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H&K Umarex MP7 Rapid Deployment Hard Kick Airsoft Gas Blowback by KWA (Color: Black)

35 Customer Reviews

by Garrett N. on 05/21/2018
"Let me start off by saying that this gun is a absolute BEAST right out of the box! I'm using .25's and propane instead of green gas, along with the recommended Power Up Suppressor...UNREAL. I recently played at a local field with a few friends, not only did my friend love using it but the other players commented on how terrifying it sounds and also loved the looks of it.
Good weight
Amazing FPS!!
Very durable hard polymer plastic body
Has a good kick to it
Good amount of rails to customize how you want it
Lots of fun to use in general!!

With the power up suppressor you will sometimes notice a curve to the BB'S especially if you are shooting at a good distance, but overall the power up on it makes the gun so much more fun to use along with that added look to it.
by Jed F. on 12/01/2017
"This is one of the most fun guns to shoot. The kick of a gbb gun is so much more fun and feels so realistic compared to aegs, however it just eats through bbs so if you want to play in any competition you have to have extra mags. also it is more maintenance compared to aegs and others of the sort.
If your looking for something more in airsoft and want even more realism to the game you need to get this gun. the only draw back i have is the expensive magazines.
by Jacob Q. on 04/26/2017
"My mp7, the bbs are just rolling out of the barrel. i just read on another gun description for a shotgun, it said to just tighten the hop up. should i do that? please help i really want to use this gun and i would really appreciate it
by Keane W. on 03/23/2017
"I had one of these guns a couple of years ago, and it can take a beating. It broke after a while but that was after at least 15 drops. Only one of which was me, but my cousins dropped it all the other times. Anyway that gun got put through so much,and finally broke after my family mistreated it. I wish it hadn't broke because I miss this gun so much but it is so durable was the point of my whole cousins dropping it story. I would completely recommend this gun. The only thing I wish they would do differently is make it out of metal. There are some metal parts but the main body of the gun is plastic.

great for indoor and outdoor use
Good for small people and large people
High speed
High rate of fire
Very durable

Low mag capacity
Plastic body
by Christopher S. on 07/14/2016
"Here's a quick review for you
Good kick to it
Feels amazing
Looks amazing
Accurate as balls
Great manufacturer
Amazing build quality
Shoots super fast (great Rof)
Great Fps (may be a con for some)

Stock was a little wobbly (not bad at all, not very noticeable, just saying, I think a screw or something is probably not tight enough, but fixable)
Nothing Else! Worth every penny, the best gun I have ever owned, feels so amazing to shoot on full auto omg you have to get it. Cereal dude. BUY THIS GUN, KWA IS AN AMAZING BRAND!
by guillermo c. on 07/07/2016
"usually I am not the one who leaves opinions on airsoft guns, due to the fact that opinion may not be credible for a customer, but after having this KWA Mp7 for 4 years and still running, I have to say that all the "hype" and people supporting this gun is definitely not something to take for granted. Most reviews will say how great the gun is and how long it has lasted as well as suggesting, without proof, of its performance. I am not here for that, the reason for this review is to put out there that this gun maybe one the best engineered airsoft guns on the market. The shear simplicity of the system is what makes this mp7 so great. I have taken apart this gun at least 5 different times and I have to say that KWA really outdid themselves on this gun. From the disconnector, reset sear, and trigger assembly it has all been built with very high quality STEEL. yes that's right, steel. the reliability comes from its simplicity and durability within its internals, which leads to very low chances of error. The NS2 system also fits really well on this already fantastic trigger assembly, the gas efficiency is great, but it does have room to improve... (don't want to get into that subject). Now like any other system the MP7 has some issues that Fortunately have never happened to me but I have found a way to prevent them. First problem is the hop rubber soaks up lots of silicone after extensive use with green gas, it can also happen with propane and silicone mix. this is fixed with a new ra tech hop up or A+ reaps hop up. second problem that I have not seen anyone being able to fix it, but it is simpler that you could imagine. The infamous rear top pin crack! the way to fix this is to only use the bottom pin to hold the assembly together. That is it! I have been using my MP7 for a year without the pin and it works exactly the same. Those are the only problems that I have found on the MP7, but I'm there may be other odd ones that only happen to people that might receive a lemon.

