Reviews: Eagle Force Mock Silencer / Full Auto Tracer Unit - 145mm x 37mm


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Model: Tracer-EF-12-2

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by aidan w. on 2015-07-28 01:41:36
"horrible tracer unit!!!!!!
worked ok when i first got it but then i took it on the field, i knew immediately that the internals was very wobbly. i was able to use it for about 5 minutes into the game when it just crapped out, i had to sit the rest of the 4 hour game out. dropping BB's through it works good but not on an actual AEG. would not recommend to anybody. its definitely worth it to save for the higher quality tracers .

Pros: looks cool (that's it)

cons: terrible internals (really shaky)
skips BB's
works for a short period of time
by gunnar v. on 2014-07-16 09:49:03
"received mine in the mail today. initial testing was great. sturdy feel, very bright illumination on the bb's, solid button (others turn off from gun vibration.) only problem is it wont catch every bb if you shoot over 15 rps. semi works great though.
by Daniel C. on 2014-06-07 19:53:28
"Bought these along with the Matrix red .2 and Elite Force green .2 tracer BBs. I honestly didn't expect that much for what I paid, but was pleasantly surprised. I tried them on the JG Star Dragon/Thunder Maul with an 8.4 battery and 2 generic hi caps loaded with only these BBs and it exceeded my expectations. The glow produced was incredibly bright, and from what I could tell it could keep up with the rate of fire which, admittedly with this setup, was not real high. I can't vouch for it keeping up with a high ROF setup.

I swapped to my G33 and a couple different hi-caps (ICS C7) and a 9.6 and it still kept up, so once again was pleasantly surprised. All in all I felt this was worth it, but keep in mind I've only used it a total of maybe 9 hours at this point. I felt even if it was crap, though, it would make a nice looking mock suppressor and indeed it does.

BBs glow bright, reds look amazing(my preference)
Looks fantastic
Outer construction feels solid
That price

Guts seem iffy, but admittedly I don't know enough about other tracers to compare quality so it could be pretty standard
by tre s. on 2014-01-05 22:09:26
Looks cool
Glows your BB's, but I always forget to use Tracer bb's, and end just using my flashlight
Skips some bb's

This is a cool mock suppressor/ tracer unit
by tre s. on 2013-12-28 09:40:42
Looks cool
Easy to use
Compact, but not to small (pro or con)
Gives a very distinctive noise when it is on
Skips some bb's, I dont know if its just mine or what. I use Elite Force Tracer bb's

This is a great tracer unit for the price.
by mark f. on 2013-05-10 16:19:43
"fits great, easy battery access

long battery life, have shot close to 10k bbs with batteries that came with unit and still works .

not as bright as others but gets the job done and is affordable.

the trades on it are top quality , feels like powder coating but probably is not.
very durable, showing no signs of rubbing off.

and it gets a 5, is everything claimed and has quality trades.

Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 reviews)