Reviews: H&K Umarex MP7 Rapid Deployment Hard Kick Airsoft Gas Blowback by KWA (Black)

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Model: GR-2279020
Location: L4-036 V3-M14 V3-M15 L4-T16 L4-T12

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by Louis W. on 2015-05-27 15:54:57
"This is a good gun, but GET A QD SLING mount. One of my associates was playing with it and dropped it while on a sling, while horseplaying. The sling mount snapped and the gun dropped to the ground. Yes my associate was being extremely irresponsible, but there have been more instances of the sling mount breaking, so I feel the need to tell about this. Shoots well for a primary in CQB, and a secondary in field play.
by Tommy S. on 2015-02-24 05:12:44
"First off, the KWA Mp7 is an amazing gab smg. The build quality is fantastic, which is to be expected from KWA. The range for such a short barrel is also great. Though the mags are a little pricy, they won't ever leak like many other gab mags.

I've owned this gun for about a year now, and I am it's second owner. I never regret the $50 I paid for this gun (quite a steal). The very first thing I did was buy another 2 mags, which sadly adds up to $110. Since I play at a cqb field, and games last between 10 and 15 minutes, 3 mags is more than enough. The next thing I did was put on a t1 sight with a tall mount, a peq box in front of that, a fenix tk15, and a mock suppressor. Now this gun is a BEAST. I get head turns and offers every week, but I always turn them down ;p

Now the specs:

Pros- iconic folding grip (never replace for a rail or you ruin it)
Awesome H&K trades
Collapsable stock (metal)
Amazing iron sights (metal)
Adjustable hopup (above barrel with included tool)
Open bolt
Full length upper rail
Two metal side rails
Metal flash hider
430 fps with propane on an 80 degree day
Powerful with .25s (and accurate)
Submerge in acetone for about 15 minutes to remove orange
Doesn't need oiled often like most gbbs

Cons- Stock will wear out and begin collapsing when firing
Cut slots further back to allow a shorter stock which is better for cqb anyways
Gun will crack with extensive use with the field bolt apparently, I haven't had this
issue, Just purchase cqb bolt if you want to prevent this
Nothing else really

All in all, GET THIS GUN! You will never regret it, the mp7 is an amazing primary and secondary
by Liam W. on 2015-02-20 07:36:07
"I have had the KWA MP7 for about four months now and i am very happy with it. It shoots around 400fps and shoots accurately out to 200 feet with an upgraded hopup. The stock hopup will swell if any oil gets sprayed down the barrel and that will make it so that it doesn't shoot. I use this gun as my primary at local airsoft fields, I come in and people laugh and then they wow that thing works at long range. I have two mags so 80 rounds and that is perfect. I use .25s and up because any thing below Just goes wild. This is one of the best and most realistic airsoft guns i have ever used and if you have the money you should buy this gun.
shoots hard (could be a pro or con)
Easily upgradeable
Surprises people with loud shot
everything about the gun
Expensive mags
Crappie stock hopup (not really a problem)
shoots to hard for cqb (easily fixed with angle custom cqb $10 valve or KWAs low power bolt $40)
by Robert T. on 2015-01-04 10:17:36
"Great gun shoots hard and very accurate only use .25 or higher bbs because .2s fly everywhere. Only problem i had was the nozzle cracked after a few days that i have owned it also mags are very expensive

shoots hard

nozzle cracked
mags are expensive

get this gun if you want a awesome gbb
by Logan L. on 2014-12-11 22:40:33
"Let not the price tag fool you. This gun is worth every penny. Three years ago, when I first started playing airsoft, this was my first primary. It's still intact today, and I use it as a primary in arenas in which fast movement is a must. It could also be a decent sidearm, provided you have a holster for it (I don't).

Needless to say, I was excited to get this gun in October, 2011. Its loud, automatic fire was thrilling to a 15-year-old who had never wielded anything bigger than a KJW M93R before.

Two days later, I was using this as my primary in an airsoft game. Yes, the gun ate through two mags in the blink of an eye, and I ended up relying on my 1911 and M9 for the rest of the game. Lesson learned: Ignore the high cost of spare magazines, since they are essential. Aside from my own ill-preparedness, though, the gun performed well and didn't run out of gas.

Mine still fires with a consistent muzzle velocity of 396 fps, so unless you're also willing to deal out extra cash for a low-power bolt assembly, don't bother taking it to most CQB arenas. You may also want to consider a one-point sling and red dot sight.

Another notable benefit is the rail system running along the top and sides of the gun. There is ample room for your favorite accessories, and the collapsible stock doesn't interfere with them. The foregrip also folds, allowing you to use this as a large machine pistol.

- High-efficiency gas system
- Fully-licensed HK product
- High rate of fire
- plenty of rail space
- Folding foregrip and collapsible stock
- Suitable for use as a primary or a sidearm
- Lightweight
- Fully ambidextrous
- A must-have for Half-Life 2 fans. (I use a USP Match as my sidearm, too.)

- Expensive! The gun, two spare mags, and a low-power bolt cost a small fortune.
- Guzzles gas and ammo (but at least it won't run out of gas with a full fill.)
by Jacob S. on 2014-06-20 14:15:02
"I purchased the MP7 back around Christmas. This by far is my favorite airsoft gun I have used so far. It has been my primary weapon since. I can out range a majority of AEGs with this thing. People always ask me to see it haha. They also are afraid of playing against me when I use it.

