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Model: AEG-E1-JP76

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by Anthony M. on 2016-04-13 11:02:03
"So overall this gun is definitely a high quality 200 dollar AEG. I have had no problems with this so far and it holds true to the 5 stars in deserves. It's not heavy, and its made of full metal except for the hand guard and the grip. The one thing that's nice about this package is the fact it includes everything needed to get started. Though a battery upgrade is something I would recommend, the stock isn't awful. It comes with 2 high cap mags that are high quality and don't wobble at all. I haven't had any feeding issues either. The build is solid, but the one thing that I could say is so and so is the stock. It is starting to wobble, but that's cause I tend to switch constantly between CQB and Assault.

-Great FPS (I chronoed 380 with .20 after running 1000 rounds through the gun)
-Hop-up system is high quality
-Great range
-Solid Magazine System
-Full Metal
-Comes with everything needed to get playing

-Stock Battery (not a complaint, suggesting getting a new one)
-Wobbly Stock after a while
by Michael M. on 2015-08-29 12:32:01
"First aeg I've owned, it's an OK gun out of the box. Since buying it I've flat hopped the stock madbull bucking as well as installed a madbull titebore barrel and i have an effect range of 175+ feet. Easy gun to work on once get used to it, hop up unit stays put once you set it. The air nozzle on this gun is cheap plastic and doesn't make a great seal, I'll be replacing it in the near future. Ergonomics of an AK aren't my favorite, the stock sits pretty low and I've yet to find a handgaurd with a rail I can attach a fore grip too. I would definitely suggest a bigger battery I have a 10.8 v in it Which gives a great trigger response. Pretty heavy gun with all the metal parts it does get tiring holding this thing up game after game. Iron sights on my gun were worthless the rear adjustable sight is incapable of lining up with the fixed front. My next gun will defiantly be a lighter m4, as its way easier to find parts and the ergonomics are more suited to myself. In retrospect I've spent a lot of time tweaking this gun to get it where the performance doesn't frustrate me, but in reality any gun you get will need work done to it. If I could go back I prolly would have shelled out the extra dough for a krytack.
by David S. on 2015-08-28 18:06:03
"so i was originally looking for a AEK 971 or the closest. this one is the closest i found and i gotta say its amazing! even with the battery it comes with it has a lot or power lol. Word of advise get a sight, the iron sights are not bad, however sometimes it is harder to aim with it.
It comes with 2 high cap mags, i mean how cool is that?! this is a great riffle if you are considering something with style and reliable, get this good for CQBs because of the folding stock and not super heavy ike other weapons i have used.
by Geovanni S. on 2015-04-08 19:16:06
"I just received this gun and its amazing. Full metal but its not to heavy. Its very solid and no wobbles. Comes with 2 high caps and a battery, this is a great deal. Shoots hard and accurate. I HIGHLY recommend this gun to any begginer airsofter.
by bill a. on 2014-12-12 17:51:50
"The echo 1 ak 700 is one of the best airsoft aks I have ever handled. It is extremely durable I dropped mine 8 feet off of a porch and it was fine. The battery space is good I run a 10.8 stick in it with no extra room but that is still a good amount of room. The rate of fire is pretty decent nothing huge but above normal, the trigger response is also better than any other gun that I fired stock. Also the flash hider is removable I put a suppressor on mine no problem. I highly recommend this gun to anyone that is even considering buying it
by Matthew J. on 2014-06-26 09:44:00
"I got this AEG a couple months ago. When I first picked it up I noticed it felt smaller and lighter than my marui ak even though the marui is polymer. The durability is great. The finish doesn't scrape and leave ugly marks. Over all for $200 this is exactly what I wanted (I got it on sale). One little problem that i have to note though is that the magwell goes deep in the front; so if you push too hard the mag won't fit... I'm not exactly sure why they made it that way but if you work with it you completely forget about the problem.
by Matt C. on 2013-03-18 17:56:35
"I just got this gun today and i love it. I have been anticipating its arrival for a week. First off, it is sexy. There are NO wobbly parts and it just feels sturdy in my hands. I have two Aks at home, and the build quality on this rifle is even better!

-great finish
-high quality
-awesome trade marks from rifle dynamics
-realistic weight, great for me since i love the ergonomics of the AK platform
-rail is a great feature
-full metal is awesome and rugged
-unique gas block making it a true one of a kind

-permanent flash hider, might not be a con since i may be missing something
-2 mags included are plastic, but not a hard fix

Overall great looking and preforming gun, cant wait to try it out this weekend!

Displaying 1 to 7 (of 7 reviews)