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Airsoft CNC Aluminum Propane Adapter w/ Integrated Silicone Port

15 Customer Reviews

by Ellen S. on 09/28/2017
"Don't by this thinking I'll use this on my gun it's just a cheap green gas, you have to use lube, and it smells like rotten eggs. After using it I decided to just run hpa on my glock, hi capa, and cz-p09 because the propane just smells terrible, if you don't mind this buy it propane is cheap and putting lube in a gbb is easy. I would say don't buy but the product itself worked as described so 5 stars on that. If you know what your getting into this one worked for me when I used it.
by Bryce P. on 04/07/2017
"Never had any issues. As with anything make sure every part is tightened up before using, no issues. 10/10 recommend
by Craig B. on 12/29/2015
"Been using this nearly a year, have used it 20-40 times without issue, only annoyance is filling with silicone can take a up to a minute because you have to wait for the propane bubbles left over from the last fill to escape.
by Tom D. on 04/07/2014
"Great propane adaptor! Works great!!
by James C. on 04/07/2014
"Wow this adaptor is great! It has a really convenient silicon port so you dont need to remove the entire adaptor to add silicon and makes your propane tank work like a green gas can.
And to anyone who says this damages your O-rings i have 2 things to say:
1) it doesnt matter, you can get o-rings on the cheap and easy (you can also take them from cheap Bic reusable lighters)
2) its going to damage your o-rings the same as a can of green gas would
by Dakota P. on 02/12/2014
"Its good at what it's made for. Filling up your gas mags with propane.

- Aluminum construction
- Silicon port

- Smells like rotten eggs(The price of being a cheapskate and not paying for green gas)

Basically get it.
by Ben C. on 10/09/2013
"Does what its designed to do. Good price, Great Value.

Investment; Way Cheaper than buying green gas cans all the time

Little Black Oring sometimes falls out (not a big problem, usually stuck to the metal plug)
leaves residual gas between the propane tank and the adapter itself after each use (also not a big deal)
Propane Smells like farts (what do you want? lol)

5/5 Would buy again
by Henry L. on 09/16/2013
"Alright, so the thing does what it's supposed to. For those who aren't sure, the silicone port is the little knob sticking out the side. Only complaint is that sometimes the O-ring comes out with the port plug, but it's not a big deal since it doesn't fall off or anything. And if you hear a crunching noise when you're filling the mag, it is not your fill valve or anything. There's a spring inside it that gets compressed whenever you fill it. This is a really good product, and it's not expensive.
by Servando M. on 02/25/2013
"its a must buy!!! very inexpensive and high quality, it pays for its self and works great on gas guzzlers
by Connor H. on 02/25/2013
"I love this adapter! it does exactly what it's made for. 5/5 stars!
by Mike S. on 02/25/2013
"it works fine. I also have the AI plastic, that works great too. Unless you totally scratch up or deform your adapter, or drop it or whatever, this should work fine. Yes it's metal, but it's machined and polished. If you can't get this to work, have someone experienced train you. Or stick with electrics and springers.
by Kolby C. on 12/26/2016
"Great adapter for my friend's KWA Mac 11 (It's a fricken beast). We did have some leaking problems (It leaked on my hand and I got frost nip), but after doing some tweaking all I had to do was tighten the part that goes into the can ( a stem-like piece) and it never leaked again. Also, way cheaper than buying green gas ( Smells like Green Bean Casserole with a lil bit 'O fart (Not horrible).
by Eric D. on 04/02/2016
"good, sturdy adapter. the bottom o ring kept getting blow out enough that the adapter leaked on me. i tightened the nut holding the o ring and this problem has been fixed. but if silicon is not kept full the adapter gets stuck open, i am tying to tune the tightness so that it does not leak nor get stuck open.
by William L. on 07/27/2014
"lasted about a year and a half of moderate abuse.finally the top part where the gas comes out just kinda fell off whilst i was filling an empty mag. nothing really bad to say about it except that it wont last forever.
by Isaac D. on 01/16/2017
"Bought it thinking, ok, metal definitely better than plastic. Had many problems to begin with. Leaked everywhere and I couldn't figure out the problem. I tightened the nut in the bottom and used plumbers tape around the propane tank and so far so good. We'll see how long it lasts.