Conclusion (don't want to turn this into a research paper):

To anyone that wants to start in the GBB world I would say start with this gun, not because The Mp7 is a beginners gun, but simply because it will stay around with you for a very long time. you will learn everything about it and understand its functionality which is what makes the GBB world so attractive to new airsoft player as well as more "mature" players. This gun will challenge you as well as engage you into the game more than if you had an aeg. (no hate I love aeg too) now I have to rate it to follow the ongoing bandwagon of reviews

8/8 mate
by jason s. on 07/02/2016
by Dillon S. on 03/20/2016
"Great gun... Feels solid dropped it pretty hard once and didn't leave scratch... Good accuracy from 10ft - 75ft... Only problem is the gun is loud, so not for stealth...
by Daniel Z. on 11/15/2015
"This gun is really good i have had a for a year now and it still runs fine.
But these are tips to make ur mp7 last

get a new hop up rubber and to get to the rubber u need a .9mm allen key
get a cqb bolt to play indoors

and get an optic for it(optional) The iron sights are pretty good but its hard to aim under pressure and while wearing a mask
by Keo K. on 10/29/2015
"Ok lets get straight to it this KWA GBB MP7 is by far the greatest airsoft gun I've ever had the pleasure of owning and using in the wonderful sport of airsoft. This thing is ROCK SOLID in quality, performance, function, and realism. I bought my KWA MP7 here at EVIKE.COM during my senior year of high school in the year of 2012. It's now almost 2016 and I'll tell you what I've only field stripped this thing to clean it less than 4 times, cleaned the inner barrel like once, and never really "took care" of this GBB like I was supposed too. I think I've oiled it with silicon less than the number of fingers I've got on one hand. THIS THING STILL RUNS LIKE A CHAMP with no upgrades other than a mock suppressor with an inner barrel. I took this thing and fired many magazines under water. (thought it would be cool to dive in a body of water and pop up like a special operator: water temp was FREEZING COLD. dumped mag after mag no problem) I've lit this thing on fire with just gas in the magazine holding down the bolt catch just for fun. (don't do this very stupid thing to do) I've dropped this thing on concrete on purpose just for the hell of it to see how it would hold up. Bottom line? It held up. I still even have the original stock it never broke. (get the angry gun stock kit way better) Bolt catch stopped working so I was going to get a new bolt catch but somehow over time it fixed itself. (Probably because I cracked it open and actually cleaned it and oiled it) Magazine leaked A LITTLE but fixed that with a new o-ring. Front and rear sights can be dialed in accurately and are not only there for looks but function well for airsoft. TAKE CARE OF THIS THING AND IT WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU. REMEMBER TO CLEAN AND LUBE YOUR GBB AND TREAT THEM LIKE THE REAL DEAL!!!

1. Not just dependable right out of the box, but dependable right out of the box with a couple years after that. Just do preventive work on it or replace parts as they fail.

2. Rock solid feels nice and has heavy weight. Feels realistic even though it is not 1 to 1 scale. Very positive mag engagement,

3. Once bolt is locked back I can put a cable lock through it (Overkill I know but when you transport airsoft that have a mock suppressor with no orange you got to take extra measures) Orange electrical tape works well to not leave residue on your barrel for transportation. Then when you go to your field you can simply take it off.

4. ROF AND FPS are good enough for me to play outdoor woodland games against AEG players. Imagine you can get a low power bolt and run CQB with this thing
5. Trigger is a little spongy (I'm used to real steel triggers) but for airsoft it works and feels good. Very rapid response just wish there was a more positive reset.


1. Not 1 to 1 scale like VFC model but KWA will probably be more reliable and dependable. I'd rather take reliable and dependable over scale.

2. You can't just pull the charging handle back and engage the bolt catch to lock the bolt back. You actually have to have a magazine in the mag well to lock the bolt back.

