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Z-Tactical Z112 zPeltor Radio PTT (Connector: Kenwood)

5 Customer Reviews

by Daniel W. on 10/12/2014
"I bought this PTT at the same time as my headset, and for a few months it worked pretty well.

However the PTT failed, for what appeared to be zero reason. I kept the thing out of water, kept it clean, didn't bang it around. Without warning this ptt failed, and won't transmit, period. I looked inside the unit and all connections were solid, no breaks in the wires and the actual switch looked good as well, however with all this being said the unit is still DOA.

To be completely honest, do not waste your money on this unit. While it may work fairly well for a while, it will not last as long as it should and is likely to fail right when you need it most.
by Hunter H. on 04/16/2015
"Agreed with the others, I bought two and they worked great for about a month and i the middle of an Operation one of them went out and left me in the dark from my friendly unit... It will receive but not transmit. DO NOT BUY IT'S NOT WORTH IT.
by Kelly C. on 09/22/2014
"I bought this based on a video review praising the Peltor style as much more reliable than any other style of milsim PTTs for airsoft use. Unfortunately, having seen that video I didn't bother to read the previous review from the team that had a 75% failure rate on their PTTs. I wish I had read that review and saved myself the hassle. This PTT worked great for one day of airsoft use. The next time I attempted to use it a week later, it was intermittent at transmitting when the PTT button was depressed and then failed completely after five minutes. I swapped it in between radios and headsets to ensure it wasn't a different component, but unfortunately it's the PTT. Given it was only $18, it isn't worth my effort to pay for shipping and the 30% restocking fee, plus I already tossed out the packaging after it worked perfectly for one single day. Anyhow, I would save my pennies and buy something else knowing what I know now. I'm not sure what sort of PTT to purchase as a replacement considering they're all essentially from the same factory in China, I'm going to try the Element U94 PTT for Midland and see if it's more reliable.
by Daniel H. on 09/20/2014
"Bought 3 of these for me and my friends to use. All three have the same problem, they will transmit but can't receive. I've tried all of my radios and headsets but it never receives. When I use my Matrix U94 PTT it receives great, but these zPeltors are really disappointing, I saw a similar review in the Midland version. Don't get these unless you want to talk to your team but not hear them... which would be stupid.
by Jay W. on 10/16/2013
"Don't worry if your upset this is out of stock, you saved yourself some money. My whole team bought these and let me tell you, what an embarrassment! Every single one was defective. Mine would transmit, but wouldn't receive. Another guy on my team his did the same, another one did absolutely nothing, and the rest all followed suit. Out of 12 ordered, 1 worked for 3 days before it stopped.