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Angel Custom G2 SUS304 Stainless Steel Precision 6.01mm Airsoft AEG Tightbore Inner Barrel (Length: 363mm)

70 Customer Reviews

by ted s. on 09/18/2017
"10/10 would reccomend. works great . laser beam
by denise r. on 07/05/2017
"Honestly the best upgrade you can do to improve your hop up next to a maple leaf bucking and nub. People say that 6.01 will cause feeding in high ROF guns, but this is not true as long as you use precision seamless bbs. Now, on to Rhop. Hop Systems told me they don't work on these, which is dumb because they are good barrels, so if you want to Rhop, either just buy the Umbrella Armory one from Evike or do an S-Hop, which is almost guaranteed to give you perfect consistency. But yeah, these barrels are the only ones I'll use in rifles, however for pistols I go with the PDI Palsonite 6.01 barrels.
by josh l. on 06/18/2017
"Flawless construction. Looks dope af. Couldn't be happier. The guys at my local shop were charging $10 more for a barrel not as nice and not the right length ( were gonna charge me $15 in labor fees to cut it to length). Hopped on here and found this barrel cheaper, better looking, and cheaper. Highly recommended.
by Alisha A. on 04/02/2017
"Worth it if you want accurate shot my work dumpster from about 40 to 50 meters out helps with accuracy. No cons about it
by erik m. on 03/04/2017
"Turns a shotgun into a laser cannon. 900% better than the brass that came with my asg m4.
by Paul g. on 01/04/2017
"The difference between this and my stock barrel was night and day. Bumped up fps a little bit and greatly increased range and accuracy. This is a must buy for any airsoft gun. It will make your playing experience better.
by brock m. on 09/16/2016
"I got this barrel a week ago and ever since I installed it I have had amazing accuracy and fps. I put this in my kwa km4 kr14 and I love it. When I installed it I also replaced the hop up bucking with a 75 degree maple leak bucking and I can hit shots at 150 yards or 450 feet!!!! This barrel is amazing and I would definitely buy again. Thanks angel custom!!!!
by Matt B. on 05/10/2016
"It's amazing! Increased my fps by 15! And it's a little longer than my stock M4 one. Thanks again Evike!
by Mae S. on 03/21/2016
"This barrel is great... I have had it for about 3 months and I actually put this in my utg l96 with an Action army hop up chamber and Prometheus hard aeg bucking. I looked down the barrel and it was perfectly smooth and polished . I highly recommend cleaning this barrel with aim sports silicone spray. I do about 3-4 wipes down the barrel with the spray and then 3-4 dry passes. This barrel has let me hit targets spot on, and I can now hit an 8 inch target 10/10 times (not kidding) with this barrel.
by Jack G. on 02/07/2016
"HIGHLY RECOMMENDED increased range soooo much compaed to the stock g&g barrel. Expirienced some jams at first, but not it's fine. Requires frequent cleaning due to the tight bore
by Dannah F. on 12/19/2015
"Amazing barrel, I have several other tight bore barrels, such as Madbull, and Matrix. This barrel out preformed them all, I had no miss feeds in this barrel, even though several other people told me I would. It boosted my fps by 15, compared to the Madbull black Python barrel. Most of the negative reviews for Angel custom barrels seem to be the fact that you can't R hop them, this is true, but not a big problem for most. The only cons to these barrels is that you can't R hop them, and they need more cleaning than most. I own two of these barrels now, and would buy a third.
by Julio L. on 10/17/2015
"I think reviews are helpful to others ..well here is my..

I have used this barrel for 7moths now and i love it.. before i used madbull 6.03 509mm
This barrel 6.01 535 mm does make a difference when i copare those 2 brads ..
Never had a jam.. using .32 matrix on a ics m4 with 470fps...

Prons.. affordable,

Cons .. non
by Tommy C. on 10/10/2015
"I have this installed in my G&G CM16 Raider and I took it out to SC Village last weekend, and what a performance it showed. I was able to hit people from a much further range. There were kills I got that I would have never hit with my old barrel. I would highly recommend this product.
by Donovan M. on 06/02/2015
"I wish I could compare this barrel with my stock one but the original from G&g came bent! I couldn't get my m14 veteran to shoot straight so I removed it and rolled it on a flat table just like I would when looking for a straight pool stick. The OEM barrel flopped like a fish! Did some research and took some measurements, decided on 575. It protrudes past the outer barrel just barely but is still secure due to flash hider. I'm getting solid shots around 75yards with 28s, which out ranges almost all I have ran into over the past 4 years of airsoft. I also added a Modify flat hop bucking/nub combo. I am very pleased with the range and accuracy this barrel has given me. I have already recommend it to a couple of friends who were impressed with it's performance
by Tony P. on 05/23/2015
"I put this barrel in my KWA G36c, and am well pleased with the results. The gun is much more accurate on both full and semi, and the FPS has increased. I am yet to crono the gun but I would estimate a 20fps increase and groupings at 30yds going from 12in with the stock barrel, to about 6-7 with the tightbore. Closer in the accuracy increase is HUGE. Seriously. It's like a laser. I like lasers. The only drawback is of course, the fact that you really need to keep your gun clean. I clean mine about every....2500 rounds, if you go past 3000 you can really see a pretty big spread from the barrel being dirty. This upgrade is worth every penny.