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G&P Colt Licensed Full Metal XM177E2 High Performance Airsoft AEG Rifle

2 Customer Reviews

by Chris F. on 07/11/2014
"This is a very solid gun. Well worth $250, I much prefer it over my KWA SR10. BUT, as with all G&P's, the hopup was put together by an infant. I had to put an o-ring straight out of the box on mine because the hop-up adjustment wheel screw was too long and when you adjusted the hop-up, it went right back to the previous setting. Works like a charm now. Be aware, also as with all G&P's, the dust cover does not close. You would think with all the time they put into the great gearbox and great externals they could figure out how to put a hop-up together and make a functioning dust cover. Needs to be rewired out of the box, mini-DEANS is worthless for airsoft, no idea why it would be wired to it. Great gun if you know how to do minor things or are willing to turn it over to a shop for a couple of minutes.


Extremely solid
Streamlined, unlike the 20 pound rifles with every attachment you can get on them everyone uses.
Accurate and consistent once you fix the hop up
366 FPS with .25g


Hop-up comes malfunctioning
Hop-up nub is just a piece of wire insulation cut. Badly.
Comes wired to mini-DEANS which is worthless at airsoft voltage
Clockwise threaded
Need a special adapter or special(mostly discontinued)optics
Motor grip gets extremely hot
by Eric K. on 07/06/2014
"I purchased this rifle around the beginning of 2013 and have had it for well over a year now. Like your standard G&P, this is quite the quality rifle.

It has full real steel trades, however the serial number is not unique. You can tell whether you have an older XM177E2 by whether the "Made in Hong Kong" trades are present or not on the upper receiver's left side. I do not have these trades but your mileage will vary.

Externally the rifle is solid, however I have had the problem of the LE stock slipping off on occasion when I try to move to the position farthest from the lower receiver on the buffer tube.

The buffer tube has three positions and neither the buffer tube nor the LE stock are compatible with G&G stocks/tubes per first hand experience. Such is the price of buying a replica with more realistic features.

I have been doing tech work for the past 4 years and have found the gearbox to be pretty solid. Somewhat pre-shimmed. I have been using it with a buffer tube 7.4 LiPo.

I initially found the FPS to be 398-410 with .2s and 354-361 with .25s, however they may have changed the springs between replica batches.

The trigger pull is crisp for a vanilla AEG and the RPS is respectable. Unfortunately I do not have solid numbers and will not ballpark it as to not give inaccurate information.

The inner barrel is 300mm long, not particularly long but not too bad. Like all G&Ps however, the hop up unit needed a little work. A little bit of shimming, a new bucking/nub combo, and some DIY compression mods made this rifle sing.

This rifle will fit a V2 Gen. 2 Polarstar unit without any problems what-so-ever. I do not know about Gen. 1s but Gen. 3s will be fine as well.

The dust cover will not close all the way unless the gearbox is removed. Not something I am personally fond of.

If you want to remove the flash hider and manage to get the metal one with orange halfway along the tip, you can take a 5/8 size wrench and twist to the left/counter-clockwise to remove it.

On one last note, the hand guards are thinner than that of regular M4s. Any forward wired gearboxes will have trouble find battery space. As G&P is a realistic oriented manufacturer, many aftermarket hand guards may not work. I have found this to be the case with the Avengers M4-S1 handguard, which will not fit unless you are willing to dremel/bruteforce it.

Overall you get a solid rifle that is historically accurate to some Vietnam units and works well. I would recommend it as it had performed very well.