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Matrix Advanced - Silica Airsoft AEG Hopup Buckings (Set of 2) - 70 Degree / 380~490 FPS

5 Customer Reviews

by Michael F. on 03/22/2016
"I have owned 4 of these buckings and I have run at least 1000 rounds through each bucking (some of them more) and they hold up well. With 1 (maybe 2?) of the buckings I have used an angel customs spacer shaped like an "H" to provide even pressure to the teeth in the bucking - these spacers produce a great result but there is little noticeable difference over using the spacer included. These buckings are such a great deal as they produce good, accurate results for each of my barrels (2 tightbore and 2 standard bore) for a low price. There has been no double feeding issues with this bucking, and I don't really understand how there could be... The only double feeding issues I have experienced with these buckings was the fault of the air nozzle (being too short). Over all I would definitely buy this bucking again
by Max S. on 09/19/2013
"I thought these were bad so i got some other buckings (madbull, angelcustom,g&g) and this bucking is better then all of them great range and o.k accuracy but rip's easly other then that matrix buckings are aweseome
by Johnny H. on 05/30/2013
"Since there's no review for these yet, I might as well write one.

Pros: These get the job done. They're accurate, easy to install, and great for the price.

Cons: You'll get a few flares here and there, but nothing too dramatic. They are a bit fragile, I've had one just rip to pieces on me when pulling it out of the hop up. No I didn't force it, nor was I rough when pulling the barrel out. These buckings are just very fragile so be careful.

Conclusion: I'd give these a 7.5/10 They're obviously not the best, but they will give you performance unlike any other bucking for the price tag
by Heidi A. on 09/10/2013
"With buckings like this, you kinda have to expect to get what you paid for. I've had numerous issues with these buckings, almost to the point of where my 2 year old worn down bucking might have worked better, but I kept using these for reasons I'll get into later. That being said you really should just find a better bucking, instead of putting up with the problems these cause.

Pros- Great air seal around the barrel, although you might have to mess with it a bit to get it just right
-Air seal to air nozzle is great when it works

Cons-Air seal to air nozzle is inconsistent at complete random
-VERY picky with what BBs you use-anything less than 5.95mm in diameter will double feed
-Soaks up silicon spray like a sponge, causing double feeds until it becomes dry again
-Fragile, tore one of the teeth off one just by removing it from the barrel
-Overall just inconsistent shot spread

The only reason I used these over my 2 year worn bucking was because it got to the point where it double fed no matter how good the BBs were, I would never use these otherwise. If I could I'd give it a 1.5 out of 5, but it gets a 2 because it may work better for you, this is just based off of personal experience.
by Chris M. on 08/09/2013
"Meh... I got a flyer, then all the bbs did was drop. Looked at the bucking and one of the two teeth on the inside were ripped off so i only had one... I wouldn't recommend these to anyone. Just installed my second bucking (came with two) I'm not using the spacers it came with, maybe that is why it ripped not sure, but its very fragile.


Rip easy
Hard to pull out of the chamber
My bbs ripped one tooth off :(

I cant say any good things really... :/