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ICS M1 Garand Full Size Airsoft AEG Rifle with Real Wood Stock (Model: Standard)

14 Customer Reviews

by Nate C. on 05/10/2018
"The M1 Garand by ICS is extremely nice. It has some problems, but the benefits outweigh the risks with this gun.

Amazing feeling wood furniture
Solid construction
Nicely weighted
Magazines feed nicely
Nice air freshener
All of the serial numbers are different

The magazines are a little wonky fitting in the gun but it dosen't effect preformance
If one presses the trigger slowly, the gun fires in full automatic
The information on the rear near the sight says "Springfield army" when it should say "Springdale armory"
Putting a barrel cover on is a puzzling task
FPS limit is wayyy too high to play CQB with (closest outdoor field to me is ~1hr away and is easier to play indoors)

All-in-all, the cons are only minor and fixable things that don't affect the preformance of the gun, therefore it's still 5 stars for me. Perfect for any WW2 load out. It's also a unique gun that isn't seen quite often. Depending on your field rules, it might need the spring changed out though.

TL;DR killing Nazis made easy!
by Zach S. on 09/18/2017
"Bought this work of art on Saturday and used it later that day for a chillsim op and it far exceeded my expectations, so far I have clocked it out to 150ft with .25g bbs.

Laser accurate
Near instant trigger response with a 1600mah 9.6v battery
400fps with .25g BBs
Wood is very nice quality
Solid build, definitely won't break any time soon
Wood finish is a bit rough so it's easier to hold if you wear gloves, could be a con for some

Mags could hold a bit more ammo, more of a gripe than anything else
Mags are a bit large so they won't fit in ww2 M1 pouches
Wood finish is a bit rough, some may prefer the look of a smooth finish for display purposes

Overall, you have to shoot this gun to really understand how amazing it is
by John R. on 08/13/2017
"I have now had this over 3 years and have put over 10,000 rounds through it. I shoot .28 gram BBs through it which seem to be the ideal weight for range and stability of flight outdoors. It still shoots at just shy of 400 fps w/ .20 gram when chrono for games. When new it shot at 425 or so. It came with two magazines. I have purchased more and find they consistently feed around 30 rounds.

It is a bit wonky in shape as mentioned elsewhere when along side an actual Garand. Most everything is slightly huskier if that makes sense but on its own it looks proportionate. The wood furniture is the nicest between the G n G, and A & K. The grain and oiled finish are nicer than the stains they use.

It shoots very accurately and as you would expect for a main battle weapon from 70 years ago it is long, heavy and not as ergonomic as an M4 or contemporary weapon.

I think it is just plain badass and it is my favorite airsoft rifle. Can't wait for someone to make an equally attractive and skirmishable AEG M1 carbine especially if they take the time to keep the subtle details WW2 specific. (Not a post war M2)

While you're at it make a non shell ejecting, spring powered Kar 98 so I'll have someone to battle armed with something besides an MP40 or Stg 44!
by nate c. on 04/24/2017
"I have had this rifle for 3 years and it is my favorite airsoft guns and a must bring every time I play. This is the perfect gun for anyone looking to get something that isnt another m4 and will dominate your foes. With a 7.4 volt lipo it hits around 400 fps and is incredible accurate; not to mention the gun has down little to break. Just make sure not to tug on the wiring to much around the battery. Also it's good to know you should buy extra mags for this gun, I have 5 now and this is just neiugh for most airsoft games, I usually will have to speed load mags sill though at bigger games because I'm not the best shot but the rifle still shots incredible well. Also on my m1 at least I have full auto, if I really slowly squeeze the trigger it fres full auto at a fairly high RPM.
Well built
Hits hard
Great looking and good weight
Can mount a bayonet

Only 42 rounds in a mag(but not a big deal, get more mags)
by Tess E. on 10/05/2016
-INSANELY ACCURATE. When I got it I could hit a quarter about 9/10 times from 25ft away. After taking it apart, I tightened up the barrel screws and tightened just about everything on the gun when I reassembled it. Now I can hit a dime 10/10 times from 25ft away.
(I strongly recommend tightening things up, *including wire connections*) (Use .25 BB's to achieve this!)

-Holds about 38 rounds, which is more than most M1G's.

-Very true to the real look. Has an m14 Trigger guard (who gives a darn lol, it's better anyway).

-Mine shoots at 410 fps. The outdoor limit for non-bolt-action in Ontario is usually 425.

-Only shoots semi, so that you can't be a history destroying noob.

-NiMH batteries work just fine and will last you all day.

-Real wood and real steel alloy.

-Very nice paint job

-Extremely easy to use hop-up and quick sight elevation + windage adjustment.



-Can't take apart without removing the orange tip.

-Nearly impossible to remove the orange tip (got a 2-inch large second-degree burn on my hand from it, lol).

-Arrives with very loose screws and wire connections, (Trigger pulls stopped firing the gun because of this, it was an easy fix once I took it apart)

-Own a toolkit for taking it apart first.......

-Still only holds 38 rounds, not to mention that the last ~3 don't shoot.

-Semi-hard to load.

In conclusion, I love the **** out of mine and all the cons are just little issues to me. I EVEN CARVED A CANADIAN FLAG INTO IT!!!
By the way, I'd be giving it a 4/5 but somebody I'm not going to name (-Lisa M-, shhhhhhh........) gave it a 1/5 because they didn't bother to even attempt to tighten the screws and wire connections.
Overall the gun is extremely good for an experienced player.

Ps: Lisa M, all you had to do was fiddle with the (gearboxes) trigger piece, then after that, reconnect all the wires and use pliers to clamp down the connections to make sure they don't come undone. (Make sure you re-assemble the MOSFET properly! If you even still own it that is...)
by Amber S. on 08/25/2016
"This gun is extremely good, and fun to use. It feeds well, is super accurate and reliable, the wood is great, and even better once it's oiled a few times. It is rock solid and won't break on you.

-good fps
-looks great
-goes great with a ww2 load out
-cheap mags
-easy to find parts
-beautiful externally

by Solomon S. on 07/26/2016
"Don't get this gun if you are one of those people who ruin a ww2 gun by putting a red dot site and a grip on it.
by Peter W. on 04/20/2016
"Long story short, get this gun.

I've had this gun for nearly a year now, and used it in temperatures ranging from 10 degrees to 90, and it has always worked like a champ. Accurate, sturdy, hard hitting, fantastic range, and it turns every head when you bring it out to chrono.

For the WWII airsofter, this is the quintessential piece of kit. It took my Marine impression from good to fantastic in one swift swoop. The magazine capacity is admittedly small, but since you're locked on semi it lasts longer than you would think. Be that as it may, I run 6-7 magazines for local field games and ran 10 at a small milsim event. I was reloading nearly every respawn though. Taking this guy to an AMS event would be a stretch in my opinion, but for anything lesser it certainly does the job, and in style too.

The mags DO fit in m1923 cartridge belts! i use my AtTheFront repro. You need to take off the base plate (just unscrew that little screw and slide it off) and then stretch out the belt slightly by leaving the magazines in there for a couple days. I wouldn't necessarily do it to an original, but I think it's well worth it to (slightly) stretch out a repro.

I ran it stock for most of the 10 months that I've beaten on this gun, and then I decided to buy a Prometheus smooth bucking and flat hop nub. I had to sand down the hop up arm a little, but now that I've done it I'm winging .30s out 250 Plus feet. Easily. I don't remember what it chronoed at right when I got it, but at 10 months old and with the new bucking it chronoed at 420 or so fps with .20s. I had the hop up set for .30s, so it probably shoots closer to 430, hop off. Just a hair under ideal DMR fps. With a 9.6v battery trigger response is satisfactory.

Pros: it's a freaking Garand!
Shoots hard
Extremely accurate for a stock gun (I believe I heard somewhere that it comes with a 6.05 mm tightbore)
Exceptional range
Turns heads
Real wood (mine is pockmarked with bb marks and scratched up and worn in. Looks fantastic)
Metal externals wear nicely
Serial number and trademarks. I believe it is a unique number.
It's a Garand
Good trigger response, even with a 9.6. I'd like to try a 7.4 lipo in it.
Incredibly long inner barrel. 610mm. You can shoot DMR fps on a considerably lighter spring
Aftermarket support of proprietary parts
Mags can fit in cartridge belts (for you WWII airsofters)

When I initially got it, there was a hairline crack in the wood stock. I sent it back to evike and they sent me a new gun. Make sure to check your gun right when you get it in case it comes with a crack. I haven't had any issues with my current one, even though I beat on it.

Mags are a pain. Expect to spend AT LEAST another $70 in mags to be able to skirmish. In game the capacity isn't painfully low, but you do have to be judicious with your shots in longer games.

Not a whole lot of upgrades available.

Trademarks are.. Eh. They tried. Or else ICS is just very Asian. Instead of Springfield Armory, it reads "Springdale Army." At a glance it looks right, but on further inspection they provide a laugh. This inaccuracy may offend some purists.

