed Airsoft AEG Motor

Madbull Noveske KX3 14mm Negative Sound Amplifier Flashhider - Black

Madbull Airsoft AEG 6.01mm Ultimate Tightbore Barrel 7075 Aircraft Aluminum (247mm)

Matrix 11.1V 1300mah Tri-Cell Type Li-Poly Battery (15C / 25C Discharge)

Tenergy Lipoly Battery Smart Charger + BMS Unit (Standard / Universal Type)

Firefield Micro Reflex Sight

Other upgrades (Not sold on Evike):

SHS Airsoft 13:1 Super High Speed Flat Gear Set AEG

Optional Additions (All available here on Evike):

Stark Equipment SE-5 Express Grip - Black

Bravo / Element Tactical CREE LED Scout Mini Weapon Light w/ Pressure Pad - Grey

With all of the above additions this gun is a CQB beast! Even if you aren't willing to put in all of the upgrades, this gun is a great beginner's weapon, and would make a great birthday/Christmas gift for someone looking to get into airsoft. This gun also looks great-It's unique looking, but will accept m4 magazines and parts.

9/10. I highly recommend picking up this gun for airsofters with any level of experience!
by Tim S. on 10/05/2013
"Great deal for the money. Easy platform to upgrade from. Actually a good battery that comes with it (9.6v 1500mah) but the wall charger, as always, is junk. All in all, an excellent gun to have.
by Nico G. on 08/01/2013
"i bought this gun a few months ago and its the best gun I've ever had, its been through 14 different games, its been dropped, and still works like brand new, highest fps ive gotten from it was 390-395, well worth the purchase 10/10!!
by Dustin S. on 07/19/2013
"I bought this gun over the full metal version, Because this one has a ver2 gearbox. It was really love at first site with this thing as soon as I put it into my hands. The first thing I noticed, IT IS SOLID. This is the most solid non metal gun I have ever held. (And I've been around the block a couple of times.) The Polymer in this gun beats G&Gs Polymer in my opinion. The top receiver is made out of one solid piece of Polymer. Yeah, you read it right. The rails are not bolted on, they are part of the receiver. The stock is extremely solid, the gun has no wobble, the polymer construction is Phenomenal. The magazine has NO wobble at all. I couldnt believe it. The build is a 10/10 easily. Just amazing. When I put the battery in and fired a couple of shots, DANG. This gun was is shooting around 380 with .20s. This thing is crazy accurate for a 247mm!! probably the most accurate 247mm I've seen.

-Phenomenal build. Just amazing how solid this thing is. It's crazy
-Magazine well is amazing, All of the mags I tested had zero wobble.
-Very high fps. DON'T used .20s use .25s!!!! even Echo1 themselves recommend using .25s.
-high ROF, bought the same as any other echo1 Ver 2.
-Range is freaking crazy for this thing. It has the same range as any other normal assault rifle.
-It doubles as a CQB and a long range. It can perform well in both.

-The barrel was straight and lined up, But it was rotated slightly off.
-No iron sights. But what could you expect? the thing only cost 195$

Overall, Amazing. I put a madbull black python 6.03 and this thing burns up the field.
by Christopher C. on 10/06/2016
"First let me start with the fact that I really like this gun. Do not be afraid of the polymer as it it done very well and does not feel cheap in the hand. The weight is perfect and it looks much cooler than your run of the mill M4 variants. This thing with a short mock suppressor looks sick. I would have loved to have carried one of these while I was in the Marine Corps.
Now for the bad which is far out weighed by the good. The gun came out of the box with the buffer tube spanner nut loose. The stickers on the stock do not come off easily. Now for my biggest gripe, the gun in the picture has a black pistol grip but the gun that came has a FDE grip like the older ones. I absolutely HATE the FDE grip that I got stuck with. I want a black grip EVIKE!
All in all this gun is very impressive and worth taking a look at.
1) Shoots hard out of the box
2) Very accurate for such a short weapon
3) Comes with everything you need to get started minus sights
4) Looks cooler than everyone else's M4
by Wai Fong L. on 08/07/2015
"This is a good beginners gun; lightweight and has a good RoF. Good gun to buy it you want something that's not an m4 but will still take m4 parts and mags.
Not that expensive
Not an m4
Light weight
High RoF with a 9.4v battery that came with the gun
Good amount of rail space
Some trademarks
Mine came with a grip and 2 mags, battery and a charger (don't use the charger)

Polymer not as strong as I thought it would be (not as strong as combat machine polymer)
Bad accuracy at long distances when full auto (get a miracle barrel?)
Doesn't come with iron sights (not too big of a con for me)
Paint chips off easily
Charging handle squeaks a bit after you play around with it for a while. (Minor con)

Overall a great beginners gun.
by Connor L. on 03/27/2015
"This weapons build quality is fantastic for intermediate airsofters, or a couple rounds of close quarters battles. As a stock weapon, it performs alright, the only real issues being the fact that it has no iron-sights. Looks awesome, but the battery is a piece of junk. I have already upgraded to a Li-po and i am not disappointed. Happy shooting!
by Miguel M. on 09/16/2014
"This is a good gun but after 2 months the trigger contact fried. It shoots about 370 at 17 rps
by Jason M. on 04/28/2014
"I bought this gun about 6 months ago and I'm in love with it. The gun itself feels so solid when you shoot it and its a nice polymer build. The battery that came with the gun wasnt too bad but it wasn't the best either. Also my gun came with a faulty hop up which made it shoot a little bit down even after its been tweaked. im sure this isnt a problem with all the XCRs but im just throwing that out there. Other than that this gun is AMAZING!!!
by Taneil J. on 12/11/2013
"This gun is absolutely stunning! The accuracy with .23 bb's is just wow! I was literally getting groupings that were just insanely good!
Very comfortable posture you get from holding it
It's an Echo1 so you know you're getting high end quality from the start.
Stubby grip is a little bit too small for my hands, but at least it holds batteries well.
The back plate of the crane stock is extremely hard to get off!
The pistol grip for it is not the most comfortable thing in the world but that's just me (used to holding ak grips)
When i looked closely at mine, it looked like my barrel assembly was far more to the right, than in the actual center of the gun.
by Ron G. on 01/28/2015
"Bought Two Echo 1 guns for my sons. This was the first one that broke after the warranty was over. Both guns have the same gearbox. Other gun was (Troy) by Echo1. The trigger trolley stop broke off clean and the gun would not shoot. I had to take it apart and drill the gearbox to fix. Below is a link I found on youtube the help fix it.

Before it broke it shot great and now that I have fixed it it still shoots great. Just want buyers to be aware that this happened to two Echo1 guns I bought. Gun is a little more pain to take apart than the M4 platform. Will not buy Echo1 gun again. But to be fair they all break after long use. Just this was only 60 days of use.

The good, gun shoots good when working, Light and strong. Good distance and FPS out the box. Looks good after I changed out the tan grip and stock to black. The grip that came on mine was not black like the pics.