Reviews: WE-Tech DM 3.8 Compact Airsoft GBB Pistol - Black

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Model: GP-WE-DM38-B
Location: L2-919 WSO7-L02

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by David F. on 2014-08-22 18:56:12
"This was an outstanding deal on a magnificent pistol. Realistic in so many ways. I particularly like the options with the included magazine and backstrap pieces to improve the grip. If you are a novice or seasoned Airsoft shooter, you will definitely want this gem in your collection.
by Avery H. on 2014-01-13 04:25:30
"As with any GBB Pistol made by WE, this pistol will have the same cool down problems as any of the rest one would imagine, I was wrong in assuming this, however. This is a fantastic and realistic airsoft version of the springfield armory xdm, a gun I personally admire in the real firearms world.

Two Magazines
Decent resistance to cool down (for WE)
Metal Slide
FPS sits around 300 with .2 for me which is good
easy to disassemble
Very similar to the Glock design, Glock users with have an easy time with this gun.
many safety features
different long magazine fitters as well as actual grip fitters for extra comfort all around.

none that I can really think of as of right now aside from the basic cool down stuff
one can not expect outstanding accuracy with a compact pistol, so I did not take it into account.

I guide and review it on my youtube channel: Gangrel115 if you want to see it disassembled.
by Derek S. on 2013-08-15 13:59:27
"What a great deal! This one comes with two mags, two extra mag extensions for longer mags and two more grip parts to change the width of the grip - AND if you use a coupon code, you can save same hard-earned money!

The serials all match from the frame to the slide to the barrel (not unique), the integrated safety under the rail is metal and works w/o issue. It has a great feel and is nicely balanced, and it has a good kick to it. I only put a few rounds through it and it packs a punch. Get it!
by Damian R. on 2013-02-14 17:02:55
"I LOVE this gun!!! very realistic, heavy, good size ( bigger size or smaller size) i picked the smaller size and it still is a good size. i got it at superstore in california for 102 bucks with green gas, 2 magazines ( already come with gun)

good fps (300)
magazine sizes ( 18 and 28)


Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 reviews)