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A&K Full Metal Fixed Stock SR-25 Airsoft AEG Rifle

19 Customer Reviews

by Daniel M. on 10/22/2016
"Along with the gun, I ordered a scope and the mock silencer thinking I would need them. The scope is beneficial because you will be picking off targets from a decent ways away. But like most guns, this gun comes with solid iron sights that make it so you don't need a scope. Please note that the package itself did contain 2 rail covers, a fore grip, and to my surprise - a mock silencer. So in turn, I had dropped an extra $40 on a silencer that came with the gun itself. So now I am left with 2 silencers.
I read reviews about the length and weight of the gun, and was not phased by them. When I got the gun, I saw what they meant. With the mock silencer (which I got to upgrade and extended the inner barrel) is significantly longer than my M24. Additionally, the weight is something to consider. I personally love the weight of this gun because it is realistic and because it's a result of the metal parts. It should not effect you as long as you have some muscle on you.
I do recall some people complaining about the stock, and honestly, there's no need to. It's not made out of some cheap McDonalds Happy Meal toy. It's strong and sturdy and does not feel like it will break.
In the field, the gun performs perfectly. It will take out people that you once thought were unreachable. This gun is great to upgrade overtime, and make it even better.
It looks amazing, performs great, and is made well!
by Ryan H. on 07/15/2016
"This gun has a combination of accuracy, and range which makes it a very successful DMR.

-Rail space

-Plastic stock
-Battery rattles in stock and is very noisey
by Chris T. on 02/17/2016
"The SR-25 AEG makes the best DMR. I searched endless hours searching for a DMR. I can not have found a better gun. It shoots great. Very accurate. Roughly 410 FPS(constant). I could run a full day off one 9.6 v, 1600 Mah battery. The metal is well constructed, isn't too heavy but id recommend putting a sling adapter on the front for a 2 pint sling. Don't think just buy this gun!
by Michael B. on 03/26/2015
"This gun really rocks. Out of the boxes awesomeness. Got this gun about two months ago and its rocks first time out with it lit up one of my friends and he felt it the rest of the time we played best feeling ever. Its awesome knowing that now ive got the hardest hitter and its even better than my buddies actual sniper. This is a great buy.

-Weight for me cause of the reaslism
-Pistol grip
-love all the rails have so many attachments
-Love just the look of it
-Noone can deny that they got hit

-Some of the rails are sharp easly fixed by using forgrip of gloves
-Sights are a little weird didnt care for them
by Ellie C. on 03/26/2015
"I got this gun a little more than a month ago, and from just taking it out of the box it looked awesome. . my first match, it never let me down, shot well, accurate, far, and hard. I personally don't like the sights, and I got a red dot sight, bipod, grip, and laser and flashlight for looks. I'm not entirely sure if i would need to buy new motor gears and spring to put a higher volt battery in safely or not though. overall 5/5 from me.

Full metal(heavy) for me I like the wieight
looks and shoots amazing
around 430 fps
by Sam W. on 03/26/2015
"I just got this gun and It is really amazing! This gun is a DMR so it is a very good Sniper-Type weapon. Overall it is a very well made gun with great performance right out of the box. Since can be used as a DMR or Normal AEG with the Full-Auto its good for outdoor use. Highly recommended.

Rate-of-Fire great for being a DMR, BBs shoot accurate and far (About 40-50 ft roughly. Give or take), Full-Metal *Durable and strong*, Fore-Grip included, Hi-Cap 470 Round Mag, Mostly Metal internals like Gears and Gear-Box, Shoots amazing with .20 and .25 BBs. *NOTE: DO NOT USE ANYTHING MORE OR LESS. (DO NOT USE .12 BBs.), No need for upgrades.

Heavy: Arms get tired after holding it for awhile, Stock Iron-Sights are ok. Get ACOG Scope or Sniper Scope if possible, Flash-Hider hard to take off (Do Reaserch) its confusing, only take off if needed (Such as a silencer and/or New inner barrel)
by Alex D. on 03/26/2015
"This gun was the first AEG I bought for airsoft. I can truly say that I made a wise decision. This gun has yet to disappoint me. High rate of fire with the 9.6 stock battery. It's actually a good battery, no problems ever. Very accurate with the stock inner barrel. Full Metal except the stock, and pistol grip. RIS is full metal and one piece. Would highly recommend for all airsoft players as a DMR or a Sniper weapon.
Full Metal
High ROF
Great range
Sniper accuracy
Heavy (Feels Real)

No front sling mount
Does not accept m4 mags (Only SR25 mags)

Well worth the money, go buy one
by Hansen J. on 03/26/2015
"This Gun is spectacular, If you are looking for a tacktical mix between an FAL and a G3 than this is it. Got it last week, ive been to four games with it so far and the performanse is awesome, the only bad part i found are figuring out the tricky parts of the gun(refer to note under tips)

good weight
good feel
shoots about 75 yards out of box
has a slight kick ween shot (adds to realism)
comfortable grip
easy to upgrade
iron sights work wonderfully
Very durrable, I slipped on icey pavement yesterday and dropped it, came out with just a scratch to the paint, still works
very sturdy, cant really tell from the picture but the rails and barrel on this gun are tough as nails.

Needs rail covers or you need to wear gloves, the rails can be rough on your hands.

It is a great gun for the price, and there are only a few things i would recomend.


-get a spare battery(just in case), no worrys though, the battery is quality
-get an acog, or perhaps a good reflex or red dot sight
-use polished, .25 BB's
-buy a spare mid cap mag (only if u hate spinning that gear on the bottom of hi-cap mags, i do)
-upgrading gearbox, motor, and barrel length always help but are not really neccicery with this gun.
by Jason W. on 03/26/2015
"Just picked up one today at Evike super store.

Heavy / good feel
Accurate (1 feet grouping at 50 feet)
No wobbling / free float type RIS

by Joshua M. on 07/06/2014

I purchased this gun maybe 2 weeks ago and it has surpassed my expectations. As posted in other reviews there is some speculation as to what this package comes with. All I can say is that mine came with a vertical grip, two rail covers, flip up iron sights, an un-jamming rod, and a mock silencer. There was no battery that came with my package. As for the durability of the firearm, I just used it in a private game and it performed outstandingly. I could accurately engage targets slightly beyond 150 ft (take note I only used an 8.4v battery). I bought a 4x magnification scope and turned mine into a sniper style weapon, and without any form of internal upgrades, the gun performed very well.

-range (150 ft.+)
-fps (I did not chrono test the gun but it was between 390 and 420 fps with 8.4v)
-Realistic look and feel
-Awesomeness (How many people really have an SR-25?)

-My only complaint is that the vertical grip that came in the box broke when I tried to put it on the gun.
-This gun does weigh around 12 pounds and is very long, especially with the mock silencer. This is only a con if you do not want a heavy gun.

This gun easily earns 5 stars.
by Chamar S. on 06/17/2014
"This gun is Awesome with such a high fps you can use heavier BB's that don't curve as often, Also this gun is heavy I personally like heavy guns it adds more immersion into my airsoft experience but this gun is overall 5 stars
by Devin H. on 06/23/2013
"This gun came in the mail a week ago and by far is a great DMR. The website's info is a little misleading however, but I am satisfied as always shopping from this website.

- Great range and rate of fire
- Has a few custom decals on the side
- Comes with a few extra items (foregrip, rail covers)
- Iron sights are flip-up
- DOES comes with a battery and charger, 9.6v (this was confusing me as the site did not tell, however get a better battery and a smart charger as always)
- 470 round magazine and full-auto firing

- This is more of the packing or carrier's (UPS) fault, but the bag of bb's that comes with every gun busted in the box. Appeared to be overloaded. Not a big deal but figured I should mention.
- THERE IS NO BARREL THREAD. You can remove the orange tip but you cannot attach a screw-on mock suppressor. The website mislead's you but you can find your own way to attach one if you really would like to.

Overall this weapon is really great and is well worth the money and has already proved itself on the field. This definitely deserves a 5-star review and I plan on using this very much.
by Gabriel H. on 05/25/2016
"I bought this gun a while back and ised it once and it stopped working but it is a rather decent gun except the mags are very hard to find
by talon S. on 10/19/2015
"Pretty well constructed, first off this is gun in real life is not as big as all the review make it sound and looks in the picture, secondly the external build quality of the gun is about a 4/5 because the stock feels like a cheap plastic and scratches easily but, the flip up stock sights are acctulyquite nice they are not like other cheap plastic sights these ones are metal and hold there place even when bumped and flipped up and down. My gun came to me out of the box with the screws on the motor hand grip stripped so I was disappointed about that and am still waiting to hear back from evike about that, also for me I have to really pull the dust cover back fast and hard to get the metal cylinder off the hop up other wise Have to move it with my finger so that is kinda another down point. 5/5 internally The gun shoots great with .28 matrix bbs for me (idk why) the gun has a tendency to drift bbs the the right with the hop up adjusted so I don't know what's with that yet. I can consistently hit a box roughly the size of a human torso from 150" to 175" and about 30% of the time form 200" + all stock with .28


-full metal rail system
-2 included rail covers
-1 included hand grip
- has good power of of box
-good trigger response
-includes small screw driver for taking out motor


-stock feels cheaply built and scratches easily
-Even a large type battery moves around and is noisy
-metal cover over hop up under dust cover does not fully pull back every time
-for me screws on hand /motor grip came stripped
-does not include fake suppressor (extra 40$ from evike)
-extra mid cap mags and pouches are very expensive
by Jack O. on 07/14/2015
"This product is well made, and well constructed. The stock did however come rather loose. An easy fix with just a twist of a screwdriver. The battery rattles a bit in the stock. Make sure you know how to adjust the motor shimming before you shoot it. One sling mount on the gun. I recommend getting a rail sling mount on amazon for 5-10 bucks. Get some mid caps and probably around .3 gram bbs. The takedown is simple. Basically the same as any M4 takedown. My rear flip up sight was lopsided, got a new one shipped for free. My overall experience is a 4/5 due to the sight and the fact that I messed up the motor at first. Any part of the gun could be dropped and unaffected except for the stock. The stock is cheap. Gun is powerful!