Reviews: Echo1 Fully Licensed Robinson Armament Polymer XCR-L Airsoft AEG Rifle


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Model: AEG-E1-JP72
Location: A5-164 WO7-M13

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by brandon s. on 2015-03-22 13:00:10
"Great gun it shoots around 380fps Im going to upgrade the spring and motor it is a amazing gun I would recommend this to any Intermediate players like me.
by Tim G. on 2015-03-02 20:20:07
"For the price this is a solid gun . Shoots hard, great distance,good FPS. Works well with 9.6 and 7.4 lipo. It been used a lot and has held up good.
by Cade S. on 2014-11-25 19:07:11
"I'm in the process of looking for a great cqb/field gun is this the right choice it looks really nice. Nice job Echo 1. Thank you Evike.
by Josh S. on 2013-12-30 19:41:49
"This gun is outstanding. I've had it for almost a year now, and I can only say good things. This gun has great range, accuracy, and fps. Also since this is the long version, you get so much rail space. Plus you can use M4 mags that literally are everywhere, but you don't look like everyone else with this gun. If you're worried about the polymer, don't be, the polymer is very high quality, and you'd have to be trying to break anything on the gun to break it. Other reviewer have said the stock is wobbly, but it isn't noticeable at all. Overall an amazing aeg, and the best I've owned (and better than any scar-l's)

-Great Range
-High FPS
-Great accuracy
-High ROF
-9.6v battery included
-Looks amazing
-Light weight, but still heavy enough it feels good to hold
-Comes with 2 high caps, and a stubby grip
-Good, easily adjustable hopup
-Uses M4 mags
-Version 2 gearbox
-I could go on and on

-The battery is NiCad, so you'll either need a discharger, or you'll eventually need a new battery, but it is a free 9.6v battery, so barely an con
-Not all mags will go in first try, but once they're in they're fine
-If you fire it on semi very fast it will stop shooting but this is easily fixable by switching to full auto, so barely a con

As you can see, the pros easily out way the cons, and this is by far the best gun on the market you can get for $200, this gun is honestly worth a lot more than it is priced. I would recommend this gun to anyone.
by Ronald S. on 2013-03-12 13:10:17
- light weight
- comes with two mags
- a stubby foregrip
- about 380-400fps
- high rate of fire
- accurate

- jams up and shoots two bb's
(This is my first m4 and I don't have any other mags than the two it came with. So it could be jamming due to the mags)

Overall it is a good gun but don't use the mags it comes with.
I haven't used it in an airsoft game yet because it jams up so much from the mags.
by Zach F. on 2013-01-30 13:52:09
"This gun is amazing. My friends/teammates are consistently jealous of this fantastic weapon. It has a good weight and is incredibly sturdy. If you are considering a full metal, don't. It's heavy enough as is and the only part which I worry about is the stock, which wouldn't be any different with a metal body. It is incredibly accurate (I can hit small windows at 150ft on semi-auto). The bolt opening hop up adjustment is super easy to do on the fly, while still being protected. There's tons of rail space.

There are still a few issues. 1) The stock is slightly loose but I'm looking for a way to fix this. 2) It is easier to take the fire selector from safe to semi, but it's slightly tougher to get it from semi to full. You have to tilt the weapon or use your non shooting hand. 3)The flash hider is incredibly tough to switch out for MilSim. 4) If you want to use a 2 or 3 point sling you WILL need a rail adapter.

Another reviewer pointed out this doesn't come with iron sights, which is true. However the upper rail runs the full length of the rifle which allows you to use it as a workable sight.

There are a few issues, but overall this is a great gun.

Strong steady FPS
High ROF
Includes great battery
Looks super mean

I would prefer an ambidextrous selector switch
Needs a sling mount for anything besides a one point
Crane stock feels a little loose
by Justin M. on 2013-01-04 16:36:54
"I got this gun for free from a black friday sale and I am very impressed with it. It definitely beats any other gun I have seen for this price. The ROF is high, it is very accurate, and the Echo 1 gearbox is great. What surprised me the most was how light weight it is, yet still very sturdy; much like the SCAR, minus a couple pounds. It doesn't come with sights but it has plenty of RIS realty. I put a mock suppressor and a 20 inch tight bore barrel and a m130 spring in it and it makes one hell of a DMR/support gun for very little money.

-Good FPS and ROF for both CQB and field
-Great gearbox, gun can be upgraded a lot
-Good accuracy and range
-Comes with a 9.6v, charger, TWO high cap mags, and a fore grip
-Light weight and durable. Played in pouring rain with no issues

-Butt-stock is a little wobbly, but the rest of the gun is very solid
-does not come with sights
-I felt bad that my friends didn't win anything

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