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Matrix Advanced - Silica Airsoft AEG Hopup Buckings (Set of 2) - 65 Degree / 250~420 FPS

6 Customer Reviews

by Andrew W. on 01/31/2016
"I would highly recommend this if you are operating in a cold environment since it is made of a silicon based material the bucking stays soft providing better spin on the bb. However, silicon based bucking don't last as long as rubber buckings. When installing the bucking in immediately took notice to the thickness and surprisingly strong shell of it. This bucking improved my range and accuracy almost 2 times during the winter and during the summer I hope it will do almost the same thing. If it's cold and you want the best performance switch to this bucking
by Kenneth L. on 08/18/2014
"Order this because I want some decent buckings and this pair do the job. I have a two piece hopup, and makes a perfect seal to project the BB. Always use some lube to make them slip in easy when inserting them into the hopup. Compared to my "stock" bucking, I can actually dial it to the length I need to achieve.
by Tommy R. on 04/20/2014
"Good way to add shark and bucking in a hop-up but more risk of tearing. The higher the torque the higher the chance it will broke in the middle of a game. You also neet to re-adjute your hop up and won't be able to put it at min cause it will block the bb Inside the hop up.
by Mark S. on 07/03/2013
"These actually work very well in my opinion but they rip way too easily. When you are working on tight hop up cambers or if you remove the barrel + bucking often. I found that the madbull buckings hold up way better along with the guarder buckings.

The Angel custom buckings work well, dont rip easily, but they feel like they are a little on the "thin side" also but they are kinda pricey. So i only use them in my best aegs.
by Michael S. on 02/05/2013
"Purchased and received these several weeks ago hoping to improve the less than acceptable accuracy on my G&G F2000. I bought these along with a tight-bore barrel. After installing both I saw a very minuscule improvement in the accuracy, maybe 3 inches tighter of a group. Now that would be saying something if the original grouping was say maybe 7 inches, however it was shooting a grouping of about 3 feet diameter. This bucking along with the tight-bore in reality hardly increased the accuracy at all.

Whilst attempting to remove the bucking from the barrel I notice that, after only 400 rounds or so (from hopup adjusting and accuracy testing), that the bucking had a slight tear just before the V that puts pressure on the bbs. While the tear is small and doesn't pose a huge threat to the bucking at the moment, it shows the material is not very strong at all. Mind you my rifle was shooting merely 380 FPS, well within the range of this bucking's preferred FPS range. I replaced the bucking with the G&G bucking (onto the tightbore) and saw much improved accuracy.

In short, for the price, it'll be a decent bucking to use for R-hop set ups, it's only real advantage being the price and the seal it gets, which is quite good so long as it doesn't tear like mine did. If you want to improve your rifle's accuracy I highly suggest either the Guarder clear bucking or the Systema bucking, both far more durable and accurate than these.
by Austin L. on 06/08/2013
"These are.....just.....bad. Don't try to save money by buying these, go ahead and spend the extra money for.....well, any other bucking, because any other one would be better.

Cheap (cost-wise)
You get two buckings and two spacers

Bad performance-wise
Cheap (quality-wise)
Both of them ripped