3. After turning 18 and then turning 21 years old, it is now hard to spend time between regular life, college, real steel shooting rifle/pistol/shotgun, airsoft, and other hobbies I have acquired like photography, mountain biking, trumpet, guitar, piano, and now getting interested in bee hives and harvesting honey. Sigh no wonder I haven't had time to clean this airsoft gun. But it still shoots bb's and works; it's a KWA folks. and this MP7 GBB should be added to your collection ASAP.
by Eduard E. on 08/27/2015
"I love this gun. It shots very good and the kick is very nice. The olnly think is one of my two mags started to leak but I think it was just a lemon because the other one works just fine. 10 it of 10 for sure
by Ryan Y. on 08/02/2015
"Ive had this gun for awhile now and i love it, usually when buying something i go for something really unique and this mp7 is more than that. i got a angel custom power up suppressor and it was shooting at 510 with .20 bbs and a fully gassed mag 420 without it(i use .32 bbs). This is my favorite gun out of all the ones i have and it works the best great range and accuracy. I have gone to 3 games with his and have not had a problem with the gun yet.

ive looked online to try to find an easy way to change the inner barrel but it looks pretty complicated to take fully apart. it shoots great now but i want to see if it gets better with the 6.01 tight bore barrel.

Get a second mag for it because you will go through them fast ignore the price you need it. sometimes one of my mags will leak but not always so its not a huge problem but i dont know if thats just the mag i got.


Feels great
Shoots great
Really good range(people comment on how i snipe with it)
really compact (fits in my pistol case perfectly)
good weight for its size
high ROF
loud (can be con)
fun to use
everyone gets shocked at how good it is
makes a great primary

not extremely gas efficient it usually gets around 1 1/2 on semi
i have yet to find an easy way to disassemble it

i give it 5 stars and i would completely recommend it to anybody looking for a gas SMG

also get a QD sling for it, its heavier than it looks
by Trenton R. on 06/29/2015
"This gun has good quality and is just precise

Super accurate
Easy to maintain
You get what you pay for

by Tommy S. on 02/24/2015
"First off, the KWA Mp7 is an amazing gab smg. The build quality is fantastic, which is to be expected from KWA. The range for such a short barrel is also great. Though the mags are a little pricy, they won't ever leak like many other gab mags.

I've owned this gun for about a year now, and I am it's second owner. I never regret the $50 I paid for this gun (quite a steal). The very first thing I did was buy another 2 mags, which sadly adds up to $110. Since I play at a cqb field, and games last between 10 and 15 minutes, 3 mags is more than enough. The next thing I did was put on a t1 sight with a tall mount, a peq box in front of that, a fenix tk15, and a mock suppressor. Now this gun is a BEAST. I get head turns and offers every week, but I always turn them down ;p

Now the specs:

Pros- iconic folding grip (never replace for a rail or you ruin it)
Awesome H&K trades
Collapsable stock (metal)
Amazing iron sights (metal)
Adjustable hopup (above barrel with included tool)
Open bolt
Full length upper rail
Two metal side rails
Metal flash hider
430 fps with propane on an 80 degree day
Powerful with .25s (and accurate)
Submerge in acetone for about 15 minutes to remove orange
Doesn't need oiled often like most gbbs

Cons- Stock will wear out and begin collapsing when firing
Cut slots further back to allow a shorter stock which is better for cqb anyways
Gun will crack with extensive use with the field bolt apparently, I haven't had this
issue, Just purchase cqb bolt if you want to prevent this
Nothing else really

All in all, GET THIS GUN! You will never regret it, the mp7 is an amazing primary and secondary
by Liam W. on 02/20/2015
"I have had the KWA MP7 for about four months now and i am very happy with it. It shoots around 400fps and shoots accurately out to 200 feet with an upgraded hopup. The stock hopup will swell if any oil gets sprayed down the barrel and that will make it so that it doesn't shoot. I use this gun as my primary at local airsoft fields, I come in and people laugh and then they wow that thing works at long range. I have two mags so 80 rounds and that is perfect. I use .25s and up because any thing below Just goes wild. This is one of the best and most realistic airsoft guns i have ever used and if you have the money you should buy this gun.
shoots hard (could be a pro or con)
Easily upgradeable
Surprises people with loud shot
everything about the gun
Expensive mags
Crappie stock hopup (not really a problem)
shoots to hard for cqb (easily fixed with angle custom cqb $10 valve or KWAs low power bolt $40)