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SPEED Airsoft Precision Sear Group for M28 / VSR-10 Aisoft Spring Sniper Rifles

6 Customer Reviews

by Kaleb P. on 05/19/2017
"These sears are great! I installed it along with an Angel custom piston, Angel custom sp150 spring, and Angel custom spring guide into my JG BAR-10. I'm getting about 405-410 fps with this setup! Definitely recommend!
by Sam O. on 07/13/2016
"If you ONLY want the review on the SPEED Airsoft Trigger Sear, skip down and read everything under the dotted line. If you want my inside scoop and opinion on why this is the best upgrade, read the whole review.

This IS hands down the greatest investment I have ever made. And I will tell you why. I first bought my Tokyo Marui in the summer of 2015 and have had it ever since. I love it to death. I wanted to upgrade it because of the low FPS. So, this was the first thing I bought, along with an Action Army M150 Spring and an Action Army 45 Degree Piston. My TM was amazing. The range and accuracy were fantastic. But then I started watching Scoutthedoggie videos and I've always played the sniper role because I love it. So I looked into what Jay and Ryan did to their TM VSR-10 and Well Warrior L96. They were both into the PDI and Laylax upgrades. So I began researching and found that Airsoft Atlanta is the only company that sells them. I couldn't find them anywhere else in the USA. But the issue was was that they were always out of stock and took forever to get more. So Action Army was my go to. This is the total amount of items and their amounts that I have bought for my TM VSR-10.

- Action Army Trigger Unit + Blue Piston - $160
- Action Army Cylinder - $75
- Action Army 45 Degree Piston - $40
- Action Army M130 Spring - $13
- Action Army M150 Spring - $14
- Action Army M170 Spring - $15
- Action Army Hop-Up Unit - $55
- Action Army Spring Guide 2X - $20
- Maple Leaf Blue Deceptions Bucking - $10
- Maple Leaf Pink Deceptions Bucking - $10
- Maple Leaf Green Deceptions Bucking - $10
- Maple Leaf Yellow Deceptions Bucking - $10
- Laylax Damper Pads - $20
- Laylax M170 Spring - $28
- ORGA 6.23mm Widebore Inner Barrel - $96

Why on earth did I buy all of this?! To experiment. To get my sniper right where I wanted it. You know what the total amount there is? $576... And in the end, I really started to regret buying it all. IN MY OPINION, you don't need all of that.


This sear is amazing. The machine work is superb, the anodized coating is perfect and the amount of wear and tear after an M150 and 5,000 rounds is not visible at all. It's incredibly lightweight and indestructible.

All you need is this SPEED Airsoft Trigger Sear, a spring, M130 or M150 by Action Army is perfect, a spring guide, Action Army Spring Guide is great, a 45 Degree Piston and a Maple Leaf Deceptions Blue Bucking. With those items, your VSR-10 performs the same as investing in all of those above upgrades and you spend a ton less. I was the guinea pig and tested it for you all. Use my review to help you make a choice. Call me stupid for buying it all or say thank you for testing it. Use my review or ignore it. For those of you that it didn't help, I'm sorry. For those of you that it did, I'm happy it did!

I'm not trying to make it seem like Action Army is the best. No, No, No. I'm simply stating my setup and how it has worked flawlessly. I'm showing you how to get the performance of a Lalylax/PDI upgraded rifle while keeping your wallet full.
by Cody O. on 03/31/2015
"I have a spring that's putting out well over 500 fps with .2's (obviously I don't use .2s but it's a good reference), and this made everything smooth like butter. You can tell right out the box this is a quality part that's been precision made.

Yes it's aluminum, so yes it wears out. But I think mine would've lasted longer if I would've paid attention To what I did after some routine cleaning. The second sear (aka piston sear) has a set screw to help it not wobble around when catching the piston. When I first installed it, I took great care to make sure it was centered before tightening the screw. Of course during use the gun vibrates, and the set screw loosened until it was rattling in my trigger box. Saw it as a good reason to clean everything. After looking at it, it didn't seem very worn after about 6 months of use with my very heavy spring. However, when I put it back to get her I didn't care enough about centering it. Next game it started slam firing. Maybe that was why, maybe not.

It would be REALLY awesome if evike sold replacement second sears for this set. I have contacted SPEED directly and they said they'd be more than happy to supply them to evike, however they wouldn't sell directly to me. PLEASE EVIKE. STOCK THE SECOND SEAR!!!
by Joel S. on 08/15/2014
"This sear set fit perfectly in my WELL MB07. It was needed due to that stronger spring I installed, anyway, it works great, bolt pull is smooth and slam firing is non-existent.
by Logan A. on 08/14/2013
"I put this sear in my m28 to fix slam fire. Trigger pull and bolt are much smoother.
by Donovan V. on 07/13/2013
"I had no problems installing this perfect fit for VSR clean installation the only thing i had to do was salvage the spring from the original sear