Reviews: G&P M870 P.T.E. High Power Airsoft Shotgun - SWAT Mad Dog CQB Custom

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Model: SG-GP-M870-5
Location: L4-915

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by Linda S. on 2014-03-08 18:15:47
"This gun is very well made, most people don't like spring guns but this one is just absolutely amazing! It is very accurate and is fairly easy to pump and this gun is not going to break easily. The gun is pretty heavy for some people but i think that just adds to the realism.
by Cole M. on 2013-08-20 11:39:12
"I just received this shotgun about an hour ago and right when I got it I checked to see if everything was tightened and not broken and then I did a shooting test. This shotgun performed perfectly! At 30 feet shooting at a 6 by 6 inch can I hit every time for 30 shots! And at 15 feet I hit a 1 by 1 inch sticker every time for ten shots. Over all this is the best shotgun I have owned and even though it only shoots one bb at a time I still like it more than my 3 shot shotgun and I would definently use this in CQB as a primary.

Shoots great
All metal except for the pistol grip and front pump/grip
Comes with sling attachments
Very accurate
Nothing wobbles on the gun at all! Not even the sling points(although they still move)
Orange flash hider comes off easily
Pistol grip and pump grip are very comfortable
Looks awesome!
Easy to pump
Magazine is very sturdy
Magazine is small(may be a con but it still holds 20 rounds)
Nice trade marks
Easy to install different stock or pump grip
Overall very small
Very nice finish on the metal

If you take off the orange flash hider it is connected to a metal price that was glued on the barrel so it leaves glue marks
Sight is confusing
A little bit tricky to get the mag out, I wouldn't wear thick gloves while using it

Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)