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APS V.2 ll Size UAR Urban Assault Rifle Airsoft AEG w/ Metal Gear Box - Dark Earth

12 Customer Reviews

by Cade S. on 11/26/2014
"I got this gun took it to cqb in waterbury ct. i got 9 kills first game. It is easy to go around corners and you can fire at you enemies fast. I recommend this gun to cqb players because when you first start the game you can run up and gain area fast.

- Light Weight
- Simple to use
- Cheap
- Good FPS and range for CQB fields
- Nice Looking
- Lots of rail space
- Hard to put battery in
- Really nothing else in my eyes.
by Erik B. on 07/15/2014
"I have had this gun for 2 months and have used it in a few battles and this thing is great. It is dead on accurate right out of the box. The only thing is that I suggest is that you buy a fore grip with it because it makes it more comfortable to hold. It is a CQB gun but it is also great outdoors.
by Todd T. on 04/18/2017
"Not a bad gun but the design for the battery box needs to be re designed. Whoever designed it apparently didn't try to put a battery in it. It takes 10 minutes of trying to arrange the battery and cable just right plus some brute force on the buttstock to get the pin to go in. It's pretty frustrating. If it wasn't for that big issue I would give it a 5. Other than that it's been a good functioning gun.
by Nathan B. on 04/17/2016
"Received in about 5 days. Which is awesome.
- lightweight
- looks cool
-easy to take apart
-quick change spring
-accuracy inconsistency if your an outdoor air softer
-not much for battery room. Id recommend a 7.4 Lipo.
- plastic isn't magpul acr quality( it seems an ok plastic)
- gearbox has a little play. Tilts forward and back and I'm not sure if it effects the performance as far as air seal and such.
- the short magazine won't stay in the magwell. I can easily force it out. Gg mags and the long mag it comes with stays in.

I think it's worth it. Just will need to put some upgrades.
I'm putting a smp into so most of the issues won't matter. The battery required to make it function is about the size of a tic tac container.
by John S. on 05/23/2015
"This gun is awesome.
-Very easy to hold and aim
-Good Accuracy
-Good trigger system
-Compatible with M4 mags
-Battery runs out quickly, especially on full auto
-Not enough battery space
by Coley W. on 09/27/2014
"I have been using it for about 4 months now and it is just a blast to play with.
It shoots strait and itís compact. It also has a nice weight and feel to it. The plastic is made of tough stuff. For the price I would recommend getting it for your first or second gun.

I did however dump the quick disconnect sling due to it kept coming off. I just used some 550 cord, works like a charm.

Also, to fit a mid-cap with a longer spring housing I had to Dremel a little notch in the mag well just aft of spring actuator for the mag release. The mags I use are King Arms. I recommend you do this even if you have mags that will work, this way you can use anyone's mags on the field. Doing this also made my mags fit snug just don't over do it.

The two hi-cap mags that come with the gun are garbage. They had trouble feeding and they only hold 150 rounds, but not a problem since I prefer mid-caps.
by Tyler B. on 04/28/2014
"I've had this one for about 5 months now and let me tell ya, possibly the best CQB platforms on the market. The compact design lets me move through tight spaces and get around corners with out sticking the muzzle out so an enemy can see it. It's very lightweight and the multiple mag release points help out when I need to reload on my weak hand. I had a decent ROF right out of the box but I personally wanted more. So far the upgrades I've done are a high torque motor, 13:1 gears, new piston and a standard M4 length inner barrel. The stock inner barrel is a little bit shorter than a standard M4 inner barrel, so you'll need to get a silencer if you do what I did. The biggest down fall to it is the magazine compatibility. So far, most of my high-caps will fit and the only mid-caps that I found that will fit are the magpul PTS PMAG which go for about $32 a pop. As far as everyone saying that the battery space is limited and that you can only use 8.4V stick type batteries is a lie. If you're patient enough and have a PEQ battery box, you can actually push the connector out of the little slits on the top rail and connect it on the outside. Also, since it doesn't have sights already attached, you're gonna need to get a red dot or something of that nature.

Compact Design
Very Light Weight
Multiple Sling Adapter Points
Multiple Mag Release Points
Very Sturdy
Extreamly Lefty Friendly
Quick Spring Change

Piston Strips Easily (I probably got a lemon)
Only Likes Certain Mags
Trigger Pull Is Very Long
It Goes Safe, Full Auto, Semi (Can possibly cause confusion)
Selector Switch Doesn't "Lock" Into Place.
Awkward Feeling Switching From Semi To Full Auto.

