Reviews: WE-Tech Toucan "Little Bird" Airsoft GBB Pistol (2 Mag Package) - Black

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Model: GP-WE-LB-BK
Location: U14-122 WSO7-L03

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by Trevor R. on 2014-09-21 22:02:46
"For the first 3000 or so rounds this gun was amazing. Not very accurate past 25 feet but I didnt care because Im only using it for CQB and concealed carry training. The BBs tend to fly all over the place after that. Maybe a heavy BB will fix that. However beware, after 3000 rounds there is a good shot that you may start experiencing problems with burst firing. Especially if you rapid fire the gun. After disassembling the gun I noticed that the portion of the blowback housing where the roller wheel rests as the gun cycles was completely shot. It was like someone carved it out. The metal used to make the blowback housing is very poor quality metal and I really do hope they come out with a less destructible upgrade because I worry that this may be a common issue. Despite this one issue, the gun is solid and the thought of having to retire it and find a new gun is depressing because I love this gun that much. A 6.01 tbb would be nice too. I ordered a new blowback housing to see if that fixes the problem. Will post back once I install the new part and let everyone know how it all works out.
by Daniel A. on 2013-08-13 17:47:28
-powerful for size and barrel length (280fps with .2 i have a chrony f1 crhronograph)
-good on gas (almost gets two mags on one gas fill)
-crisp shots which means rapid fire friendly
-great finish polymer is really high quality something youd get from a real firearm, metal is good finish as well but could be better
-two mags a compact and full sized (17rd and 25rd)
-6.03mm tight bore barrel inside
-extreme hop up (could be a con, have to use .25s with hop up down)
-three back straps
-glow in the dark sights
-working trigger safety (similar to glock)

-despite tightbore barrel, not very accurate unless you use heavy bbs .25 or higher (bbs fly left and right with .2s)
-front sight came loose and lost the pin, had to replace with a toothpick(quick fix)
-hammer spring is weak and cant push gas valve on mags sometimes (fixed by releasing some gas in mag or stretching spring out inside trigger mechbox)
-no external flip safety
-no trademarks

despite its flaws I still like this gun worth the price, I paid 85 for it when it was on sale, cant beat that
by Tim C. on 2013-07-05 15:39:37
"Let me start of by saying this little gun is great. the first time i took this out of the box, i was blown away. the fit and finish of this gun is excellent. for only 100 bucks, and being a polymer frame, i was expecting allot less. the polymer frame is high quality, and it is what i would expect on a real firearm, and the casting for the slide is crisp. the only thing that i would like to see more of on this gun, is markings, but that can be overlooked. WE has really stepped up their game for these M&P/"toucan" pistols.

Great polymer
Crisp slide casting.
durable paint on slide (almost powdercoated)
Hard recoil
Illuminating paint on sights (night sights)
3 backstraps
2 Mags

paint on outer barrel is thinner, and scratches/ rubs off easily.
Same paint on magazines

overall, this is the best WE GBB pistol i have seen yet. If you are thinking about getting this gun, GET IT NOW!!!!! it won't dissapoint.
by Marc R. on 2013-05-28 14:14:05
"This is a great little gun for the money , it has interchangeable rear grips to fit big or small hands , Also it does take a Big bird mag , so if your looking for a bigger magazine othere than 15 rounds get the 22 round magazine . This gun is an exact replica of the S & W M&P 9/40 compact , just without the markings ...

Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 reviews)