Reviews: H&K Full Size SL9 Airsoft AEG Sniper Rifle by Umarex


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Model: AEG-UREX-2265030
Location: L3-034

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by john l. on 2013-08-19 17:00:48
"I was always looking for a SL9, and was excited this came out. However it did not come close to a performance gun. Here is why:

The barrel is too long, and is only locked down at the hop up area, which means the inner bore in the silencer is moving freely, this give the gun effective range about 20 feet, at 50 feet the shots will become inconsistent. Also the silencer cannot be removed it is one piece with the outer barrel, which means there is no way to lock down the front of the bore.

The plastic on this gun is pretty good, much like other Ares G36s. The trades saying sl9 and the caliber is great too. It uses custom Ares v3 Gearbox with quick change spring and comes with silver wires, which is expected at this price range.

This seems to be a ripped off version of the old SL9, surely it comes with a nice gearbox, but the external seems to be a bit careless. As being said the silencer cannot be removed they are not even trying to make it seem legit. The hand guard is only 4 vent, original SL9 has 6 and some come with integrated bipod.

This rifle was a disappointment to me, and need a lot of work before it can go on the field to play with other gun.
by Jason L. on 2013-03-22 07:43:49
"Got this gun a week after it was released in the US. So far I love it, great size and super accurate. I haven't fielded it yet since there's too much snow on the ground for the outdoor areas here to be open but overall the gun is lightweight and has a good feel with the testing I have done in my backyard.
I tested it with a 11.1V Lipo battery:
0.25g Elite Force BB's
Fires at 380-395 consistently

- comes with an okay adjustable bipod
- standard mag holds a decent amount of rounds
- super long inner barrel which makes it decently accurate with a dialed in scope
- like other G36's the Hopup was easy to adjust while I dialed in my scope
- only ranged it to 75ft due to a small backyard but I was able to nail a soda can dead on 7/10 shots in a row after zeroing my scope and adjusting the hopup
- Adjustable stock length and cheek risers
- Comes with bb's loading tool, unjamming tool, bipod and manuals

- The last 2-3 bb's in the mag don't feed so you drop a few when you switch. Could be remedied with a different mag or a new hop up
- The big orange tip is going to be a pain to conceal/paint since its integrated with the mock 'silencer'

Overall the gun was a great buy.

Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)