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APS M4 Guardian Full Metal Airsoft Electric Blowback AEG Rifle

19 Customer Reviews

by Anthony F. on 12/14/2015
"I got this gun a while ago and had used it twice and both times this gun performed amazingly! I usually run .25's and they were curving up because of how hard this gun shoots. Mine clocked in at about 380 fps with .25's which is good for me. If your gun is shooting at this range with .25's i recommend using .28's to avoid the upward curve. The only thing i don't like about this gun is that the dust cover does not stay shut while shooting it. There seems to be a little bump on the slide where the gear box is that is forcing the cover to open whenever you shoot it, i'm not sure if thats just my gun or whawt but other than that i think this gun is great!

1. Great fps, shoots 380 with .25
2. Looks really cool
3. Has a good weight to it
4. The sights on the gun are good. Look like Magpuls rhino sights
5. Shoots accurate and far!

1. Dust cover does not stay shut
2.Chargin handle does not stay back to allow easy access to hop up but i managed to find a way to make it stay back by tinkering with it.

This gun is still a 5 in my eyes even with the cons. Overall good gun!
by Julian A. on 07/28/2015
"Hey there airsofters I but this gun gun on pre-order a while back and I got it yesterday and after charging up the battery I through it in the gun and started shooting...THIS THING IS A BEAST!!!10/10!!!MLGPRO!!!! I love this thing already if you have been watching this gun for a week or so now and so-so and buying it...well this comment right here should change your mind on any doubts! Also for anyone out there I am planning on removing the flash hider to put in a suppressor but I don't know the gosh dang thread(I hope it's -14mm cause I found a sweet suppressor) so if any of you guys know the thread either post another review or comment addressing me and if it's not -14mm please leave a suggestion for a suppressor, thanks for your time and byeeee :D!!!
by Cameron B. on 05/12/2015
"Overall good gun definitely worth the buy dust trap is a little hard to close but as long as you don't put a finger in there it's a great gun!
by Wilbur B. on 05/10/2015
"Gun is wonderful! getting an avg. of 10 kills a match now compared to my measly 4 back when I had to run the legendary walmart m4. This gun has an EXTREMELY distinct noise and is VERY intimidating. My friend and I even switched rifles in a town defense match and said he LOVED it more than his SCAR. A $280 rifle in comparison to a $400 rifle. Both of our rifles chronoed in around 390fps and the guardian was hitting around 250ft accurately. I still want to put in a tightbore to ramp up the performance even more but that should be just about all the upgrades a guy should need in this gun. Great investment and i'm not one bit disapointed with my purchase. ONLY con of the buy is that my rear Rhino sight broke from absolutely no damage and will be staying down in pistol sight position now.
by Jacob t. on 09/09/2014
"Its a great gun!
Its a VERY accurate gun. yuo can shoot fullauto, and all bbs will hit.
by Michael Z. on 08/30/2014
"Great gun!
This is my second airsoft rifle. I am very please with its performance. It has a very good range for out door and amazing fire rate for indoor. The fps is perfect. Accuracy is not that good with 0.20 bb. However, Using 0.25 with a redot, i was able to kill 3 player under 60 second in one game. Super accurate with 0.25. Blow back was also great and doesn't eat too much battery. The rhino sight it came with was excellent but some times get stuck and won't sit down or be released. Over all, I was so glad i got this gun. I am very new to airsoft, Playing this gun in my second game got me at least 30 kills. Please get the Bamf 190rd with this gun. Cheap reliable and perfect.
Accuracy with 0.25
Solid blow back
Great Fps 0.25 370 fps
Good range 150 feet maxium to hit where one want to hot
Ridiculous fire rate

I live in Canada and they don't sell 300mm
Dust cover won't close
Crane stock(my personal preference because every time i move the stock feels like i am breaking the wiring)

Great for cqb and field. Please get it with bAMF 190RD.
by Sean H. on 06/16/2014
"Alright, where do I begin.

Externals: This thing is STUNNING. Feels very solid in the hand, bolt catch is nice feature, good weight, not too heavy or light.
Performance: Well, since Evike messed up, I haven't been able to shoot this thing. However, I have used my friends extensively, and can tell you that this thing is one of the best performing guns I've seen and used. It has great accuracy, range, and rate of fire.