My piston stripped the last time I used it. No big deal, I've used it a lot, but the gearbox is such a PITA to get in. I have the replacement part sitting on my desk right now. I just need to pluck up the courage to dedicate an afternoon to swearing at my gun.

Shoots hot. OOTB shooting over 400, you'll be regulated to use as a DMR at nearly any field in the US. The gun shoots plenty far and accurate enough to fulfill this role, especially with a flat hop. Besides, the gun is long as hell. You wouldn't be kicking in doors with it anyway.

Long story short, get this gun. Like I said earlier, when I wear my WWII kit everybody fawns over me and my gun. even when I ran it at a small Milsim in OpFor gear, people were stopping me all day to compliment me on my gun. Everybody loves a garand. If you're in the WWII scene or want a DMR that will turn heads, get this gun.
by drayton t. on 09/05/2015
"This rifle is a beast I love it! I have had it for about 3 years now and works amazing still! It goes good for people wanting to complete a WWII load out just like i did it's amazing! Ics did a amazing job on it!

works great after 3 years
Feels like the real thing
I've dropped it a lot and never broke the internals or anything

Over time of use the wood will get scratched, mine actually broke but I glued it and looks good still like it never happen
42 rd mag
by Thomas M. on 03/20/2013
"Just recieved my M-1. Out of the box, it is impressive. The wood is a good service tone and has the slight oder of linseed oil. I like the clip concept, as it hold plenty of ammo and is easy to change out. The gun has a nice solid feel.

Overall, the gun represents the real M-1 failry well. There are a few details that I noticed that may or may not detract from the gun, depending on the buyer. First, the trigger guard is a M-14 trigger guard. Second, the gas tube and the barrel are seperated by a gap at the muzzle. The result of this is obvious when compared to a real M-1. The only negetive factor is that a real(or repro) bayonet will not fit on the gun. Not a big issue with most users though. There is a lot of plastic on the gun, such as the butt plate. It is molded well but I may try a real one on there just to se if it fits. The last small thing I noticed are the oversized sling and stacking swivels. Again not a big deal.

So far, the gun shoots well but I have not had a chance to put it through it`s paces. It is a nice representation of an M-1. It isn`t as correct as a Marushin gas M-1, but it will certainly work for WW2 skirmishers and collectors alike.

It comes with a loading tube, cleaning rod, spare clip(yay!) and a DVD I have yet to view. A nice gun with real wood that gives the look and feel of the real M-1. If you have the means, get one!
by Cameron B. on 03/13/2013
"Just arrived! This is a beautiful rifle. The feel, weight and looks are very similar to my real M1 (held side by side only the orange tip is the dead give away). The wood on the stock actually looks better on the ICS (but not quite as dense). The real deal spends too much of it's life in the gun safe but this airsoft rifle is perfect for the wall, a skirmish or any WWII reenactor! The price is great and I am not disappointed. The mag fits an M1 cartridge belt (check out Sarco or Charley's Surplus for good prices on this and leather or web slings). I like this better than the Echo1 M1918 BAR because of the real wood (and less weight) but both are awesome WWII weapons! Thanks, Evike, ICS and Echo1!
by Donte S. on 04/08/2018
"Mine shot full auto, so that kinda sucked. Other than that itís an awesome gun quite accurate to about 150-200 with .25! The wood is quite nice although I will be aging mine to use in a late war 1945 US Army Infantry kit. I would have given it 5 Stars if I didnt have to return the gun. But I will be getting another one. Cheers
by Logan J. on 06/04/2016
"Hello everyone! I want to first point out i am heavily into wwii aisoft so this review is biased.

This gun is amazing if you havent handled a real m1 garand
It is much fatter and the gas assembly is HUGE compared to the real thing.This is most likely because of the fattening they had to do to fit the motor inside the grip and they wanted it to be all the same size.But this thing is HUGE its a good inch longer than the real M1 and is way bigger. For an example side by side go to Find the DIY category and scroll until you see the thread titled "militarizing the ICS m1 garand" by 2nd Bat. However if you really want it to look real there was a person on that thread who made almost every oversized part real steel.He also shows size comparisons of various pieces.

Has extra mags(unlike gng)
different stain for each person
Cool magazine system
the main WWII infantry weapon

mags dont practically fit in webgear pouches
too new looking
by Lisa M. on 09/26/2015

This gun, while having a realistic and beautiful appearance, broke the very first time I used it in combat. It simply stopped firing. I thought it's battery was damaged until the battery worked on other guns. The other reviews are positive because they just got their gun and think it's really cool. Dont be like me and spend 400 dollars on a gun that will break after about 200 shots fired.