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Matrix Special Operations RRV Style Chest Rig - OD Green

5 Customer Reviews

by Luca S. on 06/25/2017
"I absolutely love mine i have had it for three years and have almost never had a problem. I have bought other hest rigs but i ended up returning it because i love mine so much. though over time the tri panel mag pouches started to not stay clicked in bout it wasnt a big problem i just bought new mag pouches and ever since i have never had a problem.
over all highly recommend this chest rig
by Tanya A. on 08/20/2015
"My second vest, however I believe I'll be keeping this one.

Before I had the RRV, I had some vest bought off of another website which was not MOLLE compatible and everything was already integrated. It was cheap and did not have alot of accessory pouches and the material was horrible. My two favorite things about the RRV is that it has PLENTY of room, and the material is amazing and is yet to rip/fray or anything along the lines of wear and tear from all of the combat sliding and ground contact this vest has seen. My only problem with the RRV is that the magpouch covers are very firm and large, making reloading slow to someone who hasn't used the vest much. You will get used to it though.

Good material
Lots of pouches and room for more MOLLE accessories

Cumbersome mag pouches to the unexperienced
by Cameron M. on 09/18/2014
"I just got this chest rig it is amazing!!!! I'm a heavier guy and some of the vests out there arent great for bigger guys like me, but this is amazing fits great and if u add a combat belt with a dump pouch its great i highly recommend this
by Brady S. on 05/27/2017
"The OD is a little lighter in color and has a little more yellow in it than the OD of Condor or 511 gear, but the material is sturdy with excellent stitching for the price. The elastic on the mag pouches securely hold one M4 pouch each, snug fit for a G36 mag (if you keep the coupling studs) and a tight fit for AK mags. They are too shallow to close over AK mags though, so I ended up picking up dedicated AK mag pouches for that. You can cram two M4 mags into each, and if you choose to do so I highly recommend using magpuls or a similar devices and leaving the mags in the pouches for several days to stretch the elastic out to accommodate them.

The buckles feel a little cheap but have held up well so far. Pistol mag pouch on the admin panel is quite deep for a single stack 1911 mag but secure. The overall vest is fairly light and has an open pocket to hold a large(?) trauma plate if you are inclined to use one, which helps it hold it's shape. Clips on the shoulders are handy for attaching packs. The spacing on the loop fields is a bit janky but it can be made to work with spec MOLLE gear.
by Khai R. on 04/25/2016
"This is my third vest but this will probably be my last. To start off, this chest rig is great as a platform to add some other attachments to it even though the can be used with the stuff it comes with. it is very nicely built wth hidden kangaroo pouches for papers or other gear. One thing that I do not like about it is that the two double m4 pouches it comes with are not the greatest because the Molle weave on it is very mis alligned I suggest buying some different m4 pouch a for it. Other than that it is a great vest and my favorite so far and it is also very versatile I am only 13 and quite skinny and it still fits on me well but my friend who is husky also fits it very well.

Good platform to build from
Nice color
Awesome looking

M4 pouches are not that great