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Lone Wolf Licensed Gen2 Full Metal Timberwolf Airsoft GBB Pistol by Echo1 - Tan

5 Customer Reviews

by Brandon M. on 03/23/2013
"i just bought a thread adapter so i can put a suppressor on it, with that and that it is a gbb tan pistol, its a real head turner! in the warm state of texas, i get 4 mags in one fill! paint scratches easily but adds character (in my opinion).

-accurate out the box (seriously)
-more range that echo1 claims. (about 150+ft)
-easy to break down and maintain.
-100+ bb's in 1 mag fill. (warm day)
-good looking
-upgradable (barrel wise)
-they make a 50rd mag ($45ish)
-mags are not as expensive as other gbb mags. ($30)
-comes with 2 grips
-comes with 2 mag bottom plates.
nice iron sights. (white)
(cant think of all the pros haha)

-paint scratches
-plastic lips on mag
-no threads out the box
-safety if weird and annoying

anyway, if you want a killer out of the box gab head turner to make your friends jealous, look no further. this thing rooks!
by Dalton D. on 01/07/2016
"I have had this gun for a few months now and it has been performing well. There are a few things to take note of though.

- Paint on slide easily scratches off (but this can be a pro for those looking for a war-torn finish)
- The gun's safety is located on the rail, which can be triggered easily when applying attachments
- The slide on mine gets caught on a worn part every so often, but if you're comfortable with disassembling the gun and replacing parts this should be a breeze for you

- Decent blowback
- FPS is perfect for CQB
- Mine came with two backstraps and a bag
- Gas efficient
- It's a Glock!
by kyle R. on 02/18/2014
"I have had this pistol for about six months now and its a very goo pistol but I have had a lot of problems with it . The nozzle cracked on it and the outer barrel broke in half 2 times others than that this gun is a very amazing side arms

Gas efficient
Good range
WE part compatible

Bad outer barrel constrution (cracked in half twice)
Weak gas nozzle

by Sean M. on 12/07/2015
"It's not worth it. After having problems with my Echo 1 XCR-C, G36c, and Timberwolf all around the same time, I realized how much Echo 1 just sucked. First, the slide for the Timberwolf quit locking back when the magazine was empty after the first few months. Not a huge deal as the gun still functioned properly. Soon, however, I could tell that the pistol was "losing power". The slide started to only go back a very little bit (blowback function wasn't working properly, goes back to it not locking back). After about 2 months of this, I had finished a game and was emptying my magazine when the outer barrel flies out of the gun as I'm shooting (it broke). I hear now that a lot of people have problems like these.

Pros: Incredible range and accuracy (even with blowback function not working properly)
External build quality is very strong

Cons: Poor internal build quality

Overall, this pistol is overpriced compared to other, better "Glock" styled pistols. I highly recommend looking into a WE ISSC M22 or G17 if you want a pistol of this kind that is cheaper, but offers the same great performance and external quality with better internal quality)
by Ryan B. on 08/14/2015
"Well when I first got the gun it worked great! It was super powerful. After six months of having the gun the slide does not hold back like it should when it is out of ammo. and if you pull the slide back, and lock it into place, and reload the magazine, the slide does not go forward, no matter how hard you slam the magazine into the magazine well.

so if you are looking for a one time use gun this is it.

if you are looking for a gun to last a long time, look at another gun...