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UFC QD Mock Silencer Barrel Extension for KWA / KSC MP7 Series Airsoft GBB SMGs

2 Customer Reviews

by Max B. on 04/21/2014
"Pros: Excellent quality, relatively inexpensive, comes with replacement flash hider, HK trades

Cons: BB's occasionally hit the suppressor front wall. (They shouldn't shatter if you're using high quality BB's)

Overview: The best mock suppressor for the MP7. Angry Gun makes this exact same one, except without the inner tightbore barrel. If the one you get has a plastic large barrel inside it with two rubber stoppers, I would recommend taking this out as it does more harm than good, making BB's bounce off it and altering their flight. In conclusion, If you have the MP7, GET THIS. Plus it looks sooooo bad booty.
by Matt P. on 03/20/2013
-Looks great!
-Didn't think it came with HK trades, but it does (Mine did anyways)
-Comes with a black metal flash hider!
-Very easy to use.
-Only $45 compared to the other which are like $60+
-Good quality, very sturdy.

-Because airsoft silencers cannot silence airsoft guns (illegal), it actually loudens it, scares the crap outta people :)

-Because it is hollow, bb's can sometimes hit the side when firing due to the blowback and causes bb's to shatter. I recommend buying the falcon barrel which allows bb's to not do this at all, only the falcon barrel increases the FPS to 500-550 (Full auto sniper? :D)

I was trying to decide between this one and the matrix force one. Bought this one because it was $20 cheaper, and it was worth it! Comes with HK trades which I didn't expect. It is very good quality, light weight, yet extremely sturdy. This looks amazing with the MP7 and makes it look way more tactical. I like how it came with a black flash hider, which is a nice back up to the original flash hider that came with my MP7. It's very easy to use, you just apply pressure and pop it on. Easy to take off as well. This silencer actually loudens the MP7 which I like cause it freaks people out, but may act as a con if you want to be more stealth. The only CON I can think of is that the bb's sometime shatter when you shoot the MP7 cause the recoil might cause the barrel to shift faster than the bb can come out, causing the bb to hit the sides of the silencer. I bought a Falcon extended barrel which extends all the way up to the silencer's tip, which get's rid of this CON, but turns your MP7 into a 500-550 FPS gun, so that's another con cause you won't be able to play in most places with this FPS. I definitely recommend getting this silencer, it makes the MP7 look amazing. GET IT! Cheap, great quality, HK trades, and looks great. What more could you want?