Reviews: Matrix USMC Style Digital Woodland Marpat Battle Uniform Set - Medium

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Model: BDUSet-DW-M
Location: D2-126 WSO1-M16

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by Myles C. on 2014-04-29 14:50:25
"A month ago I found this website and and now use it constantly in comparing prices and quality of items. I bought these BDU's and when they came I was only slightly disappointed. The jacket was great but had some annoying IP's on it that got stuck in the buttons. The Jacket feels great and is perfect for my size (Male: 5' 11")(16 Years) but the pants are a different matter. Since I tried the jacket on first and had it fit, I expected the pants to fit as well. Now I have a 31" Waist and much to my disappointment the pants were way and I mean way too big for me. I had shorts on underneath the pants at the time and put a belt on the BDU Pants but they were still sagging, and the back of the pants also had alot of slack to them. This disappointed me, as I now have to hopefully return these and get a small pair pants in return. So beware if you buy this set. Otherwise this was an awesome buy!!! -C/SgtMaj Crawford
by Ruben H. on 2013-08-22 20:17:55
"After seeing a few reviews on this make I decided to buy a set wasn't sure if I was goin to be satisfied for the item but I got to tell you I'm shocked how well and accurate these are as far as the build put next to my navy issued buds they are as thick and durable and almost a mirror Image as far as stitching pockets width length with the exception of the rounded collar and of course the woodland digital color I definitely recommend this the price is excellent for the quality!!! Oh and by the way I also had doubts bout the pic shown on evike shows a dark shade of blue on the buds I don't know must have been the camera or a bad batch but no blue at all black!!!

Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)