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by Mike M. on 2015-02-16 20:20:55
"Great design, but very poor execution. Hopup, linkages, even the motor all fail far too quickly. The manufacturer came up with a great idea, but simply didn't have the ability to make it work well. It boils down to being a cheap gun with a good design. I bought both versions and now on my third repair of the V2, an only slightly better product. Buy a gun from any reputable manufacturer, not this one.
by isaac k. on 2014-12-08 20:36:54
"This gun is really good for intermedanats. The only cons are the mags from your other gun (m4,ak47,ext.), the place you put your battery is really small so you can not put many different types of bateries in the gun.
by david p. on 2014-08-10 20:51:37
"This gun is a piece of garbage!! It has a POORLY designed magwell and will drop the mag out all the time just from movement.
This gun is designed solely to attract young buyers because of its looks, I bought it for my son and he is regretting it big time!!
I have done every magwell/magazine mod that is out there and still poop!
Do yourself a favor and stay away from this lemon.
by Gabe Z. on 2014-06-12 12:52:33
"This was a great gun for cqb but not particularly for outdoors.
Everything worked great but do not use the upgraded spring it comes with. This gun is not ready for that spring and mine broke when I used it.
by Matthew B. on 2014-04-29 01:05:20
"I was given this rifle as a birthday present from a friend and I was skeptical when I first received it being I have owned bullpup rifles before and they were terribly unreliable but I would have to say this rifle is absolutely fantastic! Very reliable even when I started using heavier bbs. Another problem I have had with other bullpup rifles is I'm left handed and bullpup rifles are usually a left handed persons worst enemy! Not with this rifle though it is completely ambidextrous! Sadly this rifle doesn't come with any iron sights or battery and one problem I have had is that you cannot disassemble this rifle being you have to take off the flash hider to disassemble it but other then that I find this rifle near perfect!! Definentally happy with this rifle!!
by Michael B. on 2014-01-21 20:49:17
"Anyone considering buying the APS UAR should first search the Interwebs for information about the serious feeding problems it has. A design defect combined with poor quality control results in magazines not sealing properly, with the result that BBs won't feed. This doesn't seem to happen with all UARs, but for many of them it results in a gun that's practically useless. I regret buying this gun and I would strongly urge others to avoid it.
This is unfortunate because it is otherwise a nice gun -- a unique design with some nice features. (That's why I gave it 2 stars instead of just 1.)
P.S.: I bought this gun in December 2013, after APS issued its "improved" version to address a problem where mid-cap magazines wouldn't fit. That issue seems to be unrelated to the feeding problem.
Also FYI Evike honored an RMA for this gun but although the returned item will feed from the stock small magazines, it still won't feed BBs from any hi-cap magazine that we have tried unless we push the magazine firmly up into the body, and keep holding it there -- obviously not a workable solution in the field.
by Evan S. on 2013-12-22 15:47:29
"Well after my entire top receiver broke on my M4 for CQB, I need a new (preferably durable) CQB gun. This gun was on a pretty spanking deal for black Friday so I went ahead and ordered it. I must say I was very impressed. The gun is made of a very sturdy polymer and overall performed great. The barrel on it is one of the best I've seen in awhile. The only real problem I had was getting the orange tip off of the barrel (the easiest way I found was to just remove the top receiver, instructions are in the manual). I was a little disappointed with the motor but it performed just fine for CQB purposes. I found the gun to be accurate out to about 110-125ft (perfect for CQB). One thing if you are purchasing this gun is make sure you clean the barrel before use or the gun has a tendency to jam up on auto.

Overall I'm really happy with this purchase. I shoot rifles lefty and this is an ambidextrous gun so that was just great. I recommend a one-point bungee sling and an angled fore grip for attachments. Happy Shooting!
by Dylan P. on 2013-12-05 20:13:28
"After seeing this gun for as low as 135$ on black friday I couldn't pass it up. First of all, this will be my second AEG, my first being a cheapo 90$ AEG that I needed to replace. I couldn't have gotten a better upgrade. The gun feels pretty solid, no creaks, or squels in the plastic that I have noticed; the only gripe I have about the body is that there is a visible seam down the center of the gun on the top, which aesthetically is pretty poor but none the less it's no big deal - I don't think the gun will fall apart on you. The internals are also pretty decent, everything inside is full metal, and they didn't really skimp out on internals too much. Notice the "too much" the one main thing they did skimp out on was the motor, it is a pretty terrible motor to be honest. With a 9.6v Ni-Mh I was getting about 11RPS. Other than that the internals are pretty good and don't need an upgrade. Oh! One of the best things that comes with this gun is the barrel, you have a 385MM tight bore 6.03 stock barrel - in my tests I've hit targets up to about 125ft but after that the bb's kind of drift off. This barrel is perfect, no upgrades needed as far as CQB goes - the only thing it needs is a definite cleaning as when I got the gun the barrel was filthy and bb's kept jamming. One of the biggest problems I've honestly had with the gun so far is probably the removal of the orange tip. Online I looked at videos and watched and watched, even the evike video reviews on this gun and the stock flash hider that they all had was a black metal flash hider with a small orange ring ( 1/4 inch ) at the end. My gun came with a flaming orange cheap plastic tip that was glued on with more glue than I've ever seen. It required me to get the tip to over 150 degrees for the thing to actually move. After about an hour or so I finally got it off with some pliers and a wrench. Luckily APS gives the full metal black flash hider with the gun ( so atleast they expect you to remove the orange ) Overall this gun is great, the accuracy is decent for what I needed ( CQB 75-100ft MAX ), the price is pretty good ( better when it's on sale ), and the gun is decently upgraded and can be used stock and preform well.

Oh yeah! The gun comes with two springs, an equivalent M100 Spring, and an M120 Spring. The M100 shoots pretty hot for CQB when I chronoed it, about 360 was the average give or take a few. The M120 consistently hit 409-411. So if you're using this gun for CQB I would reccomend buying an M90 spring or even an M80 just to be safe.
by Tien N. on 2013-11-30 23:40:12
"Just got this and have not had the chance to field it yet. I'm very pleased with the over all build. The blaze orange tip was the standard M4 type and came with the APS UAR metal muzzle brake. Removal was easy albeit lots of glue was used to "permanently" affix it to the gun. I used a few left over UTG rail covers to enhance the over all feel as well as a reflex multi reticule red dot. I think I'll add an BUIS 45 degree iron sight to offset the red dot. When I field this gun I'll add addition feed back as to capabilities and performance in a real airsoft world environment.
by Daniel H. on 2013-07-11 18:30:18
"I'm new to airsoft and this was my first gun of choice. I read a lot about it and everyone seemed to give the thumbs up so I purchased, and I was very happy with what I got. Right out of the box the gun functions like a beast! Great for CQB/mid-range engagements, however the body was pretty much designed for an optic as once added an optic will line up with your eye sight perfectly, may want to pick one up with this gun. However the main issue with the gun for me was the flash hider, you practically have to deal with the devil to get it off. If you look up the issue you can find some help, however it will still be a pain over all, but once its removed once it never is an issue again. Another issue I've had is finding a proper mag, its kinda picky, High cap m4 mags should work but I've heard some people having issues with particular brands, mid-caps, I have found none that work myself, waiting on a potential KWA mid cap, but if you dont mind taking a dremel to the gun I've heard of a mod to fix this issue. This gun is great in my opinion for everyone, for beginners its very easy to handle, for experts it has lots of potential for enhancement.

Great right out of the box (even better with an optic)
Lot's of potential for creating your personal desired weapon.

Flash hider removal
Mag issues, particularly finding a mid-cap

not a con for me but I have heard people complain about battery space, I use a 9.6 stick type that fits snug. Battery space is limited to sticks, but with a peq box or rewiring can be easily fixed.
by William B. on 2013-05-08 22:33:38
"GREAT RIFLE!! THIS IS MY FIRST AEG and what a GREAT pick. I have 2 gas blowback 1911's, a Maruzen M11, and I also own a spring M24 snow wolf, my first ASR, and this baby fits in to my collection with out a doubt, now one of my favorites.
Comes with two springs, the gearbox is full metal and it is just like the description says. It is not a real-steel gun like most airsoft guns today so APS did a fantastic job creating their own unique CQB weapon. 5 stars!!!

-Highly Accurate even with the 110 spring.
-4 rails
-335 or 415 fps depending on which of the two springs you use
-Upgradeable beyond the possibilities of your normal bull pup/PDR style due to the hybrid NOT custom gear box. With a few swaps you can interchange to v3's with ease
-well balanced weight even with attachments

-Battery wires tend to coil/block to be able to close the battery cover. No big issue just really cramped.
-UAR mag and spares tend to be a little fidgety but they should break in nicely.

In all in all, I give this gun a 9.25 of 10 because of the MAG / Barrel release.
Still far from a normal 200$ rifle. WELL WORTH EVERY PENNY.. don't pass up this up and coming field/CQB dominator. ADD to your collection before you have to wait for back orders.
by zachary d. on 2013-04-13 11:50:08
"i love this gun
it is byfar the best looking gun i have see in a long time and it functions as well as it shoots
light weight
barrel length
easy dissassembly
lipo ready
tight bore barrel
fully left hand capeable
lots of rail space

small battery compartment : only con if you arent using a lipo
only use high grade BBs
very picky with mags
the barrel is all glued together and is impossible to get apart the firsttime
nasty orange tip

over all
i would buy another one of these in 2 secconds but i love it so much im gonna polar star mine
dont even hessitate buying this gun but i do reccomend using high grade bbs a 11.1 lipo and a foregrip
the foregrip really completes the look and a red dot never hurts

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