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APS One-Piece Metal Hopup Unit for M4 M16 Series Airsoft AEG Rifles

12 Customer Reviews

by Chad P. on 04/04/2017
"Bought a URX Raptor a couple years ago and it has this hop up in it. Still using the stock hop up unit after more than $700 of upgrades to the gun. This hop up unit is a incredible hop up for a stock unit. To this day I still look for better parts to put in my Raptor. The hop up unit and 6.03mm Stainless steel stock inner barrel are the 2 things I have not changed from stock parts because their performance is flawless. I have seen the adjustment wheel come loose on one of these units before, all I had to do was put a washer under the screw that holds the wheel on. This was on a friends APS Kompetitor m4 and it still functions perfectly.

- One Piece (Has PERFECT air seal)
- All Metal (Durable will not warp bend or crack if you drop your gun)
- Maintenance friendly (Simple to: take a part and clean/ install custom nubs and flat hop, R-hop, etc...)

- Can't give it 6 stars

Please don't read the negative reviews and confuse product quality with human error.
by Jorge F. on 08/15/2013
"This hop-up is nicer than I thought it would be.
It was pre-assembled when it arrived, and fits my m4 nicely.

Easy to install

The skinny spring on mine bent (but it was probably my fault)
The gear that you use to adjust is a bit hard to turn, but there's probably
a way to fix that.

Overall, it is a simple metal hop-up that does its job.
by carlos v. on 12/22/2014
"I did not buy this, but it came pre installed on my zombie killer m4.
After only a couple matches my aim was horrible and after I got home and checked out the hopup, I found out that the gear got completly stripped and therefore useless for retaining any kind of adjustment.
yes all metal but the gears they used for this are super cheap crayon level plastic.
by Natanael N. on 05/11/2014
"I installed this on my gun recently. I'm giving it a 3/5 because this hop up is inconsistent sometimes. I would get something better if I were you.
by Caleb K. on 10/15/2016
"Worked OK when I first got it (stock in my APS AEG) but after about 2 months, it began to loosen up. What I mean by that was, not matter how hard you tightened the screw on the first gear, it would still free spin every time I shot. I use a polarstar engine, so there is little to no vibration at all, yet is still free spins. I do not suggest purchasing this product. Save your money and buy a Prowin.
by Jim V. on 10/26/2013
Its made of relatively good metal.
Its cheap.

Requires a good amount of filing to get everything to fit right.
Does not come with a barrel clip.
The things to hold in the gears are almost impossible to remove and put back on.
You can keep turning the gears and they will not stop and the hop will reset itself also the gears will reverse on their own if you do not modify and adjust them.

The materials its made out of are fine, but the entire design is not that good. I would not recommend this unless you are good at tinkering.
by Ethan D. on 03/22/2016
"I bought this as an upgrade to my stock hopup hoping to get a more durable and long range hopup. This is probably the worst hopup anyone could buy.


Doesnt even come into contact with magazine
Broken adjustment wheel put of the box
Less range than with stock hop-up
Didnt come with lock
No nub
No brass ring
by Isaac G. on 08/20/2015
"This hopup is metal! and its so inexpensive! that was my first impression, as I'm sure it was the same for many others. Do not be fooled!! I have a basic somewhat upgraded G&G cm16 raider, and I knew that this would only be an upgrade in durability (since its metal) at best, however the stock abs plastic hopup on my gun is better in every. single. way. the worst experiance for me however were the misfeeds. Btw before you slam me for being some airsoft noob i'd like to point out that I'm a noncompetitive backyard air-softer with not much space in my budget :b but seriosly I know a bad hopup when I see (have) one.
by Wilbur B. on 06/26/2015
"As Corey said below, the 2015 APS guardian's are solidly built guns, and APS in general makes some pretty good stuff. But whenever buying an APS gun, be prepared to buy a new hopup. They do not work. AT. ALL. fully adjusted hop will not move the nub at all and you can visually see that by removing the hopup and checking yourself. I recommend either a Modify or Prowin hopup unit.
by Corey W. on 05/25/2015
"The hop up came in my aps cqb. It does not adjust properly and adjusts itself back while shooting. the gears like the other gentlemen said are made of crayon. Even the axle for the gears is a cheap plastic. I broke the axle for the adjustment gear trying to remove it so I could get to the nub.

I would just like to say the build of the newest gen 2015 APS is quite nice for the price, but the hopup is complete garbage.
by Alex R. on 03/12/2015
"I ordered 3 of these hopups a while back; only one was useable. One of the not so useable hopups did not even have the holes for the adjustment wheels machined out! The other one got broken right down the thin part behind where the c clip or barrel clip goes, this one came with a bad set of adjustment wheels. There was no min./max it just kept spinning. One came with a nub the others did not. I don't even want to try to think of what happened to cause this. Anyway, the one that lasted acutally is okay not much different than most stock units but definitely better than a two piece plastic one. As long as you keep everything tight it should hold the position of the arm fairly well while you chuck some shiny stuff at the bb warz. I wouldn't suggest taking the chance is 2/3 of mine were bad. If you guys had better experiences please comment because I hate seeing the lemons get all the attention.
by Ben C. on 12/28/2014
"This hop is not a very good hop up. After 5 min of game play the bbs that were shooting out of my gun started to dropped. After the game, I opened up my gun to find it shattered the gear that put pressure on the bucking. I would get something better if I were you.