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by Cole M. on 2014-08-14 20:22:26
"I have had this weapon for about a year now and I love it. I have replaced every internal part in this gun with steel internals for durability and added some other fun stuff like a sight mark tactical red dot and a ambi chagrin handle but overall the reason I give this gun 3 out of five stars is because when you first get it you have to sand the inside of the magwell to death to make it work with the pmags and the stock internals for me were showing wear after 50 rounds. And to add that the moe hand gaurd wobbles ALOT. To conclude this review I shall say that for the magpul edition of this rifle do not buy this unless you want to spend 3 hours sanding the magwell just to have the magpul lower reciever and furniture. I have heard that the other models work fine in terms of mag compatibility out of the box.
by Jason N. on 2013-08-17 19:36:47
"First of all let me say I'm a gas gun noob like the majority of people that buy this kit. The word challenge is absolutely correct but it's still doable. The build itself was relatively simple but the tolerances on the pins and other parts is so tough that it makes some of the parts a pain to assemble. FYI the manual has a few errors. I would recommend downloading the inokatsu manual or watching YouTube guides. Overall though the gun is amazing and functions like an ar. What more do you need?
Nice kick
Good Rof with new buffer (comes with black one in updated version. Much better than the orange one it used to have
No wobble
Difficult to assemble without a lot of tools
Terrible manual
Many parts will need to be lubed and sanded to function well
Expensive upgrade parts and mags. (The stock parts should last a while though)
Overall 4.5/5 would highly reccomend to most airsoft players that know what they are doing
by Michael A. on 2013-08-02 21:35:55
"Absolutely AMAZING gun. Like said in previous reviews, if you're afraid to build this because it looks hard, you kinda should be during some assembly, but only some. But don't let that deter you. But i did find one major flaw in the system- soft pot metal internals that wear down fast, and the magpul upper receivers have a tendency to wobble side to side (very annoying), also the superb recoil shakes out the body pins, So if you can get ALL steel internals, a magic pin, and an anti relation pin set, you should be good to go :)

200$+ of Magpul furniture plus a Pmag for only 80$
Shoots very accurately and fast
Pretty easy to assemble
Good recoil for realism
Functions the closest to a real AR (WooHoo G&P!)

Bad pot metal internals
Wobbly upper (only on magpul edition)
Pins fall out frequently
Steel internals are always out of stock so they may be hard to find
Range is meh
by Cole M. on 2013-06-12 07:56:23
"This gun is awesome!it is very easy to build and at first I had to break mine in but it works very well. And don't think that this will be hard to build because I built it in less than 2 and a half hours and I have little to no experience with gas blowback rifles since I don't even own any other gbbr's and I only own one aeg. About the breaking in though one problem I had was that the pmag that came with it was a VERY tight fit in the mag well even after I sanded the inside of the mag well and some of the mag. Now for pros and cons.

Very light (lighter than my plastic aeg)
Metal construction
Mine came with the bolt stop and bolt assembled and it came with a speed buffer
The pmag is metal except for one piece on the front of the mag
39 round compacity for mag
Comes with lots of magpul awesomeness!
Comes with two nozzles or whatever there called (one for cqb and one for outdoor play)
Easy to assemble

If your bolt comes assembled than it is hard to install lower fps nozzle thing
Hard to find a barrel nut to fit any rail system besides the noveske (wich is sold out right now)
Positive threads
Pmag is tight fit at first

Over all awesome gun and don't decide not to get it because of the cons I listed you just have to break in the gun since no one has ever tested your gun or broken it in (wich is what they do on already built guns)
by andrew b. on 2013-03-13 15:32:34
"I have recently purchased this kit and it is very awesome, after 2000 rounds the only thing to break is the buffer lock, and a steel replacement is only $10 so I can not complain to much. If your are wary of getting this gun because you have to build it DON'T BE!!!! It is extremely easy to put together and I have a very en depth step to step procedure of how to put it together

Easy to assemble.
Two nozzles, one for 300fps and another for 350fps.
Solid construction.
Upper and lower receivers may be wobbly against each other, however it varies, in one of my kits the upper and lower meet very tightly and then my other kit has a pretty sloppy fit.
G&P Pmags will need modified to work in the gun, either modify the gun or the mag catch, again this video can be found on my you-tube channel if you want to know how to fix this.
Great looking gun and after you get the mag or mag catch modified it works like a charm! I have nothing but absolutely great things to say about these kits. If you are on the fence about getting one of these kits do it! They are only a fraction of the cost of a assembled one, plus if you put your gun together to start with you will better understand the weapon, and be better able to fix and maintain it in the future.
by Shelby W. on 2013-02-11 21:33:30
"Just received mine and finished today. For people who is considering this awesome kit, I hope you would read things below before you buy.

1. This Magpul Edition kit has a much better finishing than the traditional M4. However, the high quality matt paint also brings you a lot of issues on fitness, the mag catch, the magzine for example. The matt black texture also rounded the edge of your top rail.
2. Don't expect a build and go gun, you will suffering from sanding and modifications, there is no other way out.
3. The manual will not give you the best approach on the internal assembly.
4. Some 'professionals' said if you don't know about WA or G&P, don't try it. THAT IS NOT TRUE!
5. Get a standard style mag, the PMAG in the kit is metal, AND, it does not fit the gun quite well.

This is overall an amazing kit. Even you break it, it will still be a sexy display.
Actually...a challenge kit does not necessarily means a disassembled airsoft. There are way more things to do ,especially deal with the nasty fitting issues.

Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 reviews)