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Model: AEG-MTX-SR25
Location: L6-040

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by Sam A. on 2014-11-30 19:18:51
"This gun is pretty good but has its ups and its downs like every gun.

-Has a metal body
-390 to 410 fps with .28 when I cronied it
- pretty accurate but may want to put in some upgrades like a new barrel
- looks good
-hop up is real decent and good quality

-when u switch to full auto it makes a weird cling noise but not a big deal
- scratches very easily but I like that cool beat up look anyway
- the wires are sort of a pain, I just taped them together for ease of access in the stock
-sort of heavy but not to bad (around 6-7 pounds)
-I gave it a 4 out of 5 because it scratches real easy and it sounds weird when u switch to full auto

Overall it's a good buy and you will be a good player out on the firelds with this gun.
by Aaron N. on 2014-11-03 15:57:37
"Decent Gun ,Pretty much paid extra money for a cool looking receiver (that i might camo over anyway). If you are looking for custom internals this is not the one to get.I bought this when it was 255 expecting more. It will still need upgrades to perform better though stock performance is pretty good but not good enough for a competitive DMR.

-Full metal and sturdy
-Decent range
-Compatible with some version 2 parts
-Heavy and comfortable

-Not really internally customized
-The metal piece on my selector plate was missing
-Magazines are expensive
-My hop up DBL. feeds
by Joshua M. on 2014-07-06 16:08:44

I purchased this gun maybe 2 weeks ago and it has surpassed my expectations. As posted in other reviews there is some speculation as to what this package comes with. All I can say is that mine came with a vertical grip, two rail covers, flip up iron sights, an un-jamming rod, and a mock silencer. There was no battery that came with my package. As for the durability of the firearm, I just used it in a private game and it performed outstandingly. I could accurately engage targets slightly beyond 150 ft (take note I only used an 8.4v battery). I bought a 4x magnification scope and turned mine into a sniper style weapon, and without any form of internal upgrades, the gun performed very well.

-range (150 ft.+)
-fps (I did not chrono test the gun but it was between 390 and 420 fps with 8.4v)
-Realistic look and feel
-Awesomeness (How many people really have an SR-25?)

-My only complaint is that the vertical grip that came in the box broke when I tried to put it on the gun.
-This gun does weigh around 12 pounds and is very long, especially with the mock silencer. This is only a con if you do not want a heavy gun.

This gun easily earns 5 stars.
by Chamar S. on 2014-06-17 23:33:20
"This gun is Awesome with such a high fps you can use heavier BB's that don't curve as often, Also this gun is heavy I personally like heavy guns it adds more immersion into my airsoft experience but this gun is overall 5 stars
by Peter B. on 2014-02-20 20:01:30
"Decent gun.

Do not buy if you are looking for an assault rifle platform. This is strictly a DMR.

A couple of things I disliked about this gun, were how freaking heavy it was, and how big it was. This thing is a meter long. I'm 5'11" and with this thing on the sling, the barrel hung around my toes.
by Devin H. on 2013-06-23 09:50:39
"This gun came in the mail a week ago and by far is a great DMR. The website's info is a little misleading however, but I am satisfied as always shopping from this website.

- Great range and rate of fire
- Has a few custom decals on the side
- Comes with a few extra items (foregrip, rail covers)
- Iron sights are flip-up
- DOES comes with a battery and charger, 9.6v (this was confusing me as the site did not tell, however get a better battery and a smart charger as always)
- 470 round magazine and full-auto firing

- This is more of the packing or carrier's (UPS) fault, but the bag of bb's that comes with every gun busted in the box. Appeared to be overloaded. Not a big deal but figured I should mention.
- THERE IS NO BARREL THREAD. You can remove the orange tip but you cannot attach a screw-on mock suppressor. The website mislead's you but you can find your own way to attach one if you really would like to.

Overall this weapon is really great and is well worth the money and has already proved itself on the field. This definitely deserves a 5-star review and I plan on using this very much.

Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 reviews)