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AIM Sports Reflex Dot Sight - Weaver / Picatinny Mount

12 Customer Reviews

by Leon C. on 05/19/2016
"I had this sight for a few months now and i can say it's worth it. I wanted a lighter scope and this delivered. Mine was shot out because I neglected to buy a protecter but hey, it was awesome while it lasted.

Unlimited eye relief
Easy to snap aim
Light weight
CAN stop bb's from the side
Multiple dots and light settings

Honestly, I can't think of any. This is just a good sight.
Just remember to buy a protector though.
by Jadie S. on 04/14/2016
"First off this is a very nice looking useful sight. I had it mounted on a Tavor 21 where it looks sick. The different reticules are very nice as well as the different colors. It is exactly like the HD-33 from BF4 down to (one of) the reticule. That's not why I bought it but that's still nice. This sight is tough i will say though. With the exception of an overclocked HPA nothing is going to break this. Although I did get it shot out I would definately buy another.

From BF4
Tons of reticules
Nice brightness
Nice colors
Looks nice

Glass got shot out but that's my fault
None other
by Joalin K. on 07/24/2015
"AWESOME red dot. Ordered this for my Elite Force M4 CQB and got great performance. GREAT price since it has two adjustable colored reticles and it has plenty of reticles to choose from.

GREAT price
4 Reticles to choose from
2 different reticle colors with brightness settings
Easy to adjust with a hex key

Smaller than you think

Awesome red dot for the price.
by Omar D. on 06/26/2015
"What is nice about this sight is that is has so many options for reticles, and they are all awesome! It is easy to adjust windage and elevation with a hex tool which is nicer than using a coin and having those covers you can lose. It is green and red and has plenty of brightness. Plus this scope looks AWESOME on my P90!

Tip: Just make sure not to wind it too far because if you do you will unscrew the nut that is holding it together and you will have to put it back together. Not fun!
by Christopher G. on 06/08/2015

I love this sight, it looks awesome, low profile, and the build quality is awesome.

Tip: Buy a shield for it, even though it is very small and low profile, my first was shot out and the glass is NOT shatter proof. The gun it was shot out by was only shooting 375 fps, so be careful.

I am writing this as I place my order for a second sight as it is probably the nicest for the price.
by michael t. on 05/03/2015
"This is a great sight! Very low profile and sleek. A great window to view in. Easy to change the sights and brightness levels. Would recommend buying a spare battery for this however (CR2032). Mine died after 2 weeks of having it due to the cold.
Overall 5/5
by Carter S. on 04/10/2015
"Great sight, but smaller than you picture it to be!
by Ryan J. on 09/19/2014
"Great sight, like the other guy I bought this because it looks pike the HD-33 from BF4. The sight is very nice and I've had no problems so far and have had several days on the field to use it:

*Comes in a very nice padded box which includes a cleaning cloth, 1x battery and instructions along with the sight.
*Sight is very bright, you will never have trouble seeing this even on the suniest of days.
*Battery life seems good, the sight claims 2000 hours battery life, I've used it quite a bit and even left the sight on overnight accidentally and I've noticed no brightness decrease even with the default battery.
*Red and green dots with four reticles for each.
*The knob is very easy to turn but far from loose so you won't have any trouble or need tools unlike so sights.
*All reticles are very nice and easy to use.

None whatsoever, 10/10 would recommend
by Kenneth L. on 08/18/2014
"I got this because it is a replica of the HD-103 which is the HD-33 in BF4 which is my favorite of all sights to use. It has 4 selections of a single dot, cross hair, bullseye (default in BF4), and a biohazard emblem.

- Heavy Aluminium
- Two color selections (Red for daylight/Green for night ops)
- Mounts to standard picatinny 1913.

- NONE! =]
by Ryan I. on 04/10/2013
"This sight is the best sight i've used in a while. It has both red and green with 5 different light levels for each color. It even has 4 different patterns which isn't really necessary, but really cool! Its even easy to use with full seal goggles.

-Red + Green
-4 Diff. dot patterns
-wind + elevation adjustment

-None yet.
by Connor P. on 08/12/2015
"Awesome sight, only problem was that the green dot doesn't work. Very annoying after spending 40 bucks.
by Victor S. on 11/04/2015
"Okay so let me start off by saying this red dot sight would be perfect! I like it a lot and would love to rate this 5 stars no doubt. There's just one thing about it that really makes this red dot frustrating. If you're not going to use this with different guns you might be okay...if you switch between guns you might end up like me. The reason being is, the hex key screws to lock the red dot in place will strip very very easily. They are also very small screws. The hex key thing would have been alright if the locking nut was bigger in size because the other hex screws are bigger and they are fine.

-4 reticles (all usable, none of them are too wacky)
-Red and green

-Hex key locking screws