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Pre-Order ETA July 2017 CAA Licensed M4-S1 Carbine CQB Full Metal Airsoft AEG Rifle - Dark Earth

3 Customer Reviews

by Tevon T. on 05/10/2013
"Great gun! It is fantastic. Just got it today, and i love it!


1. FPS, around 380
2. ROF is way better than i thought it would be.
3. The appearance of this gun is really good, gotta have a good lookin gun.
4. Runs great with a 9.6, dont really need anything else.


1. Really tight battery compartment. Won't fit my 9.6 nunchuk. So i purchased the one they recommend with it and we will see how it fits. But i'm sure it will fit.
2. Very picky with mags.

thats about it. Overall, i love it. i recommend this gun!!
by tyler r. on 05/08/2013
"OK so i received this gun last week shot it, did some magpul tactical training with it. it did good LOL it has a high ROF Great FPS 380-390, sadly their is always a con too it i will explain. you need too tighten everything down on the gun when i received mine their were alot of loose screws on the gearbox and the stock came loose but other than that you will be good!. you should get it now while its a daily deal though !

High FPS
High ROF
Internals good

Loose gearbox
Loose stock
by Drew M. on 11/18/2013
"Ok so ill get right to the point, I don't know what gun the two guys below me received but it is nothing like what they are saying....I figured since I was spending $280 on it that it would be a good gun...boy was I wrong

very good looking gun
Bolt catch
High ROF with a 9.6
Good solid weight and feel

Now for the bad things,get comfy cuz there's a few

Terrible and I mean terrible range no matter how the hop up is adjusted,I mean this thing barely shot 75ft and that's being generous.... My echo 1 sog68 (HIGHLY recommend that gun) absolutely destroyed this thing in range and it was $100 cheaper...

The is a stupid size I don't see any battery's fitting in there comfortably, I HAD to use a peq box on mine

VERY inaccurate

And my offset complaint... So I had removed the pins that hold the body together and was putting them back in so I LIGHTLY tapped the read one with a hammer...and my gun stopped shooting, it wouldn't even try to fire so I took it apart and found that my gearbox was CRACKED! And apparently the light tap from my hammer did it in...

Final verdict.... Yeah it's a cool looking gun(that's what got me) but you can get muuuuch better guns for the same money, with that being said I think that this is more like a $150 gun with $100+ worth of accesorries so do not buy this unless your dead set on it and in that case be ready to do alot of upgrading.