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Matrix USMC Style Digital Woodland Battle Uniform Set (Size: Medium)

18 Customer Reviews

by Christian L. on 03/11/2016
"So happy to get this in the mail, I ordered 2 sets. Fits great I'm 5'11" and 178 pounds and feels so snug! Thanks evike
by Carlos M. on 06/12/2015
"Good BDU set, I bought the Medium, tested in field one time and was large for me, exchange for the small one and fits good, the more difference in the size was in the pants and in the waist.

Looks very equal to the real BDU used by the USMC, good price and don't get so hot in the summer (tested in a dry camp in the 90 of SoCal)

If you buy with the Condor hat WOODLAND CAMO you will get the full set of the USMC camo, worked very well for me as I play normally as DMR guy.
by David D. on 02/11/2015
"For the price, it is a great buy. I'm 160 pounds and 5 foot, eight inches. Not a terribly big guy, but I hold my own.

The jacket felt great as soon as I put it on. It breathes rather well and isn't tight around the chest at all. If you buy this, I strongly suggest buying patches or a vest, otherwise it looks a bit ugly having green velcro against digital woodland camo.

The pants were loose. I have a size 31/32 waist and a longer torso than leg length. I will have to get them hemmed soon or use the laces.

Breathes well
Intimidating to others
Excellent quality

Undershirt/underarmor recommended
Pants length
(not quite a con, but I HIGHLY recommend patches when purchasing this BDU).

Overall, I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a cheap, affordable, and high-qaulity BDU.
by Grant S. on 01/25/2014
"I absolutely love this BDU! The color is amazing and the camo pattern blends in well with woodland settings, but I haven't had a chance to use them yet seeing as the weather where I live is pretty bad right now. I am pairing this camo with my coyote brown plate carrier, which kinda matches with the brown in the pattern except the PC is a shade lighter. As for fitment, I'm 6' 1", 160 lbs and this fits pretty well. The top was a bit loose to my body in the middle but I am going to install some straps and buttons on it to bring it a bit closer into my body without any other necessary modification. The pants fit well also, and they allow me to wear a pair of jeans under them and also allow plenty of movement, whether it be running, crouching, whatever. The pants also have belt loops on them so you will be able to adjust them to your liking. As for durability, they seem well made. As I said, I haven't really had a chance to use them, but the fabric seems durable and should last.

Looks awesome
Fits well for a taller, more skinny person
Great functionality
Great deal for the price compared to other BDU, got them on sale for $36!

Nothing yet!
by robert m. on 12/09/2013
"Great bdu set they blend into a woodland area extremely well and also in the darker indoor fields the worked great too I only saw a little ripping in the pants but it was only because I accidentally ripped them overall great bdu set
by Ian B. on 11/15/2013
"I am 5'3" and skinny, and this thing is still a little bulky. I love the vest, goes great in woodland environments. Yes. It is not true digital woodland, but it actually seems better. For darker wood environments or cqb it will outperform normal woodland digital. For lighter greener or browner environments, normal might be better. It does not have fancy built in knee pads or velcro patch areas, but for 35-45$ its a great deal. As long as you don't get any actual woodland digital accessories, it looks like woodland digital to people. I use all od green including, dump pouch, vest, helmet, sling, pistol lanyerd, belt, holster, pouches, and everything. It goes great with green, just do not buy any woodland digital accessories. Trust me they do not match.

Only con is it is kinda big on me, not sure why because normally adult smalls fit me, but whatever, no problem
by phillip t. on 09/04/2013
"very conformable outfit. fits perfectly, im 5'7 and i weigh about 170 and this is very flexible. Must buy!
by Ruben H. on 08/22/2013
"After seeing a few reviews on this make I decided to buy a set wasn't sure if I was goin to be satisfied for the item but I got to tell you I'm shocked how well and accurate these are as far as the build put next to my navy issued buds they are as thick and durable and almost a mirror Image as far as stitching pockets width length with the exception of the rounded collar and of course the woodland digital color I definitely recommend this the price is excellent for the quality!!! Oh and by the way I also had doubts bout the pic shown on evike shows a dark shade of blue on the buds I don't know must have been the camera or a bad batch but no blue at all black!!!
by Paul S. on 11/01/2016
"It's a great all around uniform but it suffers from two issues:

1: It's a shade too bright to be truly Marpat.
2: It's not in the USMC uniform style, it's in the Army Uniform style. Don't get it if you want to do an accurate loadout.
by Giovani B. on 08/23/2016
"Bdu jacket fits to the size i selected, pants where bigger but not tha big of a deal for me least . some nice good material. If you live in more hotter environment this may not be for you because the material is on the thicker side and you dont want to sweat to death .but over if this is the type of camo you looking for its a great deal
by Landon C. on 11/27/2014
"Ive fielded these for about a year now, so I figure thats enough time to gather information for a proper review.

Ive not exactly been easy on this set, sliding on my butt(Mostly voluntarily.) Knee slides and plenty of hooking twigs and the like and thus far no snags, rips or tears to speak of. The stitching is pretty top notch as is the material for taking abuse although I highly recommend a light shirt under the top as it is unbearably itchy and rough, especially along the collar seams.

Despite no vent flaps or mesh, it breathes rather well, I run pretty hot and am not exactly the owner of an Adonis like figure, but even after extended periods Im typically not overheated by this uniform, even under my chest rig. On the other side of the thermometer they also do a pretty decent job of keeping you warm, again I suggest something under the shirt to aid it but it keeps me warm down into the low 40's pretty easily.

One detracting part, to me at least, are the pockets in the pants, they are too shallow and open to reliably hold anything even when off the field. My phone slipped out of my pocket driving home in these. Its not a huge issue because you shouldnt really be carrying anything in them anyways if you are going to be physical.

I am also not a huge fan of the buttons, This is where the uniform reflects its price the most. The holes are by no means sized correctly, some too large, others so tight its a literal stretch to get the button through. This is only on the jacket however as the pants didnt give me any issue. The wrist buckles are the worst of the bunch by far and you'll really need someone to help you get them fastened.

So, a wrap up.

Strong material.
Good temperature control in heat and cold.
Good stitching.
Pretty cheap, especially when on sale.

Lack of QC on button holes.
Inside of material is scratchy and itchy on bare skin, especially around the collar.
Pockets too loose and large.
by Myles C. on 04/29/2014
"A month ago I found this website and and now use it constantly in comparing prices and quality of items. I bought these BDU's and when they came I was only slightly disappointed. The jacket was great but had some annoying IP's on it that got stuck in the buttons. The Jacket feels great and is perfect for my size (Male: 5' 11")(16 Years) but the pants are a different matter. Since I tried the jacket on first and had it fit, I expected the pants to fit as well. Now I have a 31" Waist and much to my disappointment the pants were way and I mean way too big for me. I had shorts on underneath the pants at the time and put a belt on the BDU Pants but they were still sagging, and the back of the pants also had alot of slack to them. This disappointed me, as I now have to hopefully return these and get a small pair pants in return. So beware if you buy this set. Otherwise this was an awesome buy!!! -C/SgtMaj Crawford
by Jordan D. on 11/14/2013
"These are awesome!! They are very durable and can be washed without shrinking. I have had many people tell me that this camo blends in perfectly, and I can actually "disappear" sometimes according to my opponents. Sometimes my own teammates can't see me from feet away. I live in BC, Canada where there are lots of pine, spruce, logs, and some thick brush and there is no better camouflage than this for the terrain! The only problem I had was that when I got it it was waay too big on me. I am 145 lbs., 5ft 11in, but the sleeves where fat, pants where too long and the waistline was real big! This "Large" is more like an XL or XXL from where I come from. Got them sewn in and they're awesome!
by Carson M. on 02/27/2016
"When I got this set I thought it was the coolest thing ever until I used them in my first skirmish. As soon as I went down on one knee the entire crotch area all the way down to the middle of my thigh ripped like paper. Shirt is fine though it's very strong and breathable.
by Mark M. on 02/17/2016
"This BDUs are a great example of "you get what you pay for" theyve been through quite a few games at my local field (i live in oregon and my local field has very rough terrain wise. ive had them for other a year, and at this point all the zippers have fallen off, but they are still in one piece