Reviews: DangerWerx Tri-Shot Rail for DE/UTG/Bravo M3 Airsoft Shotguns


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Model: DW-TSR-P

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by Matthew L. on 2015-06-10 18:05:12
"This rail works very well, and fits onto the shotgun just like it is supposed to! The problem is that there were no screws sent with the rail to mount it on the forearm properly. The screws that came stock in the gun are obviously way too short, so the scavenger hunt at Home Depot began! There was a bit of guesswork involved in finding the size of the screw, but #8 3/4" flat head screws seem to fit just right. After grinding down the length of the screw, which is a trial and error process, but it doesn't really take too long. The other thing I will mention is that even after getting it mounted correctly and putting a foregrip on it, holding it by only the foregrip actually makes the gun HARDER to pump because of the force required on the springs. My suggestion is to hold it half on the grip, half on the arm, or probably better yet, use an AFG.

Tl;dr- #8 3/4" flat head screws, grind to satisfaction, use an AFG.

Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews)