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GoPro HD HERO3 Professional Wearable HD Camera: Black Edition

1 Customer Review

by Justin B. on 02/28/2013
"Amazing amazing camera.
Some question if this is really worth the cost of a nice gun, but it totally is!
With Evike's 20% off code, you can get this camera for $320, which is an absolute steal!

It may not be advised for beginning airsofters, who would probably benefit more from a better gun, gear, or upgrades, but to anybody who already has a solid gun (or who is content with their current gun) this camera will be invaluable! The ability to record your games is a special ability that you will not regret and may savor for a long time to come.
I don't know why, but every time I go airsofting, something happens that makes me think "darn, I REALLY wish I could have gotten that on camera..." Things like faceplanting into a pile of rocks, throwing my first ThunderB, or this one night-op where we were all sneaky and quiet, but then somebody farted and everybody started laughing and then the tracers started flying.
Now I CAN record my games! In stunning 1080p hi-def at 60 frames per second! With simultaneous 12Mp pictures to capture those memories in wallpaper form!

If you are considering buying an action camera, definitely buy the GoPro HD Hero3 Black Edition. I have heard that other action cameras, such as the Contour cameras have lackluster performance and video quality. This new Hero3 Black is much smaller than previous GoPro cameras and is barely noticeable while it is mounted. It is shockingly small. To be honest, when I first picked up my GoPro Hero3, I marveled, "Wow, it is amazing what technology does these days! That such performance can be in something SO tiny... It's breathtaking! This much power in such small size really puts Apple technology to shame."

The WiFi remote may seem like an unnecessary feature, but is it SO helpful. Without the remote, if you want to be absolutely 100% positive that the camera is recording (because it is above your head and not visible to your eyes) because you know you want to record something awesome, you would have to remove the camera, point the camera at your goofy face as you check the LCD screen on the front, and place the camera back where it belongs, which might mess up the angle you have it set at in the mount. With the WiFi remote, you can check all that while it is attached without having to touch the camera or record your goofy face. Lastly, it is sometimes hard to know where exactly the camera is pointing and if it is lining up with what your eyes are seeing, so it does help if you have a smartphone with which to use the GoPro app so you can get a live stream of the recording. I do not have a smartphone, however, so I cannot do so. But GoPro is the only action camera to allow you to do this, though!

I use the headstrap mount, and surprisingly it works brilliantly without any wobble or instability. I expected the headstrap mount to be loose, uncomfortable, and wiggly but it is completely solid!

If you buy this camera, you will not regret it.