Reviews: IPSC Spec. Edition 38rd Magazine for WE Tokyo Marui KJW Hi-Capa Series Airsoft GBB

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Model: Mag-CQBM-IPSC
Location: L5-906

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by Ronnie S. on 2014-04-21 18:12:10
"I have a KJW KP05 Hi-Capa and this magazine works well with it after some modifications. Firstly, the magazine does not sit in the grip as firmly as the stock mag. It moves up and down a little although it does not seem to affect its performance. I have been trying to add JB weld to the magazine catch slot in the mag, then sand it down to make it a tighter fit although I have not succeeded too much yet. Secondly, the square rubber part on top that releases the gas is too tall and will keep internal parts of the slide from sliding back as easily as they should. I sanded that down a little and it seems to be working better.

Besides those two defects, this magazine has a very nice seal and I don't see it leaking anytime soon. I also suspect that it has a higher flow valve because it seems to make my gun more powerful than the stock magazines. I was impressed with its performance after the above modifications. The spring that pushes the bbs up could use some lube though as it sometimes gets stuck.

I would definitely purchase more once I figure out exactly what it takes to make it a nice snug fit. Great epic deal price of $23!

Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews)