Reviews: G&P Complete "Special Ops" M4 Metal Receiver & Gearbox Airsoft AEG ProKit (G&P USA) Rear Wire / Black


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Model: PROK-MB009B-B
Location: A5-122 WO3-M09 WO3-M13 WO3-M14

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by Simon V. on 2015-03-19 14:01:54
"Seriously I'm not even sure if this is a real G&P... no G&P markings ANYWHERE (not the mechbox, externals, nothing...). Even the exterior threads for the RIS should different from other brands and well... it's not the case. I opened it up with my tech and even he thinks there is something weird about it. Personnaly I think it's an evike knock-off from China but that just my assumption. Oh forgot to say my gearbox cracked in my first season....
by Curtis B. on 2015-03-16 07:56:42
"I purchased this on hopes of a quick remedy to find a metal Reciever decent gearbox. From what I have seen from G&P beforehand was quite promising. Upon testing this out with a 7.4 LiPo battery, I noticed the motor, battery and wires getting hot. Mind you this is about 30 shots on semi. While I expected heat, I didn't expect this magnitude. I open the motor trip to find a G&P M120 motor which I expected, but didn't expect te to. Connections to the screw terminals on the motor to be so loose. There was at least 1mm of play which makes for horrible resistance. After cranking the screws down. Still heat but not as much. Hoping to reshim, correct AOE. All the realizable basics.

Metal Reciever & decent gearbox

370-380 with .25s too hot for indoor. (Could be pro)
Poor Assembly from Factory
Not worth price
by John D. on 2015-02-25 18:34:16
"Decent gearbox and upper/lower receiver. Out of the box was shooting 430 FPS with .20's. Way too hot for anywhere I play. I swapped out the spring with a m110 and FPS with .20's dropped to the 375 FPS, still too hot for indoor, but in line for outdoor. Only issue was that I had to resolver the positive motor lead because it fell off.

Shimming and wiring are very well done. Sounds great and shoots great.
by Travis R. on 2015-02-16 19:39:31
"Okay let me start off by saying if you are buying this for externals, go right ahead. HOWEVER if you are buying for the internals as well, forget it. This guns gearbox is horrible as well as the motor. After getting my receiver I shot it once and instantly the gearbox locked up. it locked up so bad i had to call a tech (licensed by KWA btw) and even he couldnt figure it out. we had to take apart the whole gearbox just to see what was wrong and it turns out the TRIGGER was actually blocking one of the gears from spinning. Just from looking at it he said i was one of the worst gearboxes he had ever seen. Now 2 weeks later (when im writing this) he told me he cant even fix it the gearbox is so messed up. Oh and as the guy said below me the motor can barely turn the gears let alone a M120 spring.

Really nice Externals
Deans plugs
Sick trades

gearbox internals are horrendous
motor cant handle the spring the gearbox has
Motor wires attached by screws (LIKE SERIOUSLY WHAT IS THAT!?)

I can honestly say i will never be using G&P internals again.
by Zander B. on 2015-02-04 18:54:35
"I got this because it had a complete gearbox with and upper and lower for my new build. I shouldve just bought everything separate in the end though..

-Solid upper and lower
-nice gearbox shell

-Motor died 2 shots in (literally 2 shots in with a 9.6 battery)
-selector plate was broken before i even did anything.
-bearings stuck too far out of the shell and had to get new ones just so i could fit a new selector plate on it (i think this is what broke the plate in the first place...)
-the wiring had the screw connectors and had to get standard motor connectors just to fit the new motor i had to get.

over all i'm dissatisfied with g&p on this specific product. ended up getting a new motor, a new selector plate, and new bearings. I personally would not recommend buying this.
by Clayton M. on 2014-03-05 08:53:35
"I got this the other day and with a madbull 6.03 455 mm tight bore barrel I am getting 455.8 fps with .2 gram bbs and 412 with .25s. They either have an m130 spring in it or I'm getting near perfect air compression. Either way it shoots too hot for every field near me. The trigger is very snappy with a 9.6v and it's getting 17bbs/sec.
It's G&P
perfect fps for a DMR
Snappy with a 9.6
G&P m120 high speed motor
Near perfect air compression
Shoots too hot for an automatic gun.
PS. I wish Evike would test products to see what fps they are really getting. This has happened before where they say 380-400fps and I get above 420fps.
by Claudio C. on 2013-03-17 19:40:50
"i got this when it was a daily doorbuster deal!! it was 110$!!! i could not be happier with the way this turned out. G&P killed it with the internal as always. solid construction i added a matrix 509 conversion kit and its pushing BBs so fast it sounds like im shooting stones! no modification will be needed in this lower... (i guess if you want to take this beautifully crafted macine apart you can but its not recommended). all ready to rock gearbox hitting solid and running on deans.

good packaging
G&P cant go wrong
laser engravings (cool EVIKE logo and RANGER skull badge)
upgraded internals ready to rock gearbox 8mm motor the whole 9 yards.
deans plugs
rear wired


get this lower receiver if your looking to build a SOLID QUALITY rifle you will baby. take good care of your airsoft guns and they will take care of you. you cant go wrong with G&P there a solid quality company and here is a perfect starting point.

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