Reviews: WE-Tech Toucan "Big Bird" Airsoft GBB Pistol - Dark Earth

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Model: GP-WE-BB-DE
Location: U14-121 WO6-M03

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by sam r. on 2014-04-17 10:38:08
"I can't honestly recommend this gun to anyone. Our airsoft group had 3 (one of which was mine). Quick breakdown of how they performed last season:

Gun #1 (Dark Earth Version): Preformed flawlessly with frequent use.

Gun #2 (mine, Dark Earth): Multiple failure to loads right out of the box. Bought a new nozzle for it and it worked for roughly 10 magazines before starting to burst fire. Despite multiple attempts to fix it never worked properly and was sold for half what I had into it.

Gun #3 (Black Version): Was firing 2 round bursts. Got sent back and the new one was fine for a little while. It would burst fire but my buddy counted that as a bonus. The slide got clanked on a door and the slide CRACKED IN HALF. The gun was sold for parts and the owner of gun #1 bought the magazine and a few parts from it.

There seem to be a lot of reviews posted by people who have just got the gun about how "awesome and 1337" it is, but this gun simply does not stand the test of time, and there are much, much better offerings on evike then this gun.
by Nicholas K. on 2014-01-27 18:56:21
"I've just got mine today so I cannot attest to the longevity of the toucan but here's what I can tell you.
It is made of nice quality polymer on the lower and an ok metal alloy on the slide. It includes low profile glow in the dark sights. They don't glow for long but its the little things that count, right. The recoil is decent. Almost as much as the real steel. It is very similar in size to the real steal M&P. It is much lighter than a real one. My real M&P back straps fit on it until I try'd to put in the locking device. Why it included a set of pink back straps baffles me. Black would have been much nicer.
Accuracy is decent. I'm getting about 3 inch groups with .25's at 25ft standing. My hop up doesn't seem to turn all the way of and it over hop's even with the .25's but not too much.
I highly recommend getting the WE C02 Magazine for it.

I'm giving it 4 stars only because of the over hop and the fact that it has crappy easy to scratch paint on the slide.
by Ruthie L. on 2013-05-13 18:40:11
"so i just got my gun today and all i have to say is omg. this is one of the best gas pistols i have ever owned. i once owned the we desert warrior and it didnt hold any gas and kept jamming. so buying this i was doubtful. but the second i shot it was impressed. it took a couple of mags to break it in but it runs like a charm. for all those people that say oh for only 60 more bucks you can get a kwa, i say dont waste your money i have a kwa mp7 and it is defenitly not as good as my toucan

good kick
gas effeciant
good construction
night glow sight
rail space

glow sights dont last long
by johnny m. on 2013-04-03 10:29:17
"this pistol is amazing i was going to order it online but i got the chance to go to california and i live in idaho so on the way we went through l.a. so i looked evoke up and it was in l.a. so we took a detour and next thing so know bamm!!!!!!! theres evike i was so excited i got to go in and buy the pistol and look all around it is huge and awesome anyways i also bought three king arms gas tanks and some ammo and silicone oil and i gassed it up for like 3 seconds and it lasted some drive fires all day and the mag works perfectly all you get in the package is

3 back rubber grips
x1 mag
and gun
i give it a five out of five and it is the best pistol out of all of my pistols and i have a colt 1911 gbb with a new gas system and a tight bore barrel and this one is stock and more accurate and looks cooler and its cheaper than the 1911(wich is 150)

Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 reviews)