Reviews: G&P Full Metal M4 M16 Airsoft AEG Custom Metal Receiver - "Lead The Way" Special Edition

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Model: MB-EV-MB008BK
Location: L2-922 WO4-04

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by Sean A. on 2014-07-19 13:28:22
"bought this for a custom build, and saw it was on sale.

kind of disappointed, however, especially since it is a G&P product.

the matte finish is great. the engraved markings/graphics are top notch for sure. It is made from a lower end type aluminum, I wish it was made with a stronger type.

the magazine well is so wide you could probably fit two mags side by side. seriously, a LOT of side to side wobble. i've already put shims made out of a credit card and there's still a bit of play.

a lot of seams left over from the casting process that had to be filed down (mostly in the mag well), essentially also filing away the paint, which for this build, it didn't matter because I am doing a custom paint job anyway.

the holes where the front body pin go are in no way aligned. had to take a round file to that too just to make the holes match up. A "magic" receiver pin is included, which is kind of a pain to put in, but once you do and get it tightened, it's rock solid in there. good thing I was dropping in a G&P gearbox, which fit right in.
by michael l. on 2014-03-27 13:05:20
"amazing just amazing I love this body super solid a lot of people are not liking the magwel but it fits perfect with my kwa mags and my jg/echo1 mags I just don't like the pins to hold it in there weird to use but so solid

2comes with hop up
3the hop up is really good
4nice marks

dosent come wit everything=/
no fire select switch
no bolt
no mag release
by Brandon N. on 2014-01-26 14:20:38
"Over a nice body, but you run into some problems while installing it.

Nice metal body
Nice engravings
Comes with an "okay" hopup unit

Rather large mold lines in the mag well (Fixed with metal file)
No fire selector included
Charging handle not included
Bolt catch not included
Front pin could not go in. Couldn't fix with metal file, had to drill.
by Richard P. on 2013-09-21 10:23:01
"This is a great metal body to upgrade your plastic body m4's
Great Laser engraving design especially with the 5.56 and the Ranger "Lead the Way" logo

Comes with dust cover assembly, bolt, receiver pins, metal hop up and bucking assembly !
The front receiver pin is a copy of the ra-tech magic pins which are freaking amazing
A2 Flatop receiver for both m16 and m4

I had to modify the magwell of the receiver because there were huge mold lines but a metal file fixed that..
No magazine catch or mock bolt catch
other than that there are hardly any cons at all !

This metal body assembly is worth the price for upgrading your plastic receiver m4/m16 !
by John H. on 2013-09-20 14:15:33
"The body quality is great, except for a seam line on the inside of the mag well.

nice decals
good quality

seam line in mag well (easy fix)
Metal hop up is of poor quality
by Tyler K. on 2013-08-26 15:48:50
"Good durable body. Only one problem the front body pin holes don't match up exactly. All you have to do is sand down the paint in the holes a little. Other than that its a great body, it even includes a full metal hop up witch is pretty decent. I got it for a steal at $60 from the daily deals.

Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 reviews)