Solid Feel
Bolt Catch
good rail space
nice sights
excellent accuracy and range for outdoor
good ROF for cqb

ordered from Evike (see below)
i don't know how to put the rails on, instructions are confusing
magazine wheel broke from just winding after not much use
dust cover opens easily, not a big deal
by Welgin S. on 12/28/2013
"I receive my gun 2 days ago and IM very impress for the quality and accuracy,I didnt like the blowback noise so I remove the plate and is nice and quiet as any other gun I have, the rails are really easy to instal if you have the tools, just remove the rail system by losing the 3 small screws on bottom and install the rails ....
by JJ F. on 10/03/2013
"This gun looks and works Beautifully. It feels great to hold and look at, it is easily a gun that stands out. It being a blowback gives it that extra great feeling to it. This gun is loud though when fired (because of the blowback). Full metal construction means this gun can take a hit, and still function well. The flip up rhino sights and the grip that comes with the gun gives it a very aggressive look. The silencer/flash hider does look a little to small for the gun though, but replacing it with a mock suppressor can easily fix that issue (and extending the inner barrel gives it all the more reason to be a feared weapon on the battle field).

-Full metal
-Comes with Grip and Flip Up Rhino Sights
-Crisp, clean blowback
-Can be intimidating due to loud blowback sound
-High Fps (because of its Quick Change Spring System, you can easily change springs to accommodate CQB fields)
-Aggressive look
-6-position retractable stock

-Some mags will wobble (duct/electric tape on mags can help with that)
-Bad for "stealth" (because it is loud when fired)
-Rails can be a challenge to put on (but who doesn't like a challenge)
-I personally don't like the flash hider it comes with, but hey it's just a personal dislike.

Overall this gun is a great buy and Definitely worth the price!
by Brock M. on 08/07/2013
"The first time I saw this gun I fell in love with the awesome rail system. This gun is just amazing!!!!
-great look
-very sturdy
-great blowback
-good rof

-didn't come with the pinky thing for the mag

Overall this is a great gun, I would pay $350 for this gun it's that's good, but you get it for a great price. I would defiantly recommend this gun to a friend and any body who is looking for a great gun.
by Dan T. on 07/11/2013
"This gun is amazing. I have handled a G&G CM, an Elite Force 4crs, an HK 416, an ICS M4, and this is one of the better ones I have used. This gun is solid externally and internally. With it being an electric blowback, the first thing I thought was "battery drainer". Not at all. Carry a spare and you should be fine.

-Electric Blowback
-Actually came with a 9.6 and not an 8.4(could have just been mine)

-Mag didn't come with the pinky extension.
-Must assemble picitinny rails yourself(can put them wherever you want though)
-Mag wasn't a midcap(but what do you expect?)

Overall this is a solid starter and addition to collections all around. My only warnings are that mine chronoed around 330 and not 380 like it said(I have heard you can take out the blowback feature and raise the fps that way), it may come with a 9.6 and not an 8.4, and your rails will take human effort to put on.
by Nick D. on 06/25/2013
"I had just bought the gun and I love it! Every piece on the weapon is solid and functional. I have many more pros than cons about the gun. The new rail system is incredible and easy to mount accessories like lights, lasers and such. It is a very loud gun due to the blowback. Over all I would give it a high score.

- Rail system is stunning and easy
- pretty accurate after messing with it
- feels solid and real
- Metal exterior
- good looks from others
- Loud (depends what you like)
- Blowback is a yes

- Magazine could be better (metal)
- I have to spin the mag wheel every 5 seconds
- Wish the Rhino sights were metal
- Did not come with pinky mag piece or tools
by Caleb C. on 01/30/2013
"Great gun! Just got this gun earlier this week and it shoots amazing. The ROF is about average but the feel of the gun is just awesome especially with the electric blowback vibration. My only quarrel with it is that when you get the gun you have to install the rails yourself with can be kind of a pain. However, the gun is really light, the rhino sights are amazing and I am really impressed with the performance of this gun. This last comment I will make is that this gun is VERY loud, the loudest gun I have seen yet. I personally see this as a perk since no matter how soft your gun is, it will still be heard so you might as well scare the living daylights out of your enemies.

Full Metal
Unique Look
Rhino Sights
Electric BlowBack

Rails difficult to get on other than that none
by Tyler T. on 05/02/2018
"Good looking gun. New to airsoft guns so i don't have much preferences of what i expect or like. This is what i can come up with. Didn't have the bronze accents like i figured since i read another review that said it didn't. Also i find the mag that comes with this gun to be a piece of plastic crap, i have to slap it in there for it to get locked in...and i mean hard. If u don't already have any m4 mags laying around I'd buy a better one. This gun does have a bolt catch but it's very sensitive and will unlock with the slightest shake
by derek k. on 08/20/2015
"really good gun, does not come with the bronze pins or switches and the grip on the bottom of the mag does not come with it, i was really hopping it would come with the bronze pins