Reviews: Classic Army FN Herstal Licensed SCAR-L Airsoft AEG Rifle (400 FPS) Black

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Model: AEG-200932

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by Andrea H. on 2016-02-17 12:29:16
"vary good gun I would recommend getting it if you are looking for a accurate scar
by Luke M. on 2016-01-19 16:18:26
"amazing gun through-and-through
-consistent fps
-realistic design/weight
-consistent accuracy (.25g bb's)
-could definitely apply lots of attachements
-feeds very well
-great for beginners and more experienced players

-stock is wobbly
-magazine is wobbly when loaded into gun
-cheek rest is a bit high, but that's just me
by Bryan W. on 2016-01-14 20:45:26
"This gun has a nice feel. It is very solid and shoot fast. Please note that this gun only fits 8.4 mini type batterys

Good fps, adjustable cheek rest, and accurate out of box

Takes some time to put battery in, mag is bad, and it is a little heavy gun
Note: This does not mean you should not buy this
by Kellen B. on 2015-06-03 19:22:14
"Amazing gun! if your looking for a midsized AEG i would get this, it shoots very nicely and cleanly, it has 2 flip up sights (one removable)

Stock Folds
stock is adjustable
comes with grip
Tons of battery space
Tons of rail space (its crazy)
Sling Mount
Not wobbly at all (except mag it comes with)
Ambidextrous mag release and fire selector
small trigger pull

not alot of metal
wobbly mag
by Mick K. on 2015-04-17 19:56:32
"The SCAR-L is a great AEG! It is very durable, I have dropped mine a few times and still no damage. It has great range and is easy to switch firing mode while shooting. The clip doesn't fall out and is also easy to remove. Something I don't like about it is that you have to take the stock off to get the batteries in. But once they are in, you can charge them while they are in the gun and you never have to take them out.

I think the only thing that bothers me is the clip that comes with the gun. You frequently have to spin the wheel to get bb's into the spring loader, I recommend getting extra clips for the gun. Otherwise it is a top-notch gun, and well worth the price!
by Eric S. on 2015-04-15 05:54:51
"OK, so I've had this particular AEG for a little over a year, and so far, I have no complaints. I run a 7.4 v lipo in mine, and have never had any issues. The first time I used my SCAR L was at an all day OP, and it functioned flawlessly. The last time I used it was last weekend at an indoor airsoft arena (Plains Airsoft Arena). Five hours of murderous rapid fire semi auto only shooting and, again, no problem.

Now, like almost every other sub $200 AEG, you have to take care of it, and not pretend you're a stunt man on a movie set, and not use an 11.1 v lipo in it, until you do some upgrades. You shouldn't drop it, throw it, ect..., or it will break/malfunction. These things ARE toy guns, and should be handled as such. If you are rough with any airsoft gun, it will break...

Maybe I got a really nice SCAR L, but I have no complaints about mine. Plus, it's lighter than my PPsH. All in all, a good quality AEG, with a full metal G36 style hop up and a nice feel to it.
by Ethan B. on 2015-01-20 18:37:27
"I got this gun for Christmas and it works Great! the sights work amazing, but heavy. this gun is great buy it you wont regret it.But if you get the 9.6v battery the stock will only go to 3 and stay at 3. But over all it's amazing in battles. BUY IT NOW!
by Aslan A. on 2015-01-16 14:46:40
"Horrible gun in my opinion, I've had this gun for about a year and a half and I hate it, save your money! get a vfc scar
by John m. on 2014-11-29 22:12:01
"I have a had this gun for 6 months about and its ok. the battery life is really good I go through 1 battery every 8 hours best way to save the battery life is to burst never shoot more than 200 rounds in 1 trigger pull.
good rof
good battery life
flip up sights
rail space
collapsible stalk
great rail space

glued on flash hider
not a lot of upgrades
screws comes out easily
charging handle breaks
trigger is hard to pull

I recommend this gun I love the way it works if you look hard enough there are some really good upgrades for your money this is good
by Ron G. on 2014-11-05 06:48:55
"I have had this gun for about a year now and must say that it is OKAY for the price. Gun shoots well and looks cool now that I dressed it up. Like others have stated the selector switch stopped working and mine shoots full auto only now, also parts fall off real easy like the screw supports. The battery is a pain to put in and out but after I started having issues with the wiring shorting out I ran them to the top into a PEQ box, it also made the gun look cooler. Still a good by for the price plus I get a lot of looks and drools at the field.
by mike s. on 2014-08-27 16:19:44
"This gun is pretty good for the price, but it has a few "quirks". When you get the gun and disassemble it, you will notice that it has a couple extra inches of wiring stuffed up inside the receiver. (not that bad, just cut it.), gets REALLY hot when you shoot it a lot with a lipo, the selector switch stopped going to full auto, so I took it apart and fixed it, put it back in the gun, but i had to disable the ambidextrous controls and it is still hard to click on to full auto.

Amazingly accurate
fairly solid
reliable gearbox

selector switch
front sight broke off in shipping
black gas block (they are supposed to be silver)
glued on flash hider
hard to disassemble
by patrick g. on 2014-08-21 19:59:07
"Had this gun for 2 years

Good fps
Solid gun
decent range

Can overheat
Limited batterie space
Hop up can be a struggle

This gun is very well rounded but a little pricey

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