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Model: Burst-ASCU-V2G3
Location: U7-139

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by Linda S. on 2014-06-15 22:10:51
"Love this unit! It takes some modification to fit but it works fantastic. At first mine would only shoot half a shot then beep twice. I had new gears shimmed so well that they rotated freely, an M170 Devil Jet motor, and installed the unit correctly and had a brand new FLAME 11.1v Lipo. I contacted ASCU and apparently this is a known issue. All you need to do is cut the notches off the black piece on top of the cutoff sensor unit (it is shaped like an L). The notches push the top and bottom portions of the unit together too tightly and cause the unit to "misread" information gained from the cut off sensor. So once you flatten out that piece, it should work.

-Easy install (modifications can be done with a file and are simple)
-Very good trigger response
-Makes your AEG sound like a PTW
-Protects your battery, motor, and internal components
-Hair trigger mods are easier
-3rd burst
-Semi Auto only for DMRs
-Limits how fast you can shoot on SEMI so you do not over cycle
-Good wiring, and plenty long
-Durable motor contacts
-No soldering
-No anti-reversal latch means much smoother cycles!

-$100 for basic functions
-Very large, which is why the modifications are needed
-Wires are big (I had to modify my buffer tube and drill a larger hole)
-Need to shim your gears well, have a strong battery, have a monster of a motor, and have a good AOE to use this thing effectively and safely

Great internal upgrade. Best I've ever installed. 5 stars.
by Steve G. on 2014-05-19 21:38:21
"Picked this guy up, was dead out of the box. Evike was very good about the RMA, got a new unit, and it is working really great.

Something to note: It seems you need to step your motor up quite a bit over what your spring is to be able to take advantage of removing the anti-reversal latch. If the motor buzzes twice after firing, its trying to tell you that your motor isn't strong enough.

The unit has a lever that makes contact with the sector gear to insure a full rotation every time you pull the trigger. This makes my DMR happy.
3 Round Burst is fun to play with!
Has Safe/Semi/Semi ability, good for the semi-auto sniper.
Its generally available. Been having a hard time tracking down other Fets that have internal mechanisms to detect sector gear movement.

Install can be a beast for the new Airsoft Tech. Some grinding may be required.
Need quite the hefty motor for all of the functions
Can't adjust ROF or Number of rounds to burst.
by Cody F. on 2013-09-08 12:23:52
"I had the V2 ASCU Gen2 In a previous build and absolutely loved it. I purchased this one for my CA M4 mainly to have the 3rnd burst feature. Played 3 days worth of games and had a catastrophic meltdown with smoke and heat and a blown up lipo.... IDK what happened, but im not really impressed with how long it lasted.

Nice trigger response
Protects the motor from damage
No pesky trigger trolley or contacts to burn up

Difficult install
Didn't last long
Wires weren't really too durable
by Asa H. on 2013-08-02 21:20:15
"!!!!BUY THIS!!! I put this in my VFC SCAR and i couldnt be happier with it.

Trigger pull
Trigger response
Three round burst
Uses a button instead of contacts
Easy to install

Many more....

I really dont have any but that it tells you that you dont need the anti reversal latch but you do.

Easy fix.
by Hugh D. on 2013-06-11 22:40:33
"Like my previous ASCU Gen2, this one also stopped working after a few games. I've been trying to contact Airsoft Systems but haven't gotten a response yet. It was great while it lasted but IMHO isn't worth the $100 price tag, especially now that there are other FETs coming out offering triple the features and power at the same price.

Solder-free installation
Short trigger pull
No more burnt trigger contacts

Clearly not for high power builds
Not as many options as I thought there would be
Doesn't detect some trigger pulls during rapid semi fire
The price tag (given how short it lasted and the lack of programming options)
by Griffith H. on 2013-05-16 20:14:31
"I got the ASCU Gen 3 for my birthday. It was a gamble because I pre-ordered it and had no clue what it was going to be like. The first time I tried to install it, I installed the mosfet and all but to no avail and I gave up on it. Then I went back again and decided to put the anti-reversal latch back in and that did the charm and it ended up working. I'm very pleased with the product so far.

Great trigger response
Great ROF
Great overall product
Easy install

Instructions are difficult to understand
Not as many programs as there could be (programmable fire selector)
Selector plate is a little weird, for me, I have to place the selector in between semi and safe for it to function on semi

Great overall product. Word of advice would be to put in the anit-reversal latch, they say not to, but do it anyway.
by Logun N. on 2013-05-05 18:48:27
"I have 2 of the Gen 2 versions of the ASCU and the Gen 3 is a big leap forward. The install is fairly smooth and strait forward. An upgraded motor was needed for all of my KWA guns to get the full benefit of the units. The Aim motor or TL 5000 high torque motors are a great compliment to the ASCU. With a high performance gun and 11.1 lipo the ASCU makes a lethal combination. You won't regret your investment!
by Dillon t. on 2013-04-14 14:48:05
"I had mine for a couple of weeks now. I love it!! It was only a little hard to install then normal wires. The only trouble I had is I always mess up on the programing. My m4 is shooting much faster and the trigger response is awesome. The plastic piece that get glued on the trigger was to small for my taste (took 3mm of movement to fire ). I found a bit larger piece of plastic, so I only have to move the trigger about 1mm.

-see features

-the tamiya plug is hard to fit through a buffer tube
-the instructions are a little hard to understand, I had to read them like 3 times to understand
by Glen C. on 2013-04-02 23:35:17
"Works great but not the easiest to install. If you install on a G&P you will need to grind out part of the gearbox. Nice that you get rid of the anti-reverse latch. One step says you need to remove the trigger spring to test the clearance. You need to install the spring with the trigger when you put the gearbox together it is not clear in the instructions. You will also need some super glue to place a small plastic block on the end of the trigger.

Don't lose it It is really small. Also I don't think a Speed trigger will work with this. It is also different than the gen 2 in that there is no contact switch other than for the cut off lever. For the life of me I don't know how the trigger actually activates the fire mechanism.

So far it works will. The three round burst is the coolest thing also no sticking semi-auto anymore.

Make sure you have a strong magnet motor or you can't use all of the features and the anti-reverse latch has to stay in. My G&P 120 works fine.

4/5 stars because it was a little more difficult than I thought and instructions could be a bit better.

Displaying 1 to 9 (of 9 reviews)