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Pre-Order ETA June 2017 CAA Licensed Full Metal M4 Carbine Airsoft AEG Rifle by King Arms - Dark Earth

6 Customer Reviews

by Tim G. on 03/15/2014
"I've had this gun for almost a year, and love it. The velocity is around 370-395, depending on the chrono, and the rof is great. Tj's pretty easy on the betters too, I use a 9.6 and one charge lasts me all day without the need to recharge.

- looks good, unique
- tough (I've fallen on it with no issues)
- good velocity and rof

- every few months the buffer tube gets loose and you have to tighten it back down (easy, takes two minutes), but it's no big dea

Overall I love it, and I'm probably going to get the cqb version too, that's how impressed I've been
by Ramez F. on 01/14/2014
"This gun is awesome. has an insane rod over 20 bps, very accurate and has good range. and a good fps. 10/10
pros: rof
looks awesome
cons stiff mag and small battery compartment
by Tyler G. on 11/24/2013
"after using this AEG once in the field, so far, it has been great. its the best M4 i've used both in terms of its looks and performance. The only 2 complaints that ive come across are the battery compartment and its stock FPS. when i first chronoed it, it was shooting around 430-440 FPS with .20s. i compressed the spring for a few hours though and i shoots around 380 now. To deal with the small battery compartment, i attached a mock PEQ box and that fixed that problem right away.
Basically, the pros outweigh the cons by a lot.

looks great
performs even better
full metal receiver
King Arms quality
Great weight as well(could be a con for smaller players but after getting used to carrying around my A&K M60vn all day, this gun seems light lol)
great range and decent accuracy(tight bore barrel wouldnt hurt)

high FPS(at least for me)
battery compartment is small and difficult to access especially if you plan on using the bottom rail.

all in all, if this gun catches your eye, by all means, get it! you wont be disappointed.
by Brennan F. on 04/29/2013
"I have taken it out to two games so far, and have had no trouble at all. All the complaints about getting the rail off to get to get to the battery are only partly true, it gives you just enough le-way to get to the battery to be able to plug it into the charger and into the gun, so once you putt the battery in you really don't need to take it completely apart again unless you change batteries. The magazine gets easier to put in/take out the more you use it. A really solid gun, I have taken out loads of people with it, its a barrel o fun. But if you play a lot of CQB get the smaller version.
by Peter B. on 03/04/2014
"I love this gun. I got it around february 2014 on sale for 260, and it is a beaut.

Its a little hot at first. (around 400+ fps) once you break it in a little it gets better.
The magazine has so many problems... It doesn't fit in without a lot of force, and in the first game I played with it, it jammed up and refused to feed..
It's heavier than it looks, but I like that. It might be a con for you

It looks awesome
It has a great ROF out of the box
King arms gearbox is high quality
Very accurate (I added a angel custom 370mm tbb) (It could take up to a 380mm tbb)
The "plastic" furniture is very high quality and looks and feels awesome

Over all, I suggest these upgrades:
Tight bore (without a suppressor or different muzzle brake you can get to 380mm)
NEW HOP UP! The hop up is not very high quality, I'm going to get a different one.
Different magazines... The mags aren't that good
by Ramin R. on 04/08/2013
"Very good gun.

1.Good FPS
2.Nice weight
3.Very accurate
4.Stock feels great

1.Hand guard is a pain to take off.
2.Mags hard to take out. (will be easier after awhile)

Overall this gun is very nice, buy it if you are thinking about it!