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AIM Gas Blowback Russian Classic AK SVD Airsoft GBB Sniper Rifle w/ Scope - OD Green

4 Customer Reviews

by Justin F. on 01/16/2015
"I've had this gun for over a year now and have really enjoyed it for that time. The gun not only feels nice (its a bit heavy and weighted a tad poorly), but its also been extremely accurate from my experience.
Good range
Nice kick
Gas efficient (I can use like 5-6 full mags before needing to refill)
Metal and poly-carb

The illuminated scope that it came with stopped lighting up after only two days and it aims way to high and to the right (the gun fires straight; out of the box, the iron sights worked like clockwork)
As a gas gun, it doesn't function in the cold (and I live in the mountains, so its too cold for 1/2 the year)
by Ty F. on 01/08/2014
"If you are thinking about getting this gun, stop thinking and get it!! This gun is extremely lightweight, very accurate, scary fps that will make the BB's travel very fast and make people call their hits :), and has amazing range!! The speedloader it comes with takes some getting used to but once u do it there is nothing to it. Place the speedloader onto the mag, load it with BB's and push the rod in it with a decent amount of force, don't worry you won't break anything! All in all the best sniper rifle I have ever used!! I am so pleased with every aspect of this gun and the scope is perfect too, when you sight it in you will be on point with every shot!! I give this gun 15/10!!
by Ty F. on 01/08/2014
"I just got this gun in the mail yesterday. This gun surprised me a lot! The gun is extremely light for what I thought it was going to be. No wobble. Some people claim that the speedloader it comes with does not work, mine works perfectly. The speedloader just needs to be filled with BB's while connected to the mag and pushed in pretty hard with the loading rod.


-FPS!!: Has very high fps which allows the BB's to get to the target very fast and make players call their hits :)

-Accuracy: This gun is extremely accurate with tight groupings and the scope is amazing and once you sight it in, you will be on point with every shot.

-Range!: The range on this sniper is fantastic, I can hit targets well over 250 ft away with green gas.


by Zac C. on 09/06/2014
"I have had this rifle for about a year and have had nothing but problems with it. Out of the box I loaded it up, and fired 2 shots, then the blowback nozzle broke in two. The scope it came with did not illuminate, and the magazine release lever had a pin that would fall out, causing the mag, in turn, to fall out. So after shipping it out to Evike to be repaired, I waited for it to get warm enough out to use a gas gun (was winter and 20* at the time). Again I loaded the gun and tried firing, gun fired one round clean and then wouldn't cycle in the next round. The scope still wouldn't illuminate after being sent out for repair. So I called evike again, but alas, I was over the warrantee period, and did not have the money to send the gun out to be "fixed" for the second time. So after waiting a good while for a friend of mine to repair it. The gun was shooting again....but WAY off to the right. Tried sighting it in on the scope, still WAY off to the right. Greatest part of the gun was the feel of it. I am a huge fan of gas sniper rifles and Russian weapons, was very let down at the performance of this rifle. However, in all honesty id stick to an AEG dragunov if you must have one. Not worth the pretty penny I spent.

Very comfortable to use
To scale with actual SVD specs

The overall construction of the gun is very poor