The price of the gun
Shoots hard
Shoots far for having a short barrel

Mags can be pricey (But keep in mind that is GBB for you)

I would recommend at least having 4 magazines for this gun. I usually run 5- 7 mags depending on how many people are playing. Get this gun. You won't be disappointed.
by Ian C. on 2014-06-08 20:29:47
"I recently traded a TM M4 to a friend for this beauty, and let me say it is probably the most well crafted gun I have had the pleasure of owning. I planned on having this as a backup\whenever I feel like using it gun, but this may actually replace my SCAR in the field. As usual, KWA has made an exceptional weapon weapon that performs flawlessly in the most realistic and solidly feeling way.

The MP7 has a not-so-strong blowback, but is very crisp. The trades along the side of the weapon are very nice, as is the laser engraved symbols for the fire selector. Included on the top rail of the gun are front and rear sights. When flipped down, the sights are like that of a pistol, night sights included, and when up are similar to a customs M4 ( I believe in real life they are used for longer ranges ). I currently have three nags and a replica T1 on my MP7. I plan on customizing more, and possibly getting an Angry Gun surpressor. But ya know, money.
by kevin l. on 2014-05-17 13:49:14
"This gun is absolutely fantastic. It shoots really hard for a gun its size and its also incredibly accurate. In my opinion the kick is basically non existent, I have a WE F226 and its kick is like 10x harder. The flip up sights are SICK, they're flip up, and when down, they're pistol sights with painted night sights. The mags only hold 40 rds and only 1 of my four mags still lock back, which is really annoying because sometimes I have to shoot at the ground to check. Overall, this gun is great for both beginners and advanced players. The field strip and maintenance process is really simple and easy too.
Shoots hard (could be a con)
Collapsable stock
Mags no longer lock back
Expensive mags
Weak kick (could be a pro)
by Jackson V. on 2014-05-01 14:41:56
"I have had this gun for about 6 or 7 months now and it's a very good gun for the price I would recommend this gun to anyone. The mags are a little bit expensive but there good quality. Also the the mags only hold 40 rounds but it's very accurate so it's not a problem but overall a very good gun.

Good ROF
Saves gas
Good build quality
Good weight
Cheap for a gas kwa

High fps for cqb
Only comes with one mag
Mags are expensive
Mags only hold 40 rounds
by Ryan S. on 2014-04-22 14:16:55
"I just got this gun for Christmas, like four months ago, and I love it so far. It is a KWA high quality gun and it is more than what I even expected from the KWA name. Right out of the box this is the best gun I have ever even seen fire in real life, it has a really nice look and it is very realistic in looks and weight.

- Realistic
- Made by KWA
- fires very well
- High rate of fire

- Cost is kinda high
- Magazine are really expensive, expected for a gas blowback
- fps is a little high for indoor gameplay
by Max B. on 2014-04-14 17:39:32
"Pros: Good weight, gas efficient, accurate, good ROF, 3 rails, folding foregrip, nice iron sights, nice mags

Cons: Expensive, mags cost a lot ($50), annoying orange tip

Detailed Review: Another great gas SMG by KWA. Although the price point is a bit high, I'm sure if you get this gun you will not regret it. This PDW is built for CQB, but can hold it's own in medium range engagements also. The FPS is around 395 at 70 degrees Fahrenheit, so it shoots a little hot for most CQB fields, but it is perfect for fields. You can always get the CQB bolt or install the DangerWerx flute valve. The ROF (~20 rps) is a little slower than the MP9, but with only 40 rounds, it prevents you from burning through the full mag in one burst. This gun really shines when on semi. The accuracy for an SMG is outstanding. It does cost more because it is licensed by H&K, but the trademarks are always nice. The balance is nice, and it is very ergonomic. One of the downsides of this gun is the orange flash hider. KWA super glued the damn thing on, so it takes a heat gun or boiling water to remove it. Also, the polymer that KWA made this gun with sparkles like a damn twilight vampire in sunlight. A small note: It is not actually on 1:1 scale with the real MP7A1. DON'T USE A POWER UP SUPPRESSOR!!! It will crack your hop up.
by Joey K. on 2014-04-07 16:55:39
"I have had this gun for over 2 and a half years now, (back with 2 mag deal) and it is about time i write a review

For me, this gun was such a risky buy, being only my second gun. It will punish those who are not knowledgeable about airsoft guns with complex problems (due to owner in-experience) You will need to know this gun inside and out to keep it in top shape, and if you do not take care of this gun, you're in for a rough time. The hop-up bucking soaks up silicon oil like crazy, and will jam your gun. (causing you to take it COMPLETELY apart) It is also incredibly easy to loose small parts while doing this, and is incredibly frustrating when it happens.

However, when it is in top shape. it out-performs nearly every other gun on the field. I have been constantly amazed about how well this gun performs at longer ranges, it even strikes fear into snipers stowed away in their holes. the only unfavorable situation that you could really get into is one that involves multiple people. the 40 round mags will be your downfall.

Going with the topic of magazines, they're quite expensive, at $55 now. this gun is an investment, both in time, and money (if using as a primary) 4 mags seems to be enough for short-medium length games, but it is important to make your shots count.

In all, if you are a beginner at airsoft, then do not make the same mistake I made. You will spend hours upon hours trying to figure this gun out, or give up completely. However, If you are knowledgeable about these kinds of guns, then the satisfaction that this gun will give you is unparalleled. Nothing is more exciting to shoot, rewarding to work on and upgrade, and awesome to own. The KWA MP7 is an airsoft gun built to satisfy, both in performance, and aesthetics.

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