Reviews: G&P M870 P.T.E. High Power Airsoft Shotgun - Terminator Steel Folding Stock & Long Barrel

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Model: SG-GP-SHG004

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by Adam B. on 2015-07-13 17:10:52
"I got to say I love this gun! Only downside is its not very shotgun like but I bought it as a compact sniper replacement so it fits my needs perfectly.

-Heavy- 9ish pounds feels awesome to lug around like a Tank
-Good fps for a rifle- 380fps
-Awesome stock
-Good external build quality
-Great internals

-Heavy- If you're a total wimp who can't handle the awesome
-Bad fps for CQB environments (Field near me has a 400 fps 0 engagement distance policy so not an issue)
-Pot Metal internal casing- only bad if you are going to take the internals out and then drop them.
by Benjamin B. on 2014-03-14 19:52:35
"I wont deny that this is the best airsoft shotgun that I have ever shot. It shoots pretty well and is a very realistic weight for a pump shotgun. I have had a few issues with it however. The magazine that it came with broke soon after trying it and I had to get a one of the 40 round mags, and even that one has some issues (the spring gets stuck sometimes and wont feed). Also, I haven't been able to locate the hop-up or figure out how to get the stupid m4 flash-hider off (not that it matters since it would be illegal to anyways). But those aside, the frame and stock of the gun are very very solid. Overall I give this a 3.75 (rounded up to a 4).
by Rikki S. on 2013-03-31 10:41:07
"Good Gun

Folding Stock
Takes mags not shells

Broke in a month, pump slide is cheap metal
No sights
If you arent careful the folding slide scratches the paint
by ian g. on 2013-03-20 14:11:57
"I am very pleased with the gun. The barrel has all the realistic markings on it, and the stock has Remington trades on the butt. Its very power, accurate, and heavy. The mag it came with seems fairly flimsy because it is solid plastic and very light, but it has not broken yet. It is compatible with the Maruzen since it is a clone of it, so you can use any Maruzen compatible mags, like the ones sold for the chinese make of this gun. They wiggle in the mag well a bit, but they won't fall out. I do wish the gun had some sort of sight apparatus; even a bead would do. Unfortunately, unless you buy a barrel mount or an expensive rail system, you'll be aiming down the barrel. A problem for me with the gun is that the stock is very heavy, and uncomfortable when it is unfolded; and when folded it makes the gun front heavy and clumsy. That being said, the folding stock is more for transportation. Another problem with the stock is that it will rub off the black finish on the body of the gun from folding and unfolding too much.

Metal and heavy
Maruzen compatible
Chinese mags are very cheap
Powerful & accurate
Intimidating looks; very nice finish and feel
Fairly quiet

Heavy folding stock
Paint scratched by stock
Awful birdcage flashhider glued on and then attached by some sort of gun pin (hard to pull off)
No sights

Overall: very good product, but I would recommend the full-stock model

Forgot to add: The gun is threaded CCW, good luck pulling off the tip.

Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 reviews)