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0.43g "Invisible" Match Grade Sniper 6mm Airsoft BBs by Matrix - 2,000 Rounds

8 Customer Reviews

by James C. on 09/25/2015
"Excellent quality BBs. I've never had any jams or any other issues with them. Smooth and seamless. Works great with W hold, Flat-Hop, or R-Hop. No feeding issues. Always use them in my 550fps DMR.
by Sean M. on 05/31/2015
"I realize that none of you are going to believe what I say next; but I assure you it is true. I use these in my pistol, yes, my PISTOL. I have a Wather P99 DAO Co2 pistol and with these bbs allow it to shoot farther that any other pistol on my team!

Overall these bbs fly extremely straight and far.
by michael l. on 04/13/2015
"Love em I use these in my m16 with a m160 upgraded gearbox and a 6.03 mm madbull barrel and omfg they fly so straight I love that there's some metal in them wind has no effect on it whatsoever a little pricey but worth it cause u use less
by Mitchel L. on 07/03/2014
"When I play large scale games, I generally run as Sniper/Overwatch for my team helping them get out of tough situations. Granted sniping in airsoft isn't anything like the real world enviornment; however, it still helps to have range and accuracy. I have a G700F (from airsoftGI) and I run these everytime I play. I chrono at a consistent 400fps with Madbull .43g. Trust me, once you have your hopup adjusted and your scope dialed in you can plink targets without even trying. When you sight in, use a white/reactive target at your desired range so you can more easily adjust your scope. If you're serious about getting into sniping and have a sniper rifle that chrono's about 500-550fps w/ .20g, then I HIGHLY recommend picking these up.

-Invisible to targets
-Less wind resistance
-People CALL their hits.

-Hard to adjust scope if not previously sighted in.
-Amount for price (May be a con for some, but when your mag only holds 15-20 bb's it's not that bad)

Now please be mindful of your distance when shooting at people. You're not going out there to hurt people, you're playing to have fun. Happy Hunting.
by Samuel O. on 01/14/2014
"Outstanding BB's! Near perfect accuracy and very good range! I have the Double Eagle M57A Shadow Ops Sniper Rifle with the $30 upgrade kit by UTG and man, these BB's pack a punch! Invisible to the person you're shooting at, but somewhat visible to the shooter so you can sight in the scope. They do take some getting used to see them in the scope, but most of the time, whatever you point at, you hit! These BB's are very heavy and will do absolutely nothing with stock parts. I do recommend buying a upgrade kit with metal piston, spring, and spring guide. If you do that, a metal trigger box is needed as well. Also, you may want a 70 to 80 degree hop up bucking, probably rubber so the BB's can catch and not slip right over.

- Accurate!
- Great range!
- Very good polish, have never had a jamming problem!
- Nice and heavy so the wind doesn't affect them as much unlike the lighter than .30 gram BB's.

- Can be hard to see in the scope, so sighting in could be a challenge.

For the price, get them! 2,000 rounds for a bolt action sniper will last forever!!! I've had these for my sniper for about a year and have only used 3/4 of the bag. Most of those BB's did NOT go to waste. Most of them were a kill because of the accuracy!
by Seth O. on 01/02/2013
"friend got it and it hit me from over 100 ft. good for snipeing
by Elisha D. on 09/12/2010
"I don't know why anyone hasn't left a review for these yet; I personally believe they are manufactured under the same circumstances as the Madbull brand BBs, I just think the quality control is less strict for the BBs sold under the 'WE' label. I purchased both the Madbull .43g and the WE .43g and they are indeed identical products; I can't confirm it but I suspect Madbull is the the OEM for these BBs. They are very well made and (like all bbs heavier than .3g) they have some sort of soft metal mixed in (probably lead or nickle). I use them in my DMR firing at 500-700 FPS (uses an adjustable HPA gas system) and they shoot just as true as Madbull .43g for 30% less $$$.

If you use Madbull .43g bbs you should try these they are comparable on all levels of performance.
by kenny w. on 03/13/2010
"these are a must have for sniping, i have a utg mk96 (L96) with upgradeed spring kit, I crono consitently at 371 fps with the .43 and 533 fps with .20. But the loss in fps doesnt matter its so much more accurate and the extra weight carries it very far. you will notice a huge difference. The black bb is hard to see but where you aim is where they go so you need to take the time to sight in.