Overall I absolutely love this thing and will not trade it for anything. It's one of the most unique guns on the market, works good at field games and dominates at CQB. This thing will definitely catch the eyes of your teammates and strike fear into your enemy's soul.
by Konstantin T. on 12/25/2013
"I am picky about my airsoft guns and all my stuff is KWA brand, but I must say that this is up there. The plastic is by no means cheap and feels very durable and solid. It is nice how it comes with an extra mag and spring, and is incredibly simple to take apart. One of the best things is how it feels ABSOLUTELY PERFECT in your hands. Definitely a good buy and this will not disappoint.

I will also address the mag issue: Yes, it is very picky. I tried my KWA 120 rd mid-caps and they wobbled a little bit. However, mid-caps should feed fine if you just push the mag into the gun a little bit.

-solid construction
-2 mags
-extra spring

-picky about magazines
-no sights
-battery compartment is a tight squeeze for wiring
by russ K. on 12/12/2013
"I got this gun about a month ago and i am pretty impressed. I used it a few times at my local airsoft place. I am very glad I got it. But if you are thinking of getting it wait till it goes on sale. It is not worth $205 but it is very nice. I could not tell what spring was higher power but after testing it is the one that comes in its own package. Get a nice red dot for it, it will pay off. Also a for grip. But all in all a great gun that preforms and looks awesome.
*full polymer construction and very nice metal internals.
*nice range.
* normal fps (small spring=345fps Large spring=375fps)

*really tough to find mags
* ONLY RUN 25'S THREW IT!!!!!!!
* Low rate of fire.
* No battery included.
by Richard W. on 02/02/2017
"Out of the box, I was amazed. I played with it that night. It was a cool little gun -- Great for CQB and mid range fights. Unfortunately, like many UAR owners, I had a good amount of problems with the gearbox and general construction.

My 4th time using it, it just wouldn't fire. It'd just click like the battery was dead. I found it was a problem with the trigger contacts. I cleaned them and bent them back into place, but an hour later it stopped firing again. This time, I just poked the gearbox and it worked. I put the gearbox back in and the arm on the selector switch broke. Now, its stuck in Full auto and I have to just tap fire. Luckily, the gun has its own safety other than the one on the gearbox, near the trigger.

Lightweight -- back heavy, but its fine on your shoulder.
Free spring ugrade.
Awesome cosmetic design.
SUPER comfirtable maneuverable.

Not a tank -- take care of it like a mentally deficient child.
Awkward weighting at first
Cheap -- everything is cheaply done, just thrown together so APS can make a quick buck.

Its a great CQB weapon, I just wish APS spent more designing it and did more homework. I wouldnt mind paying $250 for a tank with reliable internals.
by Justin C. on 12/09/2015
"I bought this gun about two weeks ago. The gun is clearly back heavy, but thats to be expected from a bullpup designed gun so don't be surprised. The weight is fine when shouldered. The biggest complaint that I have is it's battery situation. Many videos show it using a stick type battery that is inserted below the top rail, this is not the case. The battery compartment is in the stock and it is tiny. My small type, 8.4v battery bairly fits and any stick type won't at all. I don't have any concerns with it's construction so far, nothing broke out of the box. I also haven't gotten the chance to shoot it yet, but other video reviews show it holding up pretty well. Overall, pretty good gun for the price.

- Two hi-cap mags included (each holds 150 rounds)
- Upgrade spring is a bonus as well. A spring for CQB and one for outdoor play.
- Bullpup design offers longer inner barrle than my m4 for a smaller profile.
- Accepts standard m4 mags. No need to buy new ones if your transfering from an m4 platform like me.

- Small battery compartment in the STOCK. Can't fit anything larger than an 8.4v small type for size comparison. This is my biggest critique
- Back heavy (not a huge deal).

Final Thoughts

I like the gun. It offers a lot for the price. I was disappointed by the battery situation because I bought a stick type for this gun that is now useless. The space is there but it is wired through the back now. This left a bitter taste in my mouth, oh well. I haven't shot it yet, so I'll post a second review once I see how it performs in a game.
by Tyler S. on 12/19/2014
"I got this gun and opened it charged a battery shot maybe 20-40 bbs through it and it stopped shooting.

-Feels Nice
-Cool Box
-Seems good if worked

-Bought this from Evike
-Now I have too wait multiple more days just too use it
-Broke after shooting almost nothing