Reviews: SOCOM Gear 190rd Lancer Systems Licensed L5 AWM Airsoft Mid-Cap Magazines - Set of 5


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Model: MAG-SG-L190Set

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by Brian c. on 2014-10-22 08:42:30
"These mag are great! They look sweet and feed Flawlessly in my G&G cm16 mod 0. My gun is bone stock except for the motor. The mags feeds well with high rps. Ive been using KWA mags but these are way better. The followers ( part that is on the end of the mag spring) go all the way to the top. This allows for solid feeding. My only gripe is that they are a little wobbly and dont weigh much. Part of the problem is G&G magwells so its not a huge deal.
by Donovan B. on 2014-08-09 20:16:44
"These are great mags. They feed really well, are super easy to clean and lubricate. The only problem is the slide that holds the bbs in the mag was much too long and wasn't angled enough. When I first sipped these mags in, my hop up was unable to push the bb retainer back. It's an easy fix though. All you have to do is take the mag apart, get some sandpaper and sand the bb retainer to a steeper angle. Now my bbs feed flawlessly with no issues. So because of the mishap on the bb retainer I'm only giving these mags three stars. On a plus side these mags look awesome, and the serrated ridges on the mag make them rediculously easy to pull out of a mag pouch.
by Christian S. on 2014-04-27 02:47:30
"These mags are the tits! They look super nice, feed all the bullets very well (in my CA Scar-l and my friends Umarex HK416D) and holds 190 rounds.

the only "drawback" if you would is that it is very light, about half the weight of an empty high-cap M4 mag made in steel. But if you do not mind this this is the perfect mag, i got 10!

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)